❂ shrine

religious centre
religious centre
ever need to come and find peace after a stressful day? here, the religious centre of the university houses multiple rooms for multiple religions. this is a place of no judgement, only of peace and tranquility. try not to defile these holy grounds, mmkay?
KIM TAEHYUNG [A] 2 years ago
i hereby declare that this rooms ity has been taken by kim taehyung ✩ (/coughs the bestest in all the land)


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Acrylic 2 years ago
is this place still alive o-o
Bts_jungkookie 2 years ago
Can i reserve Jungkook?
-BabyElf_Fan 2 years ago
Sorry but Hansol is leaving ;-;
Thank you for having me but I haven't been on and I'm just taking up a character which isn't fair but I had fun ^^
ss501fan 2 years ago
Can i be Youngsaeng of SS501 plz?
Jooextra 2 years ago
Can I be son chaeyoing from twice?
CelestineWanderer 2 years ago
Kindly and reserve Nichkhun for me and Taecyeon for my friend. :) Thank youuuu ❤
deadlydaydream 2 years ago
Ahyoung's leaving. Thanks for having me.
TokidokiHelloKitty 2 years ago
Joji/George left
milkywayz 2 years ago
suzy left tq
mileage 2 years ago
hyunjin left, thanks for having me.
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