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hi gmorning baby or whatever time it is when you read this but i assume it's morning. anyway uh so guess who's getting married today? that's right, it's us dhshks i still can't believe it what the . 
anyway sappy stuff yes. i feel like this is gonna get long so maybe i should have put it in like ,, the tumblr or smth but wow im lazy and i wanna get up early for tmrw so we can leave early so yes. anyway. my 20k goes to none other than my extremely soon to be husband, jeon jinhwan. i was gonna make my vows like Long As but i prolly shouldn't do that so you'll have to deal with this being Long As instead. wow. you know me and my tendency to write Long so boop you're gonna have to deal with this, as my way of apologizing for my being late (if ever i am late) also the following was supposed to be the start of my vows but people will probably get bored listening to me drone on and on about how much i love you so uh here i guess
i'll be honest, the day i first met you i never in a million years would have thought that we'd end up like this. when i met you i never thought that one day i'd be standing there, holding your hand as i slip that diamond ring onto your finger. because i never expected it, you, us. i'm sure everyone knows that story - the story of you and me, of our endless arguments that soon made way for... well, this. for us. if anyone had told me back then that this small, aggressive would slowly drill his way into the mangled remains of muscle that i once called a heart, well. i would have laughed. i would have laughed because i never thought i'd fall for anyone the way i did for you. but i'm glad i did. i'm happy beyond words, beyond belief that you, kim jinhwan, took my heart from right under my nose and gave me happiness that i never thought i'd feel. every day i spend with you is the happiest day of my life, because you give me happiness stronger than any other emotion when you are by my side. and i hope to the high heavens that i give you that same happiness when i am by yours. 
the reason i married you, the reason i slipped that ring onto your finger is because every day with you is special to me, every moment i have with you in my arms is a memory i'll always cherish. but i know that you and i could have more than that. i dont want to be just one person dating another person. after all, they say that in marriage you become one, or something like that. and i want to become one with you. you complete me, you make me whole and complete and despite your protests of my perfection, i disagree. i disagree because you and i are perfection, together. we are perfect together. and i want to be perfect together with you, for as long as i can. they say there's no forever but im willing to believe in one with you, the love of my life. 
i love you. and i know that no matter how many times i tell you, no matter how many times i try to describe the way you make my heart literally soar, it's never going to be enough. my love for you is impossible to describe with just words alone, so im hoping that actions will do it to. i hope that by marrying you, you'll know exactly how much you mean to me, how much i love you, how much i'm willing to do absolutely anything for the one man that's stolen my heart and made it his. i hope that my future with you, be it with a ton of dogs and cats or those twins we talked about, i hope that all the time i spend with you in that future of ours is enough to let you know how much i love you. and if it isn't, then im going to spend the rest of my life showing you, because after all, you're stuck with me. 
ill be honest with you im kinda high right now so i have no idea what the i said and im too distracted to proofread. but just because i have no memory of the things i say doesn't make the meaning any less true. i may be high but my feelings for you are always the same, whether i be high, drunk, or stone cold sober. so jeon jinhwan, im going to stop here because i feel like i could just keep going and i probably shouldn't because this is prolly already long as but anyway. 
i love you. thank you for doing this - for agreeing to marry this big dumb idiot, your big dumb idiot. i'll see you later, jeon jinhwan. i love you more than anything else baby
jinan & wonu
jinan & wonu

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gmt 8+
day 365 and here you are still blowing me away with your sweet words. when i first laid my eyes on you, i knew that you were the only one for me. i always thought of myself as trash but like you said, you've made me realise that together we are perfect. you complete me. when i slip my hand in yours, when i rest my head against your shoulder, when i tiptoe up to give you a small kiss, all of it means the world to me and there's nothing that can ever change my mind. we're like the yin and yang, two opposites but together we become one. i never thought we'd make it this far baby, i'm glad i spent every moment with you and now i get to spend the rest of my life with you.

jeon wonwoo.
i normally never say your name unless i'm smad at you for being perfect. i'm no longer kim jinhwan, i'm jeon jinhwan, i'm yours.

my baby, my bub, my love, my husbando, my wonton, my won and only, the list goes on but there's one thing i'm certain about.

i love you.
ha sooyoung 1 year ago
ok time to d!€ bye
ha sooyoung 1 year ago
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
fINalLy doNe amen
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
@zhou jieqiong /letting a small groan leave my lips as you grind down against me and on my skin, a satisfied grin decorates my features as i finally hear the small sounds that leave your lips. i give your hip a small pat once you pull away to do your trademark gesture by kissing the corner of my lips, smiling up at you to lighten the mood. good girl. now, can you get off? you're kinda heavy - okay no just kidding.
kang yuto 1 year ago
ha sooyoung 1 year ago
dont look
ha sooyoung 1 year ago
i cant say anything else Goodbye
ha sooyoung 1 year ago
@kwon junhui /words clogging up in my throat as i felt the friction underneath, biting down on my lower lip, making a weird sound at the back of my throat as i refuse to make produce a moan. hands gripping on your shoulder, releasing a shaky breath, muttering curses quietly. j-jun, honestly, a-ah– f- you. /sharply inhaling as i slowly release a breathy moan, grinding my hips against yours. s- junhui, that feels nice. /resuming to your neck with my lips, biting the area playfully before pulling away and ending by placing a signature kiss on the corner of your lips.
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
@ha sungwoon (the fairy) hi i cant detailed $& this is weird and ty
wraps my arms around you from behind before i settle you down on the couch and inch closer to your earlobe, them gently before i whisper 'here's my saliva to mark you mine'
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
jie told me that theres a high chance that hosh would backread here and suddenly can i private the roOM DHSJDJSJFKDJ
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
g urgles and hugs lucy's waist because short
xu minghao 1 year ago
mamaaa :3
xu minghao 1 year ago
"3h boyfran, one of the cutest guys in the world"

[chwe hansol screaming at a distance]
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
my dotterrrrr
xu minghao 1 year ago
that was a wildt three hour experience
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
sup welc bac hoe
xu minghao 1 year ago
just change the name bc it'll look like it was me who said it jdks
xu minghao 1 year ago
it llamacY again
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
im gonna put this on my wall
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
i'll miss you too 3h boyfran :'c
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
xu minghao 1 year ago
somebody stop time jsy : [
xu minghao 1 year ago
woAH it 5pm alr im
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
xu minghao 1 year ago
since this is my last minutes alR - walking closer to haerim, tucking her hair behind her ear, cupping her face with my hands as i plant a soft kisses on her forehead, on either side of her cheek and a last one on the corner of her lips. it was a nice three hr experience with you and i hate to say goodbye but :c time was too fast and lucy, who also misses you and the sunlight alr, is screaming from the basement. thank you for making me Ultra Soft, giving weird fluttering feelings in my chest and for volunteering to be my 3hr lover :D you're rly the prettiest - and cutest - girl ever and i'll never forget the moments that i spent with you. i have more things to say but i'm cutting this short, , i'll miss you girlfraaan c':
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
nayo n o
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago

kang yuto 1 year ago
#JunKy #kyAhpengengdruhghszsz
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
too la t e
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
im heeere


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