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★ jamie 4 days ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Jamie bit on his lower lip not to grin too wide at the other's comment about seeing him . If he denied, he would be big fat liar, if agreeing, he'd seem just too eager and thus Jamie wittily shrugged his shoulder, the glass rim of the shot placed on his lips as he took a sip, his eyes fixated on his companion as he took off his jacket. "Maybe I like the suspension~" in a subtle flirtatious hint, Jamie hummed, watching how the other ing his shirt, eyes lingering on the bruises on his knuckles still, for once feeling kind of..concerned? He couldnt read the feeling. He simply and shamelessly shook his head when the other asked if it was enough and nodded ahead of him motioning that the other should stand in front of him for a better and full view. "Curious? Seeing someone has ink down to their fingers makes you wonder about the whole picture, no?" He took a gulp of his drink and could feel the alcohol hitting his body slowly.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 4 days ago
@★ jamie [h] It seemed that he missed the shot of truth this time though he couldn't help wondering how long would he be able to keep it up. Honestly, he would have blurted out the violent actions he did awhile ago with much ease if it just weren't for the fact that he didn't exactly know 'why' he would do such a thing. It's not like he was some deranged fool who was bloodthirsty though that would have been a better reason than what he said earlier to the stranger. Forcing a couch to push aside his thoughts, he cocked an eyebrow at the male's uncanny dare. "If you want to see me , just say so. Don't make it too taxing by undressing me piece by piece," he kidded in a tone of pure mischief before casually taking off his coat and placing it between them. Afterwards, he tugged his bow-tie from its loop and slowly ed his shirt, revealing his historical ink underneath. "Will this show be enough? Why do you even want to see them?" he asked as he tilted to his side to face the male.
★ jamie 4 days ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Standing his grounds, Jamie watched how the other seated himself down, his frown not easing away at the other's response. After taking a second or two just looking at the other drinking, Jamie approached the other and plopped down by his side, taking the glass in his hands and taking a large gulp, any thought of not getting drunk for thenight now was thrown off the rooftop they are at. "Show me your tattoos." Bluntly after few seconds of silence, Jamie gave his dare, not quite caring if it might be cold for the other to show his tattoos. Its only them after all now, what dares should they be giving and recieving. He took another gulp of his drink and looked at the other expectantly.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 5 days ago
@★ jamie [h] Despite being situated within the borders of the city, the rooftop was fresher and breezier contrary to his expectation. But that good thought quickly left when he heard the question of the male as he sat down comfortably on the cement and rested his back by the large block of ventilator. "As far as I know, I haven't chosen truth between truth or dare yet," he curtly said whilst pouring a reasonable amount in each their glass and drinking it by the second it was filled. "In any case, I would have picked dare."
★ jamie 5 days ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Being totally oblivious to whatever was going on, Jamie tapped hsi fingers on the table as he waited for the other's sign to get up and out. His blinking eyes followed how the other took a bottle and two glasses for them, just then that his focus was in his hands did the customer see the bruises on his knuckles. He watched the other closely, up and down his figure as he got off the stool, wondering what the other had done, for once fear creeping to his chest that night, walking after the guy almost warily as he was in deep thoughts. Was it safe to be with the other? Was the other deciving him? Was this the scene from the movie when the girl gets allured to be alone with the seriel killer? But being created as machines after all, Jamie thought nothing can really go wrong and even if, he needed some real events and actions in his boring life. He followed the other up to the rooftop, the breeze making him shudder almost visibly, looking down again at the other's hands before impulsively and boldly- or stupidly if he was proven wrong- asked the other. "What did you do? Why your knuckles are bruised?" He teared his gaze from the other's knuckles up to his green eyes, anticipatingly, his eyebrows knotted together beneath his short bangs.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 5 days ago
@★ jamie [h] To Stephen's luck, the male seemed to be less aware of his surrounding and disposition by now as evident with the way he hadn't noticed his bruised knuckles and agreed to come out this hellhole. He thought there would've been more of a fight to go together in a less crowded place but he couldn't have been any more pleased that the latter wasn't being a smart right then and there. "I'll take a bottle and this—," he told the bartender and grabbed two wine glasses behind the counter. Luckily, again, the bartender was spooked enough to see his bloodied fists to argue with him. "Let's go," he called his companion as he made his way out the place and right away to the rooftop of the building. Well, there's a saying 'hide under someone's nose until they sniff you out which is highly unlikely' or that was just his own rendition, but he had commendable skills in avoiding authority so if he believed the rooftop was the safest place to be then so be it.
