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treasure hunt
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I love you
I'm worried writing
this section because,
what if you're cryi-
ng? Ahhh, if you
are, please don't cry
too much, Nams. All
I can say is that you'r
e almost at the end
of this long road
of mush, yeah? I kno-
w it's a bit much, an
d I'm kind of bomba-
rding you probably
with more things
than you can handl-
e, but trust me, it's
filled with
good intentions. Kim namjoon, I love you.
card 4
kim hanbin 1 year ago
@kim namjoon for starters i'm so h*ppy that

1) you're still alive after going through 90% of the entire thing
2) you're still breathing and stable and can english i --

secondly i know it seems really out of nowhere, but surprises make it better, right? i thought at first, "i want to do something grand for him, because he deserves nothing but the best" until i realized that if i did that, it wouldn't be right - because we aren't diamonds and jewels, Kim Namjoon, we're simple. We're simple and real, and I think that's why I love this - our relationship, and you, most of all. Because you're real - I can reach out to you and I know you're at hand's reach, and you're so very honest and earnest and everything I had forgotten I wanted in a lover... No, in a best friend. You're everything I've always wanted in the person I wanted to fall in love with, but I forgot about it. I forgot about what it meant to want to share so much time with someone else, because the first person I decided to do that with, completely ruined my perception of it all.

You think that this is out of nowhere, that I simply put it here and said 'take it', but that's actually what you did, in my life. You came out of nowhere, so unpredictable and beautiful, and changed me for the better. You've made me a better man, and you've also made have something to believe in and give me faith. You've given me many reasons to hold on, and keep going, and keep waking up and be better so that, when I catch you online, I can tell you about my small victories, and you can smile at me and say how proud you are of me.

I'm sorry I'm making you hold back your tears in public, love that's - the intended purpose of it all, but now the right setting. But I'll make sure to be on later to wipe away all your tears, for as many seconds and minutes as you need me to. It was unexpected, you're right, and it may sound rushed, but it isn't - because I've been wanting to ask you this for well over two months, I just never found a time where could tell you this, and also tell you, "Namjoon, I'm finally happy. I'm finally okay, in my own life, and I'm ready to share my own life with you."

I love you so, so much. So much that it's not enough to just say it, either;; I'm - I -

On some other day that the weather is just right, on another day that you're just as beautiful as you are now, in front of me - a mess holding back his tears in a library, and all - please be the husband of this emotionally unstable mess you call an angel. Please make me the happiest person to ever walk this earth.
kwon eunbin 1 year ago
@jae ha wtf hwo d a re you barge into my lfie and steal mt heart and soul and my everythign bc what the ??? ?? ?? ?? ? What The . i was having a normal day, you know. i was just minding my own business and sudednly you just stole the breath right out of me bc What The ? What Teh . i dont even know what to saY what am i supPosed to sAY because i love you isn't enough. it's not Nearly Enough because how are those three stupid words enough to encompass all the stars and planets and constellations and galaxies you offer me with just a single word of yours. jesus i'm so sh a ke n whattnrtheg ??? ?? ?? ?? / ??? ? liek,, ,, , i'm literally in the library just in cryign but i cant ebven make any noise or shed any tears and that. ok. . this doesnt even ahve any sort of organization so i'm just gonna cut it short and say that when you said marry me next year i didn't expect that next year actually meant two weeks later you . but i'll tell you what i told you then and that's "ok"

jk wtf ? ?? ??? ?? ???? ? it's a yes. of course it's a yes. it's always been, always is, and always will be a yes for you, my ing angel the light and love and stars of my lfie im soBBbignnng
kim hanbin 1 year ago
@kim namjoon Okay so, if you click on the cards (aside from 3 and 4) you can view the full sized card. please go through them in order, okay? No cheating, Nams;; I love you. I love you, so, so much.


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ladouex 3 days ago
rolls in— i might be blind but is park junghyun avail—
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lol hi
unbothered 5 days ago
Jennie Kim pls
efferminity 1 week ago
is shon minho taken?
thanus 1 week ago
thank you & goodbye .
spotify 1 week ago
i can't believe it but here we are
real life is fINALLY making me their so i'm going to have to bid ww goodbye
deactivate my characters o r- idrk what you guys do tbh sweats,, but ily guys thank you for the memories
shiber 1 week ago
can I get my changbin back pls
gaynetz 1 week ago
hi i am pressed can i come back please
hxrdcore 1 week ago
okaY with much contemplation,,,, can i get a jung eunbi? :O
coldbrew 2 weeks ago
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