if you're not shua, don't open this


lil missy 💕

 where it all started...

duckhee did you mean when you started having feelings for him??
honestly, i could never thank niwniw enough for this dare. this is probably the best dare he has ever given to anyone + the most innocent one i bet.
050517. officially hong jisoo's.
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] bloop bloop good morning! hope you a gr10000 day < 3
hmph : < << << < <<<< < <
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) yes yes i will, , soon- t ucks you into bed h eh good morning, i love you too <3
shushes you with a smooch
h mphs in success h eh go sleep now jsy
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] yay : D alright alright i'll go sleep noww. you go sleep too bc it's already 12 am !!! good mornight i love you ♡ smooches your cheek h eh
nooo dont shush me :<
hmp h then squish es your chee k s instead i n de fe at :<
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) s norts yes im proud of you anyways go to sleep jsy u v u
its you shushhhh
nooo but the chweek mownster likes yours better
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] yes : D im proud u v u any w ay ya w ns is a sleepy naynay ; w ;
shhhh nooo kt's you okay stoppppp!!
noo yours is floofieerrr squishes your cheeks. seee??
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) s norts really? oml
yes please do because its obviously you :"D
but yours is floofier :<
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] junky : DDDDDDDD
okay do i have to fite you again on who's cuter :" D
but but yours is floofy chweek toooooo :<
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) r aises an eyebrow ohhh? what ship??
h eh you cutie
but the chweek mownster likes yours betterr !! :<
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] he a ve s i hope so : D guess what ship i used for the characters in one plo t t!!
hmp h i love you too
but you have your own chweeeeks!! : <
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) o h if twenty minutes is maximum then dont worry, you guys can do it !!
yes please dont h eh i love you
because im the chweek mownster : <
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] WAIT why was the else that was supposed to be less i - idk how loNG the film is ; ;
hmm fineee fineee i wont argue anymore ,, , ,
how did they become yours : <
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) 20 minutes is already a suffering wtf : D
mmh maybe but ill never consider myself unfortunate, thats for sure !!
because theyre yours, but theyre mine too- so we share : <
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] pmsl i hope mine's just atleast 20 minutes or else bc i dont want to SUffer,,, , ,
lucky where - ; ; did you mean me? bc yes i am indeed lucky : D
share them?? hoowww : <
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) i dont know either but we managed to do it, somehow also from a movie it turned into a six-part i m
heh youre welcome, anytime babe < 33
i dont know why you said unfortunately- i count my self lucky :")
we can shareee themm !! :<
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] i dont know if that's a good thing or a bad thing,, , but horror to comedy h OW ?? ? ? ?? ?
h eh thank youuu < 33
yes, unfortunately you're going to marry this lame girl :")
nooooo they're mineeee you cant take them awaaay!!
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) wriggles my nose and nods. i see- we didnt need to get ours checked when we did that so imagine how far we had to wing it, imagine a horror movie turning into comedy romance s hakes my head but you can do it.
nayoung hwattingg !! but youre my lame :">
noooo theyre the chweek mownster's now
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] mhmm.
nods twice and whines quietly. i can't think of any more plots i - but i am working on them don't worry. nods reassuringly as i smiled before letting out a laugh. do not fear, wonder nayo is here!! okno wow im lame pfft
screams quietly nooooooo these are my chweeeks ; ;
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) lets hope not then ?
smiles softly, moving to run my fingers theough your locks. mmh did you have to get them checked? aaa tomorrow- you should keep on working then? reaches out to tap your nose- yall death is quakinG
shakes my head and continues to squish your chweeks. mineeee !!
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] i dont knowww there may actually be none ,, ,
nods and purses my lips the slightest, resting my cheek against your shoulder. yeah, coming up with plots is soooo hard we have to think of 5 and pass it tomorrow,, yes : D he shall fear me : D
tries to move my face away in a rather playful way. noooo my chweekkssss!!
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) ohh and which days are those then? looks at you with concern heari your sigh, rubbing small soothing patterns on your back using my snacked arms. oh a film? yeah we did that once, it was very stressful to wing it. oh right i forgot about that, he might actually fear you instead : D
smiles cheekily hearing your mumble- yes the chweek mownster has returned !
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] will there be a day that i won't open it i - shakes my head a bit before letting out a sigh
it's for a film making ,, , , we need plots for it so yeah ; ; pfft you cutie dont worry he won't take me bc im stronk : D
oh no. . . bl inks twice when you squished my cheeks before poking yours and mumbling. chweek mownster
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
babe i
hong jisoo 1 year ago
mmh words taken seunghee and dont worry, i will !! and thank you h eh
seo seunghee 1 year ago
but hey josh! please take care of my babe! I love that girl so much. I trust you, buddy. congratulations in advance!
hong jisoo 1 year ago
@im nayoung ( sh ) i told you, thats the letter that would get opened the most- lets out a small laugh before winking
some plots wha- what nooo d ont die wyd f ights death so he cant take you h mph!!
blinks seeing you squint at me before cooing at your pout, reaching out to squish your cheeks together
seo seunghee 1 year ago
sshhhhh don't mind me- carry on. carry on.
ushers you both back to each other's arms.
hong jisoo 1 year ago
s norts hey seunghee
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
seo seunghee 17 seconds ago Reply

sq u i n ts
seo seunghee 1 year ago
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
@hong jisoo [ h ] aight am i going to read that the second time for today - i canT BELIEV E HON G JI SO O
well well i'm supposed to write some plots and here i am h eh ; u ; nooo i wont die - maybe jk i wont i promiseee!!
squints at you even more before pouting childishly and folding my arms against my chest


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wassowasso 1 day ago
could i get taeyeon's cleared wall and cc her to jung wooyoung?
assgard 2 days ago
h i could i get a hiatus until like the 5th pls thank you
Pengqueen 2 days ago
is actress kim yoojung available?
Tomfoolery 2 days ago
Do you have a mobile friendly description?? Can’t see it, 50% cut off.
wlwgfriend 4 days ago
may i have fromis' lee chaeyoung?
wokhardt 4 days ago
can I have jiho & jongho back nouwu
ahegao 5 days ago
sup can i get yuqi back but as a 6th
niwakaame 5 days ago
hi :") hiatus pls
chikan 5 days ago
so i didnt k ow we 6th pls give me lee seoho uwu
wokhardt 1 week ago
I'm not done yet
but let me back c: I'm bored
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