★ jamie 5 days ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Once his bottom was rested on the stool, Jamie raised a brow at the other's response and how hurriedly he excused himself, his eyes following his figure till it disappeared into the crowd toward the restroom but didnt put much thought into it other than the other probably needed the restroom asap. Jamie got his drink refilled as he waited for the other to come back, wondering if he should drink this shot since he already drank a lot according to his tolerance but he pushed the thought aside, could care less, as he sipped on the new shot. Jamie looked around the place then back at the boyfriend, nodding through slight shrug of a shoulder. "Sure...? I dont see why not." He nodded again in confirmation, more confidentally as he gulped down the rest of his shot and squeezed his eyes tight, deciding not to take more as this shot might get him slightly tipsy in a few. The quicker he leave, the lesser chance to bump into the man he just danced with who lay in the restroom beaten up much to Jamie's unawareness.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 5 days ago
@★ jamie [h] Amusement was very apparent in his visage as he shooed the male away for his dare, intent on watching his every move and step; however the mirth did not last long as it was quickly replaced with disdain when he saw the male beckon to the guy that helped him beforehand. It was unlike his character to discern any kind of emotion aside nonchalance and amusement outside his boyfriend duties but that was a thought to be discussed later in his slumber as he watched his companion blatantly acting sultry with another man. His frown only marred his visage further when he saw the latter being harassed by the stranger. ing hell. Despite schooling his expression to nonchalance when he saw his companion returning to his post, the anger dwelling in his core was no laughing matter. "I suppose," he answered curtly as he downed his whole drink and excused himself for the comfort room when he saw the male his acquaintance danced with earlier entered the same room. It was unapparent for Stephen why he was compelled to beat this young up, but it seemed like the best reason he could come up to after the latter asked him was— "Because I am the only one who can mess with him!" After a few minutes, he went back to the bar and joined the male. Clearing his throat, he called the bartender to refill his drink before looking straightly at the latter. "Say, why don't we get out and up this truth or dare more?" he asked, not really in the mood to be hauled away when someone finds out about the beaten man he stashed in the stall. Besides he had already graced the event for more than an hour, he supposes that would be enough to appease the factory.
★ jamie 5 days ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Jamie followed the bigger guy's gaze toward the dance floor, his eyes widening slightest bit, mentally chanting 'dont', looking back at the boyfriend and making a slight face when he dared him to dance. "Really now? Sing and dance? Coming out with best of it for yourself, huh?" He shook his head, gazing at the dance floor again and deciding if he is dancing might as well dance with a partner to look less stupid. He got off the stool and went over the dance floor, wondering how to get a dance partner. In the past it wasnt an issue but he must have lost his charm. Just on that thought, his eyes fell on the guy he helped him down the stage, he held back a smirk and instead putted on a smile as he made his way up to him. The watching eyes of the other could see the customer closing the gap between himself and the other male and talking to him, a hand on the man's chest and slyly drawing patterns before a grin show on the man's face that had his arms circling the tall but lanky customer. Jamie took the other's guidance, following his steps and dancing to the music, the other must havefelt his hesitation that his hands lowered down to his buttcheeks, pressing him closer and letting Jamei's hips sway with the other, their bodies moving together as one. Jamie acted along, wrapping his arms around the man's neck that was similar in height, letting the other whisper into his ear and he had to hold back from making a face at the but one word the other mentioned that completely would have turned him off if he was seriously interested. When his was d is when Jamie knew he had to free himself. He told the other that he is with a friend and he had to promise him, however, to leave together for him to let him go, which surely wont happen. The man leaned down to his neck, Jamie flinching, his eyes looking toward the table he was at with the boyfriend when the man kissed his neck goodbye, for now. Jamie cringed and patted the other's chest, before excusing himself and walk back to the table, hurriedly once he was out the crowd and shuddering as he rubbed at his neck thats still tingling from the man's kss. "Enjoyed the new show just as much?" Jamie rolled his eyes referring to singing and now dancing, sitting down on the stool again and wiggling his empty glass for more.
