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chit chat, shat.. i mean wot? respect everyone, keep drama on the dl. 
minhyuk. 6 days ago
It's dead
minhyuk. 1 week ago
man. [A] 1 week ago
Woooo weeeee
hansolita. 1 week ago
make em whistle like a missile bomb bomb
minhyun. 1 week ago
longguo. 1 week ago
minhyuk. 1 week ago
nayeon. [sh] 1 week ago
chickenpox. criii
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. hums happily, returning every little peck placed on my lips. it is a wonderful feeling, one i'll never get tired of. i'll also never get tired of you holding me.
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. dips my head forward to peck your lips repeatedly. then that's the best feeling ever, you know other than holding you close in my arms
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. pouts playfully and nuzzles my nose against yours. but that's a good thing, your heart does the thing because you love me. my heart does it too
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. looks up at you with a playful glare, grumbling quietly. it's because you keep doing things to me that i love
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. pokes at your red cheeks playfully, grinning from ear to ear. did it? it seems to do 'a thing' quite a lot.
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. rests my head against your shoulder, nipping down on my lower lip as my cheeks flush red. my heart just done a thing
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. peeks at you through my fingers and narrows my eyes at you playfully before quickly moving my hands to peck your cheek.
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. nuzzles my nose against your hand before planting a soft kiss on the back of it. don't hide your pretty face, i wanna see it pleeease
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. scrunches up my nose with flushed cheeks, covering up my face with both hands. don't doooo that, you're making me feel all shy!
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. twirls a stray strand of your hair around my finger, before leaning in to pepper kisses down along the underside of your jaw. well whatever it is you're doing, i love it
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. snorts softly, shaking my head before leaning into your touch. honestly i've really thought of myself as being very good at expressing my feelings...i don't know maybe it's just easier to talk to you.
man. [A] 2 weeks ago
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. loops one arm around your waist, the other reaching upward to gently your hair. you have such a way with words, it's breathtaking.
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. leans myself against your chest, resting my head on your shoulder with a small smile. being with you is without a doubt the best thing.
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. flops down on the floor, pulling you onto my lap. i can never get enough of you.
minhak. 2 weeks ago
@memegyu. smiles softly, returning all the kisses eagerly. i'm glad you think so, because i feel the same.
memegyu. 2 weeks ago
@minhak. rolls my eyes playfully, repeatedly pecking your lips. i know but every moment i get to spend with you is the best
secretary doge. 2 weeks ago
jk im out.
secretary doge. 2 weeks ago
woah. im still here.
se. 2 weeks ago
per remove me as coadmin oppa jsy
se. 2 weeks ago
just kidding i hope u all live. rmb me and my master pieces. if u wanna talk to me, just pray. im basically god. bye y'all.
se. 2 weeks ago
i hope all of u die.


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PUDDIN 2 weeks ago
Hwamini left ♡
-smoothie 2 weeks ago
Hongbin fly awei
-smoothie 2 weeks ago
Bye evrryone . :"(
amoree 2 weeks ago
Saeb dipped. Sorry!
DoneWithYou 2 weeks ago
Guk is leaving
doshi- 2 weeks ago
binnie left.
username 2 weeks ago
b ye bye
deceit 2 weeks ago
namum dipped. :"
_otekaji_ 3 weeks ago
Hiatus on himchan and lali jsy
amoree 3 weeks ago
Please add and reserve Han Saebyeol
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