❂ ice cream parlour

ice cream parlour
ice cream parlour
sometimes you just need to sink your teeth into something sweet; and when it's a hot day, a trip down to the ice cream shop is a necessity.
KIM AHYOUNG 1 year ago
Ahyoung, who had been craving for something sweet lately, decided to head to the nearby ice cream parlour from their campus. As soon as she got inside, it seemed like the inner kid in her had shown herself as she grinned at the site of all ice cream flavors presented to her. She immediately headed to the counter and scanned for the available ice cream flavors, contemplating on whether she would try something new or stick to the flavor she usually gets. "This would take a while." She mumbled to herself as she continues scanning.
KIM TAEHYUNG [A] 2 years ago
i hereby declare that this rooms ity has been taken by kim taehyung ✩ (/coughs the bestest in all the land)


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Acrylic 1 year ago
is this place still alive o-o
Bts_jungkookie 1 year ago
Can i reserve Jungkook?
-BabyElf_Fan 1 year ago
Sorry but Hansol is leaving ;-;
Thank you for having me but I haven't been on and I'm just taking up a character which isn't fair but I had fun ^^
ss501fan 1 year ago
Can i be Youngsaeng of SS501 plz?
Jooextra 1 year ago
Can I be son chaeyoing from twice?
CelestineWanderer 1 year ago
Kindly and reserve Nichkhun for me and Taecyeon for my friend. :) Thank youuuu ❤
deadlydaydream 1 year ago
Ahyoung's leaving. Thanks for having me.
TokidokiCutieBoi 1 year ago
Joji/George left
milkywayz 1 year ago
suzy left tq
contrail 1 year ago
hyunjin left, thanks for having me.
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