welcome to sungwoon and chaeyeon's wedding
From Sungwoon ah it's finally here. First of all i am sorry to everyone because this was sposed to be over with last time but i decided to pass tf out and didn't make it here so ,, but anyways, to chaeyeon, my lovely very-very-soon-going-to-be lwafully wedded pretty lil wifey, i just want to let you know that getting married with you is smth that i can't even dream of in any of my dreams. now that i'm going to marry you i want to let you know that i will try my very best to protek you as well i can and be there for you whenever you needed me. i love you, chaeyeonni, my player two <3
venue : wedding hall
time : pm8.00 gmt+8
date:30 december 2017
From Chaeyeon in all honesty, i don't know where to start with, what to begin on,, so i'd just talk about us or what you mean to me. pardon if i blabber alot because i'm never good with words, i get carried away & you know, drift here and there.

to, user cloudball nim,

they say try to be a rainbow in someone's clouds, but i say try to be a cloud in someone's rainbow. often, the clouds are underrated. the clouds collect water droplets, and then there's a downpour, to experience the ' dark ' moments before the sun rises and a rainbow may appear. without the clouds, maybe we won't even get rain, the earth would experience drought, the humans won't have enough water resources, and we won't even be able to get to appreciate the rainbow in our skies.

maybe you got the reference, that you're the cloud i'm talking about. you tolerate alot of my neediness, pamper me like a princess, shower me with love, sometimes, the 'dark stormy' days are when we fight, when jealousy gets in between us. but without these, our love won't be stronger, it won't be sweeter like skittles (rainbow), right? clouds are white,, and white symbolizes purity, young love, which fits us perfectly, we're young, dumb, and pure.

when we first met, it started off when you said you're the oldest member of weewoo, but didn't get any girlfriend yet, so i teased you, but who am i to mock when i'm also a 'nun' ,, fate then decided to matchmake these two lonely souls together. remember when you first drunktyped? i almost kissed the wrong mr right and you got agitated, but i didnt understand what you meant. that's when jt took me awhile before i lost my first kiss to you, short but sweet one. to think about it, i should really thank pinky, a dare — that made me confess and bring us together. every ending has a new beginning, and that's when the thunderstorm in our relationship occured. for awhile, i was upset, i knew i was the one who fell deeper, so i tried to suppress my jealousy. we didn't tell each other how we really felt, i was yearning for affection from you, and sometimes, i purposely kissed my girl/friends which made things worse. thats when we fought. not really us but i fought with,, uk who too. and then we decided to pm- for a genuine talk. maybe it was my forgiveness, maybe it was your determined will to 'salvage' us. and that's when i felt blissful. that you, fought for us to continue and since then, i loved you even harder. i cherished us even more.

once again, without all these, we won't even be where we are now, we won't even end up going 6 months strong and engaged. clouds are translucent, so whenever there's a rainbow, the colours would pass the layers and you know, it's beautiful. like you. you shine like colours of rainbow, glimmering in the sun. with your seven rays, the whole world, or should i say my world, is dyed even more beautifully.

thank you, for loving me. like these colours, red for passion, orange for happiness, yellow for cheerfulness, green for growth and harmony, blue for trust and faith , pink for romance and friendship, and lastly, purple for wisdom. may our relationship and wedded life be like these 7 colours, to love harder and live happily ever after, grow old with one another, believe and support each other, no matter what we do, even if we see the colours differently, we can share the perspectives and have a broader picture instead.

you may think i was colourblind, because you often think you're a jerk, you didn't treat me well 'enough', but i disagree cause i see all the colours in you, heh.

screw 11:11s wishing for each other's love when we 12:12 be together and go on a whole new deeper level, to the next chapter, getting married. thank you for proposing to me, wanting us to have, a title ?? whatever you call that, and i love you so much. happy wedding day to us, sungwoon (oppa) ♡
na jaemin 1 year ago
damn i fell asleep but congratulations to the newlyweds! last long and prosper together!!!
lee yeeun 1 year ago
hello macchiato babies are late but we wish the newly wed a lot of happiness and live well together!!
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
apwnroe gws loml but tysm fr ur well wishes
yeo changgu 1 year ago
@kim dabin oh no, my girl can not be mad!! actually I'm a little sick. colds. /clicks my tongue into a tsk sound before pressing my cheek on top of your head. I have to take good care of myself then so it won't get worse. /blinks quickly and then kisses the top of your head. still!! I have to! I'm barely here. :( are you eating well?
cheng xiao 1 year ago
vibrates @ chaeng though because the loml has married another
but issok because she is happi and will hav a lovely life w this man :D congrats btw
im still sick so probably need to leave again soon, but i wish you both a long & happpppy life together
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
cloudchaen babies i- o the dare
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
cloudchaen babie s aHAHAHAH im laugh
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
congratulations to the newlyweds!!! omg i was doing something so i couldnt keep track rip
yoon jeonghan [A] 1 year ago
its still 11pm in gmt+8 its oKAY
cheng xiao 1 year ago
hong nayoung [A] 17 seconds ago Reply
hello hi sorry for being late and all but i love the both of you and and i wish u both a happy life tgt : D pls make cloudchaen babies soon h eh ♡
yoon jeonghan [A] 1 year ago
slep well my babies !!!
kim taehyung 1 year ago
s creams a bit louder

but that's not how it wooooOOOoorks

plus my birthday is over its 12:05 !!
jeon jiwoo [ h ] 1 year ago
aksjkenfneur struggling kids hav to wake up rly early tomorrow eek ; ; have fun with the reception everyone aaaa :'> d rags soj out with me
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
hello hi sorry for being late and all but i love the both of you and and i wish u both a happy life tgt : D pls make cloudchaen babies soon h eh ♡
jeon jiwoo [ h ] 1 year ago
kwon junhui [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
nope you deserve the bouqueT
kim mingyu 1 year ago
cheng xiao 1 year ago
sneaks in super late

yoon jeonghan [A] 1 year ago
nope you deserve the bouqueT
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
apwlenek isok bUt : D
kim taehyung 1 year ago
s creams quietly

doesnt that just ruin the whole idea of bouquet throwing? ,,,,,,,,,
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
hey tae stand behind me alend
lee jihoon 1 year ago
Is it safe for my embarrassing squad to come out now-
park sooyoung 1 year ago
jeon jiwoo 5 minutes ago Reply
kim taehyung 1 minute ago Reply
man imagine if taeyang and rosanta get married

the amount of nosebleeds I will have from all the detail

whats this i- cant detail
jeon jiwoo [ h ] 1 year ago
o oooh bouquets
kim taehyung 1 year ago
ah ,,,,,, i mean i do in every wedding
zhou rui [A] 1 year ago
a hA
kim dabin 1 year ago
@yeo changgu smiles gently to myself after glancing down at our intertwined hands. mm, that's good then. i would be a smad gf if you fell sick :< and yes, i'm alright. nooo don't apologise, i understand ;;
zhou rui [A] 1 year ago
its ,, a google pixe l ,, ,,
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
asujghkasgf she s a hA
yoon jeonghan [A] 1 year ago
oH tae you said you wanted to catch the bouquet right : D


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