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coded by yxgurt
- when a customer first arrives and wishes to be part of the matchmaking event, he will receive a form to complete about what he looks for in the perfect boyfriend.
-when the event starts, the customer will be matched with the closest boyfriend found based on his taste. The customer can refuse to be matched before the events starts in case he changed his mind or already owns a boyfriend.
-customers can only own one boyfriend; there are rare exceptions when a customer can own two, all depending on the two boyfriends agreeing to share.
-the boyfriends all enter the matchmaking event unless they got bought by that time.; the boyfriends used in free trials will also enter the event and if they get matched with a customer, they will be forced to leave their current customer.
- if you buy a boyfriend it doesnt necessary mean that you two must be into a romantic relationship.
- all the bought boyfriends and their customers will be found in the pairings room.
-check the boyfriend list to see who is available and short info about the products.
-customers can reserve boyfriends in case they dont have enough points to buy them and are afraid that their chosen boyfriend will be stolen by another.
-reservations cost 10 points. you will still have to pay 50 for purchasing the boyfriend.
-boyfriends can't refuse a customer's purchase.
-if a customer harms our products or there is any kind of complaint coming from the boyfriend, the product will be taken away from the customer and there will be consequences.
-boyfriends are delivered in a box; the customer can activate them only by a kiss on the lips.
-boyfriends can choose to delete the memories from their past customers or keep them; the customer has no right to delete memories.
-personal belongins of the boyfriend will be delivered during a period of 3 days to the customer's house.the boyfriend will live in the customer's place.
-boyfriends need sleep, food, water, attention and love just like any real boyfriend.
-boyfriends who are part of a different species will need extra care; if its a vampire, the customer must provide him blood and so on.
-the free trial last 7 days. customers can return the products faster if they wish.
-more people can ask for a trial of the same boyfriend but only one can buy the product. customer can ask for multiple boyfriends trials ( so one boyfriend can rp with multiple customers and viceversa for the purpose of not being stuck with only one customer and be able to explore more)
- customer x customer and boyfriend x boyfriend is allowed
- lastly, boyfriends cost 200 points. rp in rooms and you will be able to affort them really soon.
For any other question, please PM  the admin or ask below.
♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 2 months ago
I ♡ Baek


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whiskeynwine 1 day ago
yuliang dipped
Pika-boo 2 days ago
for now
left jisung and chihoon
ravenrose 4 days ago
Can I request Chizuru please?
SteamBuns-- 6 days ago
Dropped luhan, staying as jisoo and kumsung(for now)
sungrae 1 week ago
leaving as haneul. can't keep up
ings 1 week ago
please add and reserve do kyungsoo? c:
twinkerbell 1 week ago
Dropped Youngjae but keeping Kihyun. :) Please delete him for me
PeachyYeohae 1 week ago
Hello I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to have a second character, lol thankful all my tests and exams are over and I have nothing going on right now.
Also can Imjin please be taken off of hiatus, I'm sorry I wasn't able to say it sooner.
vendettahenry 1 week ago
please add and reserve nam joohyuk please
sungrae 1 week ago
leaving as wooseok, keeping haneul
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