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♡ yoo kihyun 3 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Hm...maybe. That sounds like a wonderful idea
*flushes when you point out my current state*
Well yeah, Xukun. I want you so bad. Of course I'm going to be. I'm practically about to explode with how much I want you.
*moans as you me and rocks my hips forward. Lightly digs my nails into your back as your rubs against me and between my cheeks*
Please....xu, please me already. I want you so bad. Please
[H] ★ cai xukun 3 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun Maybe.. we should just give in? Let our mind become a blurr~
*leaning back slightly, I can't help but stare down at you with a soft pant. my eyes rake in the flush of your cheeks.. the rise and fall of your chest before finally fallin on your stiff, red length clinging to your abdomen in need*
... You're so hard, Kihyunnie..
*whispers as my hand snakes around the thick length to give it a few small, teasing pumps as I watch your face. my own still pressed against your hole as the underside of my shaft slides up and down past it with each slow roll of my hips*
♡ yoo kihyun 3 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun With each*
♡ yoo kihyun 3 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Nope, it doesn't seem fair at all. How will we fix that?
*smiles and closes my eyes as you kiss me, enjoying the feel of you rubbing my chest which makes the preperation that much easier to deal with*
Hm.... You are right. We are both very lucky to have each other and we will leave it at that
*moans against your lips as you continue to grind into me, the lewd noises becoming more yearning and desperate with forward *
[H] ★ cai xukun 3 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun That doesn't seem fair at all, huh?
*tilts my head as I let out a soft chuckle, my lips moving to return the kiss as one hand casually your stomach to get you accustomed to my touch*
I feel like this will go in a circle-- We're both so lucky to have each other. Sound good?
*smiles as I carefully press my chest to yours, leaving a few kisses all over your jaw and neck only to hum as our lips connect once more. the kiss is gentle but hearing your moan causes my length to twitch, my hips grinding forward harder just to hear more of your sounds*
♡ yoo kihyun 4 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun And I like your lips very much too-- I think it'd be more of a punishment for both of us.
*smiles as you press kisses to my cheek. flushes as you grab my thighs and pull me forward, your grunt causing a fluttering in my stomach*
You... are an.. amazing, wonderful man. And /I/ am lucky to have you.
*leans up and kisses you gently*
You make me feel like I'm the most beautiful man in the world-- like I'm a prize to have, a treasure to protect.
*kisses you again, against your lips as you rock your hips into me*
[H] ★ cai xukun 4 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun Mm, I don't think I could cut back. I love your lips too much.
*leans forward to press a few soft kisses to your cheek, my arms wrapping around your thigh to pull your hips closer to mine only to grunt lightly when my length is trapped against your *
Kihyun.. you're the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I mean it when I say how lucky I am to have you.
*smiles against your lips as I kiss back, leaning forward to keep your body close to mine as my hips rock forward lightly to tease you*
♡ yoo kihyun 4 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Hm.. maybe just a little. You don't have to cut back too much. otherwise I might start whining.
*lays underneath you as you cover above me*
Ideals.. are nice-- rose petals, satin sheets, all of that. but this.. this is real. I much prefer real
*shivers as your hand run down my torso, a trail of goosebumps are left in your wake. shudders slightly and rests my hands against your hips*
You think.. I'm beautiful? Really, truly?
*leans up and kisses you, gently nibbling your lip*
[H] ★ cai xukun 4 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun Aw.. but I like kissing you~ I guess I have to cut back if it shuts off your mind.
*after taking my seat next to you, I can't help but chuckle as our lips meet again. soft pecks soon turn into rough nibbles as I carefully lay you back on the bench and move to rest between your legs*
I know this isn't the ideal setting for our first time but truly? I wouldn't have it any other way.
*smiles down at you as I lay my hands flat on your chest before sliding them all over your torso, feeling every dip and rise of your skin as I groan softly to myself*
Your'e so beautiful..