★ kim minjae 6 days ago
@♡ andré hamann Sipping his morning coffee, his legs crossed as she scrolled through his emails, the usual morning routine for this young heir. Besides that, something interesting for him was coming. The 'boyfriend' he had ordered was scheduled to come today. This boyfriend would just be someone that he brings to corporate parties and hopefully it will stay as business as it gets. Not that Minjae could not get an actual boyfriend and fall inlove, but It was just a hassle and his parents had harrassed him enough. An online ordered boyfriend it is. Hearing the door bell ring, He snapped back to reality,pushing himself off the high stool, sauntering towards the door. Minjae opened the door, revealing a very handsome, tall and toned looking man. He scanned the man infront of him from head to toe. 'This will do.' He nodded his head before signing the contracts and all that. "Come in." His lips finally curled into a smile, asking the other to come into his apartment. "I'm Minjae, Nice to meet you. So, I guess, You're my boyfriend?" He introduced himself, though unsure at the end.
♡ andré hamann 6 days ago
@★ kim minjae Green eyes attached to the changing numbers displayed on the small digital screen, André stayed unmoving and hardly acknowledging the presence of the worker who was accompanying him on his important journey. He wasn't sure if he was getting bought or going only for some promotion trial but that didn't matter to him, his approach to each and every new customer was unchanging.
As the beep of the elevator announced the stop at the very top floor, André looked forward to what's behind the opened elevator door and left the small elevator space after the worker who was in charge. André merely waited for the other to locate the right door and ring its doorbell to let the apartment owner know his delivery arrived.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 1 week ago
@★ jamie [h] A relieved sigh slipped past his lips upon seeing the male withdrew his request though his eyebrow lifted in curiously when it seemed like the latter checked out a picture in his phone. Well, it was impossible that it was the fiasco earlier so he dropped the subject off instead focused on coming up with a better dare by scanning the room. Suddenly, he remembered the male gazing over the dance floor earlier. Right. “Since you’ve already sang, I dare you to dance in the middle of the crowd,” he said whilst still looking at the dance floor, a crazed half-smirk surfacing over his visage, before he glanced back at his companion. “Give us a great show.”
★ chae hyungwon 1 week ago
@★ lee jongsuk [sh] Hearing that the latter had the same reaction towards the party, Hyungwon snickered and took the glass that he just offered and had a sip. "Well, same goes for me. I'm itching to go home, to be honest, but the editor-in-chief just won't let me, and even said that I'd be in for a surprise." He said, not really piqued about the surprise as he wants to really be home and just get that needed sleep of his. As the other excused himself, Hyungwon then found himself being summoned by the very editor himself in one of the rooms that he probably booked.

Proceeding to the top floor where a Presidential suite is, Hyungwon knocked on the door and was greeted by the man who called for his presence. Though he wanted to refuse initially, he thought it would reflect bad on his career, making him think twice and just go, after all, this might be another project that he'll be tasked to take on and he'll gladly do so as he needs more to take his mind off some stuff. After being asked to sit down the couch, he sat down properly and waited for the latter to speak, but instead of that, the editor sat down beside him, leaving a few inches of distance between them, making him feel uncomfortable but decided to speak against it.

"You know, Hyungwon, you're one of my favorite models to ever come and model for our magazine. And despite the secret that I'll reveal tonight, you'd still be my favorite and go to." He said, obviously tipsy. Being alert, he moved back and felt his skin prickle in panic upon feeling that arm rest against his lower back, making him realize that he can't move back any further. Giving a modest smile, Hyungwon bowed politely. "No need to say those words, Sir. I'm truly grateful to be under your care, and I'll continue feeling so as it had helped my career as well." He said softly and was about to excuse himself when he felt the man touch his cheek, his words babbling about how he likes and /wants/ him. "Sir, I think it's best if you rest here first, I'll just go to the bathroom to freshen up." Standing up immediately, Hyungwon rushed to the bathroom and locked the door, waiting for a few minutes before deciding to go out, but even before he could do so, he heard some sort of an argument, making him peek through the door as he opened it a bit--- a decision he wished he never made as he witness something horrendous unfolding right before his eyes.
