old mansion



who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

talk with him



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pink-yoshi23 4 days ago
Left ki~ but please hold him for me~ i might be back when my heart is lighter
mehxhyuckk 4 days ago
Can I re apply for jeno?
FireRamen 6 days ago
can i have a second chara o_o
bbeanfluff 1 week ago
Dropping dinghao keeping jingzuo and huixuan
Kyo_shi 1 week ago
amaranth 1 week ago
ashiro 1 week ago
i see that cai xukun is still available, so may i have him?
snakebits 1 week ago
can I have sehun pls?
diddlysquat 1 week ago
johnnys_coffee 2 weeks ago
I guess Jamm didn't see my request so, I'm asking again...can I have a third?
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