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DamnDaehyun 1 year ago
Heejung and Sik are leaving boo. gracias
rose_petals 2 years ago
jessica left. thank you !
-bangster 2 years ago
Sorry but christian left. Im getting busy and cant keep up. Good luck to this rp!
aspera 2 years ago
yi ahn has left.
BlackRabbit 2 years ago
Keep the fave and upvote, love ;u;
babytenshi 2 years ago
Class is starting again
ddaisy 2 years ago

this place is awesome
lalalalala1 2 years ago
Haquila left ♡
TrapMoneyBenny 2 years ago
AnR Bri hall pls ¡
8669767b673ea0caedab 2 years ago
Park chanyeol pls
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