La Vie en Rosé

baekhyun ( sh ) 3 weeks ago
I haven’t gone to this room in such a long time * raises a brow and looks over at the rose garden, walks deep in the maze of roses and settles down at the familiar bench, lays down and brings my hand under my head leaning against arm rest* time to use it again
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baekhyun ( sh ) 6 months ago
*Squats down about the same height when spotting a single white rose that captured my attention, smiles softly and runs my thumb against the petal not taking any risk to pull onto the rose before taking a seat at the bench on my own* this is a comfortable place to stay. I don’t see anyone coming here.
baekhyun ( sh ) 6 months ago
*walks along the pathway of the garden by myself stretching my arm to rest on my head and hums to “it’s my turn to cry” seeing a pretty scenery, takes a seat at the bench inhaling the floral scent before laying down on the bench to nap*
yukhei 7 months ago
the end of summer is fast approaching and Yukhei thrives to make the best out of his free time. he finds himself inside the garden hut, protected from the warmth, more of heat, of the sun rays and summer breeze brining in some coolth underneath the roof. a nice spot to indulge in the presence of fragrant flowers of vibrant colors. it's a blissful sight. he sighs heavenwards, reaching down to the small woven basket next to his feet. he's all alone by himself. it might look llsad from appearance but the boy very much appreciates tranquility of one's one presence and nothing else. it's required for spiritual build up. "cheers!" he holds the very orange in color can. fanta. the very soft drink he has come to love. and on the other hand he has a delicious fish cake. there's more snacks to eat. yukhei feels happy and fulfilled as he enjoys a quiet afternoon in the presemse of flowers.
hyunho (h) 7 months ago
*takes my left hand on a date
hyunho (h) 7 months ago
What's this


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Hedervary 16 hours ago
Kim himchan is leaving cause im unable to stay active
daddyslittleprincess 5 days ago
can you put kai and jungkook on hiatus pls? thanks
LocKeytten 1 week ago
can I get a second character?
SweetCookie 1 week ago
Was real fun, thanks, guys :)
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kwuyifan 1 week ago
Hi, can I request and reserve Wu Yifan please?
Mamoru 1 week ago
Let me come back with Christian Yu, please.
bichomalo 2 weeks ago
mamamoose 2 weeks ago
Hedervary 2 weeks ago
Can i reserved kim himchan from bap?
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