★ chae hyungwon 1 week ago
@★ kim namjoon [sh] Glaring at Namjoon and trying to collect himself, he lets out a deep breath and hits his arm. "Stop teasing me. I did not see anyone, okay? No one was there." He retaliated just so to have him stop teasing him because if there is one thing Hyungwon can't stand, it's this, people teasing him endlessly. Huffing softly, he crossed his arms over his chest after placing on his seatbelt. "It's good. I was just playing with my dog earlier, and now I feel annoyed because of what you did, but food can fix everything. Can we stop by Mcdonalds before going to our shoot? I'm hungry." He said, glancing at the latter as he drove to the photo studio they are going to
★ lee jongsuk [sh] [A] 1 week ago
@★ chae hyungwon Jongsuk was gone for no more than a couple of minutes, two glasses in his hands when he returned, handing one to the other with a soft smile. " It's pretty boring, if you ask me. The typical stuff." The male answered with a shrug of his shoulders, looking around discreetly searching for someone in particular. " Mm, no idea. I'm hoping to find out the details tonight. I'm quite impatient, to be honest." Jongsuk took a sip of his drink, locking in his targets of the night, taking notice of all of them, the spot in the room perfect for observation and the chat with Hyungwon was giving him a great cover. Everything was going according to the plan.
Minutes passed and they kept talking about different subjects, the older frequently checking the time. Hyungwon was great company, he was smart and had pretty strong opinions, it was truly nice to chat with him but Jongsuk had to move. He was all alone and with multiple targets that night, he had to take them down one by one. " I'm sorry to interrupt you but I have to go. I'm supposed to meet someone in five minutes. But it was an honor to meet you, Hyungwon-ah. I hope you'll enjoy the party." And with that he turned around, confident steps leading him out of the event room. He had booked one room under another identity where he kept all the needed tools for tonight's mission. There were five men that knew about the boyfriends and could stop the magazine from going public. It was going to be difficult.
It was close to midnight and Jongusk found himself on the last floor of the hotel, walking down the long corridors, eyes glancing at each of the doors' number, looking for one in particular where his last target would be: the main editor of the magazine, an old scandalous man with a known history of ual harassment. A man who deserved what was coming for him, Jongsuk believed, a self-comforting mechanism that developed after years of taking people' lives with his own hands, some guilty, some just collateral victims.
He stopped in front of the door, standing tall and with his guard up as he knocked. Nothing. He knocked a second and third time and insisted, loud bangs in the door until finally the sound of the door unlocking was heard and soon Jongsuk was face to face with his victim who had confusion and annoyance written all over his face.
★ jamie 1 week ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Jamie watched the guy, knowing exactly that the other would definitely refuse and he could tell so from his body and flashing red his ears suddenly turned to be. Instead of capturing the cute act the other was putting up second ago, having his camera on still and his phone still up, Jamie cheekily took a picture of the current state of the other finding it the more adorable and genuine. "Fine fine~" He shook his head as he checked the picture before he quickly lean his back backwatf and riase his hips off the stool to shove his phone into his back pocket. "I'll go with dare." He hummed, taking a note of how the other's voice sounded, wondering what would the other dare him this time.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 1 week ago
@★ jamie [h] Had he been not warned to disrupt the event with irrelevant violence, he would have plowed the table in half with his palm out of chagrin; but, he knew better than be placed under probation so he kept his emotions intact and reminded himself that it was only for a /game/. Nevertheless, his reddening ears failed to keep his embarrassment out of the view. Hopefully, the male wasn't that bright to figure that out or least he brush it off as a meager reaction from the room's heat (which was highly unlikely as much as he hate to admit). "No way. Once is enough, any more is too much and cheating. We can't have the same dares all over again," he said whilst earnestly shaking his head sideways. "Now, now. It's my turn. Truth or dare?" Mischief dripped all over his voice as he asked the young male.
