str8 as a ruler, bent as the truth
slashed means taken/ already in a relationship
last updated: 25.10.2017

heteroual park junghyun, im nayoung, bae joohyun, lee jeno, park jaehyung, jung eunbi, seo youngho, bae seungyeon, kim dabin, nakamoto yuta, zhou jieqiong, kim yerim, kyla massie, kim taeyeon, chu sojung, oh seunghee, yeo changgu
biual ha sungwoon, yoon jisung, kim jaehwan, hwang minhyun, jung soojung, lim sejun, jang yeeun, na sori, lee jooheon, kim namjoon, jeon jungkook, kwon hyunbin, kim mingyu, jeon somi, hwang eunbi, lee seokmin, kang kyungwon, kang chanhee, park chanyeol, kim yongguk
homoual ong sungwoo, lee minhyuk, yeo hwanwoong, jung sewoon, kwon yuri, park seungjun, dong sicheng, cha eunwoo, kim jinhwan, im changkyun

aual name
panual lee suji, im yoona, park jihoon, kim donghan, jeon wonwoo, park kyung, yoon jeonghan, lee jihoon, lee donghyuck, na jaemin, son juyeon, kang yebin, kim yewon, park jiyeon, park sungjin, son wendy, jung eunwoo, mark tuan, lee sunghwa
demiual yoo kihyun, yoo jungyeon, shin jimin, park woojin
lee yejin 1 week ago
ahah hey hi i’m biual
ah thank ya
lee yejin 1 week ago
this hasn’t been updated in a long time omg
yoon dowoon 7 months ago
this room has been abandoned
do kyungsoo 9 months ago
wOw i did not know this room existed

maybe bc im always on my phone

soo + nongnong
v gay
all the gay
park seonghwa [A] 1 year ago
yo, a demiual here
lee dawon 1 year ago
lee hayi (someone’s rich auntie) 1 second ago Reply
kwon eunbi 1 year ago
do not reply to this [A] 1 year ago
 # : updated !
seo seunghee 1 year ago
both seunghee and changgu a re heteroseksual
chu sojung [ h ] 1 year ago
sojung is heteroflexible & yongguk is biual !!
lee sunghwa 1 year ago
gray is panual.
kim hyojin 1 year ago
what is uality, can you eat it
do not reply to this [A] 1 year ago
 # ; updated !
kim mingyu 1 year ago
i'm homoflexible.
mork tuna is panual.
do not reply to this [A] 1 year ago
 # ; updated !
son seungwan 1 year ago
All of us (Wendy, Nunu, and I) are panual ♡
park sicheng 1 year ago
sicheng - homoy - taken
eunwoo - homoy - s in g le f or n ow
chanhee - biual - taken
sungjin - panual - single
jinhwan - homoy - taken
adachi yuto 1 year ago
hey hey, im taken but sewoon isnt. also kyung is now too. and seungjun is gay and is also taken. dabs.
do not reply to this [A] 1 year ago
 # ; updated !
moon eunbi [A] 1 year ago
screams softly hwang eunbi is biual sorry ,,
choi hansol 1 year ago
uh lalisa and kwon eunbin are already dropped--
also nakamoto yuta - heteroual
xu minghao 1 year ago
biual - lee seokmin, kang kyungwon
heteroflexible - zhou jieqiong, kim yerim, kyla massie
jung eunbi 1 year ago
@kim jaehwan yup ouo)-b
kim jaehwan [A] 1 year ago
@jung eunbi wait johnny here is seo youngho right ???
do not reply to this [A] 1 year ago
 # ; updated !
estelle chen 1 year ago
heteroual: park junghyun
biual: jung soojung, lim sejun
shin jimin 1 year ago
demiual - yoo kihyun, yoo jungyeon, shin jimin
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
heteroual - im nayoung, bae joohyun
panual - hwang eunbi, lee suji, im yoona
choi hansol 1 year ago
biual - lalisa manoban
heteroual - kwon eunbin, lee jeno
homoual - lee minhyuk
panual - park jihoon
lee yeeun 1 year ago
biual - jang yeeun, na sori
heteroual - park jaehyung


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Youngie- 23 hours ago
can i please have rv's yerim ?
nekojita 1 day ago
ok im good
ahegao 2 days ago
whats up my guy
wokhardt 3 days ago
hey! it’s me— ya boi
daesies 3 days ago
soonchan my lo ve
hakyeomma 5 days ago
i lov u
wokhardt 6 days ago
keep sonchae safe pls
ppalgan 6 days ago
i'd like haruto back pLS i lost track of time
divertissement 6 days ago
dropping jinhyeong!
eristic 1 week ago
can gwangseok be tcc’ed to lee junyoung uwu
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