♡ yoo kihyun 4 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Ahh, well still, I didn't think of that. I can't think clearly when you're kissing me. My mind just kind of shuts off
*grins at you when you confirm that you are marking me*
Good because I like when you mark me
*moans when you bite into my neck, digging my fingertips into your arms*
*breathes out the curse slowly. looks up at you as you pull me to my feet and follows you wherever you decide to leave me. watches as you lay towels onto a bench for us and nods*
Mhmmm, this will definitely work.
*sits on the bench and lightly pulls your head down and captures your lips with my own*
[H] ★ cai xukun 4 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun Heh, even if I did.. I could take care of you until I'm ready again~
*raising my brow at your remark, I simply nod my head before biting down onto your neck hard enough to leave a dark purple mark as my hand continues to pump your length
finally pulling away, I flash you a mischievous grin before standing up and pulling you with me onto your feet and guiding us away from the showers and back towards the locker room to lay a couple towels down on the bench for you*
Does this work, my love?
♡ yoo kihyun 4 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun You're not? Good, I wouldn't want this to go by too quickly and end too soon.
*gasps when you suddenly grasp my length. whimpers softly before letting out a low moan against your lips. kisses you passionately until you pull back and start to kiss my neck. tilts my head to the side to give you more access and rocks my hips forward*
mm... are.. you marking me, Xu?
[H] ★ cai xukun 4 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun *looking down at you, I can't help but smirk at the sight. so sinful, yet innocent. quietly, I lean down to capture your swollen lips in a rough kiss, my hand sliding down between your legs to wrap around your length and give it a few rough tugs*
I'm not close baby..
*pulls back to cover your neck in kisses, roughly nipping at the skin as I try to calm down and focus on your pleasure instead*
♡ yoo kihyun 4 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun *groans softly around your length when I hear you moan my name, enjoying the sound of each syllable as it leaves your lips in such a sinful way. moves my head in the way that you want, following your guidance as you tug my hair and guide me by pushing the back of my head. gasps softly as I pull back after you've held my head down for a few seconds. looks up at you, my lips swollen and wet from you off*
I... don't want you to come.. yet
*clears my throat softly*
I want you, Xukun. I want you so bad.
[H] ★ cai xukun 4 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun *the feeling of your fingers gliding over my skin cause my eyes to flutter shut as I focus on the feeling alone. staring into your eyes and seeing such sinful actions would surely bring me to a premature peak. instead my fingers lightly tug at your hair to guide you on a slow pattern as you swallow my length so carefully*
*your name falls from my lips with a soft moan as my tip hits the back of your throat, causing my hips to naturally buck before holding you down on every last inch for a few seconds before pulling back with a soft pant*
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun *lightly rubs my hands against your stomach, my thin fingers grazing the peaks and valleys of your abdomen.
groans softly around your length from the sound of your own grunts, groans, and moans.
gags slightly when you push deeper in my mouth but opens my throat a little more to be able to take more of you, swallowing back the gag reflex the best I can. nods slightly when you ask if I can take all of you, not attempting to speak because I know it wouldn't even sound recognizable with you in my mouth. I lean my head forward, pushing past the reflex, and takes you fully in my mouth for a few seconds before pulling back again*
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun I'm sure we'll find something, Kihyunnie..
*groans softly from all the attention, only to reach down and take your hand to place it flat on my stomach instead, preferring the attention to my torso as my hips continue to rock forward into your mouth with small grunts*
*moans out as I carefully hold your head still, making it easier to into your mouth before pushing deeper to allow my tip to lightly nudge at your throat*
Can you take it all, baby?
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun That's... a good point. I guess I could let you go from behind just this once if we don't find a bench.
*rests the flat of my tongue against the underside of your and lowers my head slowly as you buck your hips, taking more of you in my mouth.
my head bobs along your length, puckering my lips to make it a tighter fit for you. my free hand slips between your legs and massages your balls*
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun True.. very true.
*bites my lip as I gently tug at your hair, exhaling when I feel your warm cavern around my length as my hips buck lightly out of reflex*
Mm, of course. I just don't think us laying on the floor is a good idea and holding you up against the wall will take away all my energy~ Maybe... we can find a bench?
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Hm... Even more reason for me to do it then, huh?
