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firstly, i'm not good at coding twerking or preparing gifts- i'm not creative so i just made edits ; ^ ; yes ik it but ok click on the first pic for background music.

next,, click on the collage below to read a message from me bcos i don't want to type it in a mini box like this um,,,,


 25.05.17. a day i would always remember, where we became a couple. 
25.08.17. a day after hyeri's birthday and our 3rd monthsary. 
25.09.17. i had to go,,
25.10.17?? was i back? i 
remember coming back around november though.

these dates are only memorable because they are about us. 

1 x 1= 1.
i'm nothing w/o you,
you  complete me.
you complete us

and i can't wait to
flip to the next page and continue many more chapters with you. let's walk on a flowery path together, sungwoon oppayah. let me love you more & more.

happy 6th, love you.

- jung chaeyeon.

ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
@ha sungwoon aqpsl,opmfoe same goes for you ok i don't need anything fancy what matters is the sincerity so don't be pressurized to make something nice or wtv ; w ; yes yes aaa namchin is as punny as me no wonder we're a perfect match ♡ and i'm gna shower u w all hershey kisses too heH

grins before i press a soft kiss on your forehead,, pls !! how are u childish hmph i think i should be thankful like how do u handle a idk someone like me! ! < 3 wo ai ni duo duo
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
@jung chaeyeon hey hey its really okay it doesnt have to be too fancy cause its the heart thay counts right ? (plus if you did smth really fancy than i would feel really really guilty cause i pms L) jkjk but if you'd done these in an hour then wow i gotta say you're amazing. you did it amazing u v u get it that dia pun ha H yeah you should feel pampered ,, bc i am pampering you with all my lu R V ♡

n uzzles your nose as i stare back into your eyes ,, you're gonna make my shoulders rise higher than the realms of heavens ! i'm the one that's blessed to have you around and tolerate my childishness u < u
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
@ha sungwoon n o no i think im so typical ugh i wanted to do this doodling style video thats qt and used dia song and go like hi will u (cont) go out w me??? RIP my stupiakness if not i wld hv done it what's fancy these aint fancy at all my edits arent best quality bcos i rushed all of these in one hour thinking its today ok ,, shh as long as its from u id love it bcos i feel so pampered ??? and loved by u c :

flutters my eyes open before i stare into your eyes lovingly,, hi am i dreaming why is my prince charming ha sungwoon so handsome and perfect ???? my eyes and lips r bless e d
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
@jung chaeyeon h eh its a secret but dw e u e
you were much more creative than i was i at all these fancy stuff and i wanna cry a little for myself - but really babe dont be sorry ! it was perfect just the way it was and the message thing really got me feelin very very very soft u v u ♡
who knows you might not love this surprise bc i sUC K AT SURPRIS E S AND NIC E STUFF SIEBEKHFKEJF

pfffft you cutie u v u ♡ p resses my lips to yours for a few seconds before pulling away
there , wakey wakey princess !
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
@ha sungwoon do what ?? api irbrork im not creative im sorry :< i wanted to make a cute video But i thought it was today so i rushed everyth IM sorry apwenkr. i cant wait fr the 24h to pass bcos i love surprises??? wtv thats frm u < 3

o yea im dead why am i talking so much smh closes my eyes and puckers my lips bcos im d ead
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
@jung chaeyeon naawww dw
it was a really cute thing you did
you were a step earlier but i was so scared you would
do that one steo ahead of me
but dw
i have smth prepared for you
but you'll have to wait abt
24 hrs or smth
until tmr :D
i have
a surprise for you
not really
i at surprises but issokei
and you said if i wanna resurrect you i gotta kiss you right
park sooyoung 1 year ago
i mean pretend its chse
park sooyoung 1 year ago
pretend thats me im confused why am i posting
park sooyoung 1 year ago
okkay kms but i love sungwoon so much imd uing
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
im emvarassed ttm wtf
park sooyoung 1 year ago
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
@ha sungwoon o wait omg wait today's the 24th not 25thw TF I THOUGHT IT WAS TODAY im sorry i ruined this day ys elelrm bye im so forgetful pls save me from embarassment
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
kfjdkfjrjf minhy un ge tou t
hwang minhyun [A] 1 year ago
hey jungchaen

feel free to use caesar cipher translator :D
he learnt this from me and my gf
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
@jung chaeyeon i just i - i - im - i - im,,,
user @cloudball has malfunctioned and combusted and is now speaking gibberish

l mxvw ,, lgn lghn krz wr ihho fdxvh l mxvw -
rxu prqwkvdub'v vsrvh wr eh wpu dqg
rpj brx vkrw ph zlwk d vxusulvh olnh wkdw

dqg ri frxuvh xvhu forxgedoo zrxog oryh wr nlvv xvhu m_fkdhbhrqql zlwk doo klv pljkw wr uhvxuuhfw khu !
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
@ha sungwoon game player info
username: cloudball
abilities: being the qtest namchin

beep beep! u got a love letter message from user @j_chaeyeonni

hello! you got a love letter so um
i'm hella nervous but um ok ,,
hello mr. ha sungwoon,, actually whatever i wna say is already in the layout but i'm annoying i need to tell u something —
hey, i started off with a CRUSH on your jihoon. i didn't expect you to PICK ME among all the attractive girls in weewoo, but i'm VERY VERY VERY grateful. WHATTA MAN would even date a girl like me? no idea. i'm not any DREAM GIRL, but please HOLD ON and know that i'd love you MORE & MORE day by day. even WHEN THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS FADE, even when we encounter a heavy DOWNPOUR, i'd stay by your side. always yours. I LOVE YOU, I REMEMBER YOU.

error 404_game user @j_chaeyeonni has died halfway in the game. to resurrect game player, please cpr her xoxo
(jk she loves being kissed so let this be a sleeping beauty fairytale come true)


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wassowasso 1 day ago
could i get taeyeon's cleared wall and cc her to jung wooyoung?
assgard 2 days ago
h i could i get a hiatus until like the 5th pls thank you
Pengqueen 2 days ago
is actress kim yoojung available?
Tomfoolery 2 days ago
Do you have a mobile friendly description?? Can’t see it, 50% cut off.
wlwgfriend 4 days ago
may i have fromis' lee chaeyoung?
wokhardt 4 days ago
can I have jiho & jongho back nouwu
ahegao 5 days ago
sup can i get yuqi back but as a 6th
niwakaame 5 days ago
hi :") hiatus pls
chikan 5 days ago
so i didnt k ow we 6th pls give me lee seoho uwu
wokhardt 1 week ago
I'm not done yet
but let me back c: I'm bored
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