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 week ago
@★ chae hyungwon ((OOFFF I SWEAR I THOUGH I REPLIED!!!))

Namjoon laughed at the other at how flushed he was as he ran to his car and couldnt help but laugh at his whining. "Hey who told you to go and knock on a strangers window!!! was he at least cute?" he teased more before he started driving the way that the GPS was telling him finding it rather really fun to tease the other. He smiled along the way. "So how was your day hyungwon-ahh?"
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 week ago
@♡ im jino ᵃⁿᵈʳᵒᶦᵈ - as i stood there my eyes widened slightly the more I listened. I frowned deeply in thought as I took a look around before choking on a gasp as I stumbled back and hit the wall of the building, making a loud noise. -
- I cursed under my breath before panicking slightly tucking in my feet so I am well hidden behind the trash -
- Just then i tugged on the strings of my hoodie so my face wouldn’t be seen but I made the fatal error of wheribg the pink shoes you got me for Christmas, if I ran it would be obvious but maybe... they just think I am a stray cat in the dumpster. My eyes widened before playing the audio of a cat meowing in hopes to convince just a bit more-
♡ im jino ᵃⁿᵈʳᵒᶦᵈ 1 week ago
@♡ kim minsung Errand? Like?
"I have another op i need you to handle- remember the informant? Yeah him; lay him out and dispose of the body. 5 grand in cash after"
-i stood there and listened to the job that wasn't new but this time it wasn't what i had in mind-
Actually..i came to tell you- I'm not doing this anymore...i have family and i have to take care of-
"What did i tell you jino? The only way out of this is in a body bag..do you want that? Or should i go for that pretty little of yours hm? He'd make a good pet"
-my arms visibly tense as i shift ready to land one of his jaw-
"Do the errand and come back- i was gonna give you some "powder " too bro..i heard you robots actually get high off that stuff"
★ chae hyungwon 1 week ago
@★ kim namjoon [sh] [] issa fine. kinda cute. tbh.

Frowning upon not getting a response from Namjoon as he knocked still from the window of the driver's side of the car, he was about to shout at him when he heard that honk from a car nearby and almost in sync, a different man popped the window down from where he's knocking, making him immediately back away and blush deeply in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, it's the wrong car. . ." He hurriedly ran over to Namjoon's car and got inside. "I swear to God, you'll be dead later. . ." He muttered under his breath as he placed his seat belt on. "What was that for? A man popped the window open from that one, it's so embarrassing!" Hyungwon retaliated and huffed, a soft pout forming on his lips after typing in at Namjoon's built-in GPS the address of the studio they're supposed to go to, still feeling a bit sulky that Namjoon pulled that prank on him.
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 week ago
@★ chae hyungwon Namjoon smirked she pulled into the parking lot. He blinked as he saw Hyungwon knocking on a car and had to but his lips to not to laugh loudly. He honked his horn to catch his attention as he waved for him to come over not exactly sure who the other was talking to. He smiled watching him as he unlocked his doors while waiting for the other to come in while watching his reaction.

(Hehe I’m so mean))
★ chae hyungwon 1 week ago
@★ kim namjoon [sh] Heading down and deciding to wait by the parking lot just outside of the apartment complex where visitors can park their cars, Hyungwon waited for the other until he saw a car coming in. Ducking down a bit to see if it was indeed Namjoon, he squints his eyes but to no avail, still sees nothing. Shaking his head, he walked to the car that just parked and knocked at the driver side's window. "Namjoon? Is that you?" Hoping it was him since it will be such an embarrassment if it wasn't, something that Hyungwon doesn't really want to deal with at the moment.
★ kim namjoon [sh] 2 weeks ago
@★ chae hyungwon Namjoon let out a rather loud sigh as his last set of paperwork after his meeting was finally finsihed. He looked at the date and tome and chuckled as he remembered his “photo shoot” with his new friend. Smiling as he received the text from the devil himself he grinned as he got up. He had just enough to jump in the shower in his own suit before he had to rush to pick the others up. As soon as he got out of the shower he texted the other to let him know he would be picking him up in 20 minutes. That would give him enough time to get dressed and drive to the others place. He picked out one of his black pants along with his black turtle neck and his Ling white coat before he rushed to the others palce pleased with his he looked.