And.. I'd much rather look into your eyes while you take me..if that's okay of course
*closes my eyes as you thread your fingers in my hair. Flicks my tongue against the slit and around the rim before taking the head of your in my mouth. Gently you, taking my time as I begin to lightly*
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun I don't think I'd ever get any work done around the house if you did that-
*groans loudly and presses closer*
Mm.. because how can I fill that pretty mouth when I'm too busy taking you from behind?
*smirks only to bite my lip as you drop to your knees, both hands instantly reaching out to run my fingers through your hair*'
Oh ..
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Ohhhh.. Well, i do think that could be arranged
*moans as you dig your nails into my skin. Lwans in and whispers in your ear*
Why cover it when you can fill it?
*bites your ear, rolling my hips forward as you me. I pull back from you and slip to my knees. Lightly your and leans in to kiss it, resting my tongue against the tip*
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun Sounds good to me.
*laughs softly and leans back slightly to look up at you*
I meant around the house, Kihyunnie~
*digs my nails into your skin as I pull your body up against mine with a low growl*
How about I cover your mouth, hm? I could do that for you.
*smirks and slides a hand between our bodies to your length slowly, biting my lip as I watch you*
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun His music is like rnb pop. If you like that style, you will like him
*flushes when you tell me i would look better all day every day*
But would you really want people to see me ? I should only be for your eyes only after all
*moans when you grind and roll into my hips. Whines softly*
Being quiet has never really been a strong suit for me.
*mumbles softly*
But right now you keep so you make it hard for me to say no
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun /I'm sure I will if you like him.
*pulls back for a moment, admiring the water dripping down your body before flashing you a small smirk*
It's because I think you'd look better . All day, every day.
*grinds my hips against yours, groaning softly as I feel my blood rushing south*
Doors locked.. we can pull the curtain. You'll just have to be quiet~
*chuckles lightly as I roll my hips against yours slowly*
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun Sure, love. We can. You might like him.
*hums softly, letting out a soft groan from the heat of the water*
You are the best for helping me get undressed
*moans softly as you squeeze my and I tilt my head for you*
Xuxu, we are in public.. What if someone hears us?
*presses myself into you anyway and lightly grips your back*
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun Ohhh~ We should listen to that later, hm?
*smiles as I follow you under the stream of water, pulling my own shirt off before pushing the swimming trunks down and kicking them to the side*
I'm the best? At what, my love.
*chuckles as my hands move to your , giving each cheek a firm squeeze as my lips move to attack your neck once more*
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun He's a singer. He has a song called all of me. That's what I was referring to.
*closes my eyes as you kiss my neck and collarbone*
Mm... You are the best.. Thank you, handsome
*kisses your lips and steps under the water*
[H] ★ cai xukun 5 months ago
@♡ yoo kihyun John.. Legend? Who's that.
*laughs softly as I move to press kisses all along your neck and collarbone before moving to your chest as my fingers work on untying your shorts to let them fall to the ground*
You're welcome, beautiful~
♡ yoo kihyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ cai xukun *smiles softly*
Should I call you John Legend from now on?
*wraps my arms around your neck after you pull off my shirt*
Mm... Thank you, lovie


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xicewolf 2 months ago
Jongup's finally leaving. Thanks for the memories.
coffeesthetic 3 months ago
felix is leaving orz
but if the rp ever opens up again, hmu :')
neocultured [A] 3 months ago
So I'll leave as character..but I'll probs stay as an admin.
j-swag 3 months ago
i was wondering if the reservation for park jimin has ended? if not, i can pick someone else.
wassowasso 3 months ago
so jinyoung and hyungwon are leaving bUT
let me know if you guys revamp/open a new rp
thank you so much for the lovely memories and take care of yourselves < 3
Top_Daddy 4 months ago
Sen is leaving unfortunately
choibaby 4 months ago
lost my muse. ill be taking my leave
xuxiii 4 months ago
♡ ♡
chankyu10 4 months ago
cole sprouse taking my leave
BASELINE 4 months ago
I'm sorry but jeonghan has left, i lost my muse for him ;;
thanks for having me though and good luck!! <3
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