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grilledcheese 2 days ago
hi. this is jooheon's rper. i was kicked out but i recently lost a family member so i have been inactive. i'm sorry for not informing you guys, i've just had a lot to deal with. ; ;

is there any way that i can get him back? : (
Rubberducky_ur_the_1 2 days ago
Hello hello I'm back from the dead...is there a Chance I can get Akay and Yunho back?
Wintertwilights 1 week ago
Can i get mingyu back :(
mrskwonjiyong 1 week ago
Can I cc Sehun into Jeon Jungkook please c:
koreanshrimps 1 week ago
can you a&r kim wooseok? thank you thank you
hakyeomma [A] 1 week ago
❀ keep in mind, you are not getting warnings for going inactive, and will just be removed. you're always welcome back though.
ShadowAngel 1 week ago
could you add and reserve Lee Wongeun please? Thanks ^^
witchytae 1 week ago
hey is it possible to get wonho as my second character?please ;w;
Tohoshinki 1 week ago
Is Park Hyungsik available? I would like to reserve him as my second character please.
witchytae 2 weeks ago
hi there can i get yugyeom back please?
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