★ chae hyungwon 2 weeks ago
@★ kim namjoon [sh] Finally getting around his week, Hyungwon remembered about a photo shoot he's supposed to have today with a very special guest. Glancing at the clock, he noticed that it just hit 1:00 pm and he still has ample time to get ready. Preparing his backpack, he then proceeded to take a shower and place on his usual garb of turtle neck sweatshirt, pants, long coat, and sneakers. Sitting on the couch, he then texts a number familiar to him by now and says he's ready to be picked up since the latter said that the last time they saw each other.
★ jamie 2 weeks ago
@♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Jamie bit on his lip, still in probably failed trials to hold his laughter or even smile especially when the other looked caught off guard by the dare, proud of the reaction he pulled out of the other. "Dead serious." Nodding in confirmation, Jamie watched with anticipation what the other would do to be cute, somehow taking a note of what the other might find cute as well. "Dunno, Im not the cute one here. Cuteness isnt my thing." He pursed his lips with a shrug, not putting much effort to hide his playfullness as he just called the other guy the cute between them. With expressionless face at first, Jamie didnt expect such act, he was expecting more of embarrassing and cringy cuteness but he was impressed by what the other did, actually finding it adorable indeed, especially with how supposedly intimidating the other look, his lips stretch into wide cheeky grin as he cant hold a coo passing his smile, taking his phone out quickly to take a picture but the other dropped the action making Jamie gasp. "Hey! Do it again. Lemme save it. We arent continuing this game without saving this historical moment!" He urged, shaking his head stubbornly and look at the other expectantly.
♡ stephen jamesᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 2 weeks ago
@★ jamie [h] Stephen merely scoffed in amusement of the man's pride and was about to down his shot in one go had it not been for the proposal of an uncanny dare. He nearly coughed at that instance but he forced the drink down before anything of the such happened. "Are you serious?" he asked in pure curiosity and disbelief before a quiet chuckle reverberated in his throat. Damn, who would have thought of that. Last time he played this game, he ended up hogtied and receiving ual pleasure, not this impending embarrassment. In spite of his inner complaints, he thought hard of what to show to the man, after all, he hadn't acted cute since his birth. Perhaps, when he was owned but that was all for naught. "How do they even do this?" he muttered under his breath as he mimicked a /supposedly/ adorable action he watched from the television— his fingers doing the famous heart thing whilst he winked and smirked. He tried to hold the pose for a solid five seconds but it was to no avail. 'Cute' wasn't really his asset. "Forget I did that. Let's move on. Truth or dare?" he asked rather hurriedly, trying to bury his chagrin by drinking what's left of his glass.
★ kim namjoon [sh] 2 weeks ago
@♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ -chuckles at your reaction and your hopeful eyes and nods leaning down pecking your forehead nodding-
Hmm really hyunjinnie
-chuckles softly and nods-
Then you’ll have to stick by me like this if you want to be happy hmm!!
Hmm we’ll come across how when we do hyunnie
-softens and hugs you to my side-
If they did that hyunjinnie.. then I’m glad.. because they shouldn’t come to you or want you just for Hyunjin.. even if you are an incubus
-chuckles and nods-
Hmm well start slow and we’ll get there
♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ 2 weeks ago
@★ kim namjoon [sh] really? i immediately look up at with you slightly hopeful eyes.
i'm very very happy, hyung. just being by your side and talking with you makes me happy, heh.
how would you spoil me though hehe.
well, i'm not really sure i'm good at it ,, maybe that's why i only get taken for trial sessions but no customer ever buys me ,,
i'm open to learning anything and everything, though !!
★ kim namjoon [sh] 2 weeks ago
@♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ Hmm forever sounds just perfect incubie~ it’s not long enough to me
Hmm spoiling my incubus.. sounds good to me.. realy hyunjinnie? Are you really happy? Although I haven’t done anything for you??
-smiles as I feel you rubbing my skin smiling lovingly-
Hmm I guess you got the profession of covered jinnie.. I’ll teach other things~


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