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Welcome to the in character lounge room. All interactions here should be considered in character, so don't do anything your character won't do. If you want to say something out of character make sure you use brackets. No in this room and be nice to each other. 
lee hojung. 2 years ago
walks in, yawning
shin hyejeong. 2 years ago
/idly walks inside and sits on the couch with a slightly shy smile
Hello all
zhou jieqiong. 2 years ago
/i take a quick glance of yang yang, still playing my video game. what's up, bro?
yang yang. 2 years ago
walks in

hey everyone
kim sejeong. 2 years ago
( /plops down onto one of the sofas, making myself comfortable as i play a game on my phone. )
park sooyoung. 2 years ago
/flops and sips on ma milkshake
zhou jieqiong. 2 years ago
/i walk in as i play with my gameboy advanced; not focusing on my surroundings.
kim heejung. 2 years ago
*keeps my eyes on my phone intensely playing a game of temple run*
kim taehyung. 2 years ago
Lackadaisically, he wanders inside [ohgodwikihowtosTARTTHESE???]
victoria song. [A] 2 years ago
# We're open!


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DamnDaehyun 2 years ago
Heejung and Sik are leaving boo. gracias
rose_petals 2 years ago
jessica left. thank you !
-pluviophile 2 years ago
Sorry but christian left. Im getting busy and cant keep up. Good luck to this rp!
aspera 2 years ago
yi ahn has left.
BlackRabbit 2 years ago
Keep the fave and upvote, love ;u;
babytenshi 2 years ago
Class is starting again
ddaisy 2 years ago

this place is awesome
lalalalala1 2 years ago
Haquila left ♡
TrapMoneyBenny 2 years ago
AnR Bri hall pls ¡
8669767b673ea0caedab 2 years ago
Park chanyeol pls
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