johnny ♡ seunghee

love, i promise to love and care for you, to hold you in good times and in bad.
i'll be your partner, your best friend, your greatest fan, your student and teacher.
i'll always hold your hand through all the adventures and challenges life can give.
i will always be kind, honest, supportive, loyal, patient, and forgiving with you.
i will respect you, cherish you, and encourage you,
in sickness and in health, for all the days of my life.
john hee
john hee
mr & mrs seo
5 PM
to the man of my life, my best friend, my brother from another mother, my soulmate, and my love, I vow to be the clown that makes you laugh with my silly jokes and mischief, to be the shoulders you can lean on, to be your happy pill that lightens up your day whenever you're having a bad one, and to be your number one fan even when you're 70.

I might not be perfect. I might make mistakes. But I vow that I'll do my very best to take care of you like how a mother would, to think of you even when we're not together, to welcome you with hugs and kisses at night, and to say I love you before you go to sleep.

I'm not promising tho that I'd be the best cook and that I'd make the most delicious foods--cause I know that you're still a better cook--but I'll learn how so I can serve you a decent meal at least.

I can't wait to lie down and watch movies with you 'til 3 in the morning. I can't wait to cuddle you as soon as you wake up, and kiss you good night 'cause I know how you like those. I can't wait to do more essays with you, to scrub your back when you shower, and to keep you accompany 'til we grow old.

I want to be your wife and so I am here. and I, oh seunghee, take you, seo youngho, as my beloved husband, and I will love you 'til the last of my breathe, 'til the last beat of my heart. I'll love you 'til I cannot love anymore. thank you for showing me how it feels to love and to be loved. I can't wait to love you forever. I love you so much, seo youngho.
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park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
gnight seunghee eonniii!!! ♡
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
also slepe well seunghee !
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
the teasers ,, ,, ha , ,, ,h a , ,, , i ne e d de a th
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
gao gang cute mmkay gnfight seunghee congratulations again and dream of johnnt gnight!!!!! sleep welllk
seo seunghee 1 year ago
good night fionas!! chikan babes!! and the gao gang!! thank you again for coming to my wedding aaa love you all <33
seo seunghee 1 year ago
o kay I am s leepeey aaa
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
just seungkwan i rhink ?¿?¿
seo seunghee 1 year ago
n othing :DDDD I wuv youuu <3
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
seo seunghee 1 year ago
n ayoung :D
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
r there any available svt members i
bae joohyun [A] 1 year ago
pfft im pmsl
seo seunghee 1 year ago

k athniiel is this youu/??
seo seunghee 1 year ago
yess so beautiiful I'm b it es back my tears
b ut tHANK YOU SHOWNU!!! soon I might be congratulatiing you next c;
btw I love monsta x bcs both my parents are mosnta x :""D
bae joohyun [A] 1 year ago
son hyunwoo (baella's edward cullen) 3 minutes ago Reply
... our wall's beautiful right seunghee? sh eds a tear

bae joohyun [A] 1 year ago
i know ylove : D
yeo changgu 1 year ago
@kim dabin I want to be that someone you could be proud of when you introduce me to everyone. heh-
closes my eyes as well and lets myself melt into your embrace.
I'm a little sleepy yfhdjd I didn't even drink w tf
son hyunwoo 1 year ago
yeah he does. congratulations to you both! :"D
seo seunghee 1 year ago
btw have I told y'al l that johnny looks s og ood in that pic in the layout!!! kshafshd
son hyunwoo 1 year ago
... our wall's beautiful right seunghee? sh eds a tear
seo seunghee 1 year ago
baechu and shownu are so ex tra cheesy tonight
son hyunwoo 1 year ago
i love you mahalq
bae joohyun [A] 1 year ago
y do u have to expose me shownu wtf
seo seunghee 1 year ago
good night to those sleeping!!!<33
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
jeon jinhwan 1 year ago
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
Oh gos how logn did it get baby i


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spotify 1 hour ago
hi sir or ma’am can i get han eunji please :)
assgard 1 day ago
hi ag a i n could my hiatus be extended til 10th i didnt know that my last exam day was going to be postponed due to the two-day national holidays dhfdk ok thnx
kimjiwoos 2 days ago
can i please get meng meiqi?
witchytaem 3 days ago
Hey can I get Lee Taemin please ?
BooJae- 3 days ago
am i blind or is jongin really free?
nekojita 3 days ago
m eep do y'all miss me
wassowasso 4 days ago
could i get taeyeon's cleared wall and cc her to jung wooyoung?
assgard 5 days ago
h i could i get a hiatus until like the 5th pls thank you
Pengqueen 5 days ago
is actress kim yoojung available?
Tomfoolery 5 days ago
Do you have a mobile friendly description?? Can’t see it, 50% cut off.
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