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for us all to make friends.
kim seokjin. [sh] 6 days ago
@jung taekwoon. I miss ya too, Woon. I'm sorry for my long absence. And sorry if I couldn't provide you cuddles atm. But I promise to give you all of it once I get back. I hope you're fine, dear.
lee jieun. [sh] 6 days ago
son hyejoo. 1 week ago
even though we’re moving in like
a week
fan chengcheng. 1 week ago
snatches inactivity sign’s weave away
lee minhyung. [A] 1 week ago
um yes
kim taehyung. [sh] 1 week ago
Is that like the chuchu train but better
dong sicheng. 1 week ago
lee taeyong. 4 minutes ago Reply
the uwu train
lee taeyong. 1 week ago
the uwu train
kim hyunjin. [A] 1 week ago
ha sooyoung. [A] 1 week ago
kim taehyung. [sh] 1 week ago
lee taeyong. 1 week ago
yoo kihyun. 1 week ago

when people online but not talking
jung taekwoon. 1 week ago
@kim seokjin. [sh] i miss you
yoo kihyun. 1 week ago
kim taehyung. [sh] 1 week ago
/echoes back
kim doyeon. 1 week ago
hello?? /echoes/
kim doyeon. 1 week ago
@lee jieun. [sh] shopping?? i wanna go shopping too T.T but i'm broke af lmao
kim doyeon. 1 week ago
@wu xuanyi. i eat every types of pizzas o u o but what's important is it must have lotsa cheese <3 i'm a hoe for cheese... and pineapples lmao

[yeah sure. can you start it there? ehehe]
cai xukun. 1 week ago
park sunyoung. 1 week ago
me as well
jung wheein. 1 week ago
i am dead
yoo kihyun. 1 week ago
@kim taehyung. [sh] kim taehyung. [sh] 1 day ago Reply
Did you just second your own vote

i did yes
jung jaehyun. 1 week ago
Yes yo
jeon jungkook. 1 week ago
lee jieun. [sh] 2 weeks ago
@kim doyeon. It was great! I went shopping with a friend~
My holiday is about to end though so it's bittersweet ;;
lee jieun. [sh] 2 weeks ago
@wu xuanyi. I don't hang out much on here lately but I'll still respond if you message me. I try to at least check regularly ;;
wu xuanyi. 2 weeks ago
@kim doyeon. let's go/looking around./i think there is one around the corner
What kind of pizza do you like to eat?

[] want to this on wall?
kim doyeon. 2 weeks ago
@lee jieun. [sh] i'm fine ^^ how bout you unnie? how was your day? o u o
kim doyeon. 2 weeks ago
@wu xuanyi. let's go! umm /looks around/ where's the pizza restaurant


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struggling 1 week ago
jiho gtg, thanks for having me!
pink_snow 1 week ago
kei has left
-fairybread 2 weeks ago
jaemin has to go
tsukino 2 weeks ago
i'm so sorry but my buds are gonna go ;;
kookssensitivenips 2 weeks ago
jimin gotta go, sorry kook love you man.
hinata 2 weeks ago
gowon has to dip, thank you for having me lovelies best of luck!
sunshinesmile 3 weeks ago
I'm really sorry jongdae will take his leave! Take care y'all!
Artidote 3 weeks ago
Semi-hiatus for Seokjin pls
Chibineko 3 weeks ago
Mina pack her bags
ahjuwussi 3 weeks ago
dead* ripm,sdhfjkshdf
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