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cheng xiao. [A] 1 month ago
lee minhyung. [A] 47 seconds ago Reply
jaemin's 1000th post
is this

na jaemin. 8 seconds ago Reply
wait this one makes it look like god's light is shining on me
and i definitely deserve at least that much

and i'm sobbing
cheng xiao. [A] 2 months ago
cheng xiao. 4 minutes ago Reply
e x hale s
here it is kids
my 2000

cheng xiao. [A] 2 months ago
lee naeun. 1 minute ago Reply
hi everyone!

so for my 2600th post dedication, i've decided to make it a little long but hopefully a little fun as well? i love all of you guys so much and i want the absolute best for all of you all the time! i hope you all can enjoy! you guys are the absolute best people and i love our little community, i care and appreciate everyone so much and i'm so happy i can share 2600 posts with all of you guys! so, here we are! my 2600th dedication to everyone here! i love you guys so much!

your first hint is this: the password is the english title of the song in my status!

with everlasting love,
cheng xiao. [A] 2 months ago
lee naeun. 20 minutes ago Reply
hi everyone! this is my 2000th post dedication for you all!

i couldn't think of something bigger to give, so i am sorry for that.

thank you everyone for being with me for so long, i know i am lacking a lot but, i am thankful to have met all of you people!! let's always have fun together.

cheng xiao. [A] 2 months ago
lee naeun. 17 minutes ago Reply
hi everyone, it's me, naeun again!

i made a padlet for my 600th post dedication, so it felt natural to do something a bit bigger for my 1600th post dedication! everyone here has brought me smiles and good memories, so i knew i had to make something special! all of you guys are immensely important and special, so i made another playlist. if you guys took the time to listen to it, it would mean so much to me!

also, i wrote a letter to you guys... it's not very long but i hope you guys will like it anyways!

i've also been spending some time making some other things that i think i'll save for a little bit later, since i'm a bit shy about showing it... also this dedication is for everyone, so i don't think it would be right to show it right now.

anyways, this has been naeun, and she hopes everyone knows that she's a member of everybody's love and appreciate committee!

thank you again for being with me!
yuzuru hanyu. [A] 2 months ago
lee naeun. 21 minutes ago Reply
uh- hello, it's me, naeun again. um, i've been working really hard to make this for my 600th post, and i hope that you can all enjoy it! i hope that we can continue to make beautiful memories with each other on here and that everyone does well!

with that said, here it is!



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struggling 1 week ago
jiho gtg, thanks for having me!
pink_snow 1 week ago
kei has left
-fairybread 2 weeks ago
jaemin has to go
tsukino 2 weeks ago
i'm so sorry but my buds are gonna go ;;
kookssensitivenips 2 weeks ago
jimin gotta go, sorry kook love you man.
hinata 2 weeks ago
gowon has to dip, thank you for having me lovelies best of luck!
sunshinesmile 3 weeks ago
I'm really sorry jongdae will take his leave! Take care y'all!
Artidote 3 weeks ago
Semi-hiatus for Seokjin pls
Chibineko 3 weeks ago
Mina pack her bags
ahjuwussi 3 weeks ago
dead* ripm,sdhfjkshdf
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