joshua ♡ nayoung

nashua wedding - 171130 - THuRsday  - 7pm
Joshua hong
- insert vow here -
im nayoung
I wouldn't make this
any longer as i am not
good with words. but
hello, i'm im nayoung,
soon-to-be hong
nayoung, and i'm good
with one thing only
and it is loving you,
hong jisoo.
message 4 nashua
park chanyeol 1 year ago
don't worry, i'm the same if you haven't noticed already. i don't think i can survive not looking at your face for even a day. my hold on your cheeks loosen as i start to hear a light buzzing sound in my ear. i can feel the thud in my chest as my heart picks up in beats, at a rate i didn't think it was capable of before today. to think that a single word could leave such a magnanimous impact on me has me a little scared because what would happen in the future? what if these feelings of mine were used against me? all these little thoughts and insecurities soon dissipate when my gaze meets yours again, your hazel orbs full of dreams and promises i know i wouldn't be able to stray away from. yeah?,,, mingyu. my feet take a shaky step forward as my wavering fingers tug at your collar just enough for my forehead to lightly bump against yours. i love you too, you idiot.
hou minghao 1 year ago
i'm not good with long distance relationship - i'm too clingy okay. lets out a soft chuckle before fixing my gaze back on you, my lips forming into a shy grin while i rub my nape awkwardly before quirking a brow at your words - blinking my eyes a few times, trying to calm the bundle of nerves in my chest from getting the best of me before letting my gaze quickly raking along your features, not really caring for the previous state of embarrassment that I had been in, though my cheeks continue to shine a soft hue of pink at your words. oh i'm - i didn't mean to say that so soon ,,, but uhm. yes i love you, my heart can't take it anymore i'm sorry you don't have to say it back aha dhhddj
park chanyeol 1 year ago
distance makes the heart grow fonder, mingyu. chuckles softly as my arms slink back just enough for my palms to cradle the curve of your cheeks. the pads of my thumbs caress your cheekbones as my onyx orbs continue to witness you, mesmerized as if you were a piece of fine art. my pupils seem to dilate as each syllable of yours tries to register itself in my brain, as if my whole form refuses to believe what you're saying. my chest start to contract in the best of ways and there's the audible hitch of my voice in my throat before i strain out in a disbelieving tone.. baby ,, did you just -
hou minghao 1 year ago
but but you can't always see the moon every night unlike the sun hyuuung. scrunches up my nose while peering down at you, a blush starting to creep itself up from my neck until the tip of my ears at your words - coughing awkwardly to brush it off before squishing you in my arms. that's so cheesy ,, i like it. i like you ehe. you'd be anything you like and i'll still love you either way okay tsk.
park chanyeol 1 year ago
a light scoff wisps past my coral brims at your words though the ends of my lips curl up into an amused smile. i don't want to be the sun then. i want you to always look at me. the moon sounds better no? i like the moon much more. slowly pulls my head away so i can glance up at you, grin settling on my lips. and you can be the stars.
hou minghao 1 year ago
lets out a small hum while nestling my nose into junhee's hair, my arms tightening around his frame before brushing my lips along his cheek. mhm - you shine brighter than the sun pft. i can't stare at your dp directly but i kinda did for a few minutes oops i think i'm being blinded by your beauty hmph
park chanyeol 1 year ago
willingly gets pulled towards mingyu, my own arms naturally lifting to wrap around his neck. a soft hum escapes at the little kiss, my forehead bumping against his shoulder. do you like it that much? snickers softly.
hou minghao 1 year ago
wraps my arms around hyung and pulls him against my chest before planting a kiss on his head. i kept clicking on your profile to see your dp eheh
kim jaehwan [A] 1 year ago
im here sorr Y

iwas being angeri bc mnet thinks its funny cause w1 won best male grp even
park chanyeol 1 year ago
hi, baby bear.
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
mkay lets play tom !!
hou minghao 1 year ago
hyunhdg hi
hou minghao 1 year ago
shoos somi away :<
park chanyeol 1 year ago
mm-hm. i could always be better but i'm okay i think. smiles at the little pat, letting out a soft hum. don't wear yourself out mmkay? ah, only if you want to somsom.
chu sojung [ h ] 1 year ago
park chaeyoung 16 seconds ago Reply
i think we shld play the game mr ???
chu sojung [ h ] 1 year ago
@kim taehyung aodjkshcbe armys prolly double timed in voting im cryinf ; ;

im not surprised with exo tho pmsl they've still got a vvvv large fanbase + their songs are still lit aaaaa
park sooyoung 1 year ago
i think we shld play the game mr ???
jeon somi 1 year ago
munches on the chocolate before patting your cheeks in appreciation. you guess? mhm i'm doing fine, just a bit tired with stuffs but i'll manage ehe. shoud i let your lover boy out !!
kim taehyung 1 year ago
@chu sojung [ sh ] s CREAMS BACK???

exo got album of the year~
jeon somi 1 year ago
do watt
park chanyeol 1 year ago
i'm doing fine, i guess. slips a piece a chocolate out and slips it into som's mouth. you?
chu sojung [ h ] 1 year ago
h e aves i just finished showering skdjskhxks
chu sojung [ h ] 1 year ago
@kim taehyung scRE AMS
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
is everyone ded should we do this uHHHH tomorrow
wen junhui [A] 1 year ago
yoon jeonghan 8 minutes ago Reply
"One of these days, Soonyoung will also be half and tied up on stage thanks to Taemin inspiring him."

Dear Lord Please No
i lov his squishiness : ((((
jeon somi 1 year ago
reaches up to squish junhee's face gently. how are you doing hm?
yoon jeonghan 1 year ago
im changkyun 2 minutes ago Reply
the videos of svt reacting to mx make me so happy.

you can totally see that i just can't with shownu and wonho's backs-
park chanyeol 1 year ago
grins back down at somi. hi cutie.
jeon somi 1 year ago
blubbers happily while grinning at junhee. hi
kim mingyu 1 year ago
the videos of svt reacting to mx make me so happy.


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Youngie- 23 hours ago
can i please have rv's yerim ?
nekojita 1 day ago
ok im good
ahegao 2 days ago
whats up my guy
wokhardt 3 days ago
hey! it’s me— ya boi
daesies 3 days ago
soonchan my lo ve
hakyeomma 5 days ago
i lov u
wokhardt 6 days ago
keep sonchae safe pls
ppalgan 6 days ago
i'd like haruto back pLS i lost track of time
divertissement 6 days ago
dropping jinhyeong!
eristic 1 week ago
can gwangseok be tcc’ed to lee junyoung uwu
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