↻ rooms

yxgurt [A] 2 years ago
code : https://pastebin.com/raw/QT326qY4

↷ please favorite the roleplay
↷ don't remove the credit
↷ comment if using this


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wanheda 5 hours ago
using instagram xx
saorsa 7 hours ago
using the instagram layout; i was wondering if i could have permission to use it as a common layout in my rp for the people who join? social media is a big part of the roleplay so I was hoping that I'd be able to use the layout for each character to update with their 'photos'?

i didn't explain it very well rip i'll link the rp(and my character so u see what i mean) so you can get a proper idea!
lisica 11 hours ago
using stardust
killedchaos 16 hours ago
using salon, thank you!
hedxnism 19 hours ago
using heavy blue!
GiyuuTrash 20 hours ago
using domino!
dewberry 1 day ago
using instagram and lemonade!
yulyuri93 1 day ago
using orphic!
thegrimmmm 1 day ago
using antique
babypotato 1 day ago
using sirens uwu
thank you!
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