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★ nam joohyuk 5 months ago
+he then arrived at the park, parking his car on the side and getting off with a small sigh of content, the place is nice but though is surrounded by people he still don't know+
[H] ★ kim youngkwang 5 months ago
@♡ lee howon /looks at the carrier and chuckles/ naah, i think she is all good. /looks back at you, smiling and walks slightly/ so, shall we start our walk around this park?
[H] ♡ lee howon 5 months ago
@[H] ★ kim youngkwang Takes the leash with a broad, bright smile, nodding softly
I certainly don't mind. She's a peach--
Straightens up, holding the leash tight in my hand and peering over your shoulder to take in the sight of the cat in her carrier, and chuckling a little bit. I'm surprised by the sight, but it's still a pleasant one, enjoying the fact that she enjoys coming out too. Hums, taking a few steps and letting the pup lead me to the grass, watching it sniff around.
It's not often you see cats out in the open, so I bet she was excited to get out, especially on a nice day like this...
[H] ★ kim youngkwang 5 months ago
@♡ lee howon /smiles widely when you cooed at my dog and squads down to put my dog on a leash and gives it to you/ i hope that you don't mind to bring my dog a walk. /points my index finger to a bag behind me/ my cat is on my back, inside her carrier. i cannot put her on a leash today because she ran all over the places inside my house before we went out. /chuckles softly and stands up/
[H] ♡ lee howon 5 months ago
@[H] ★ kim youngkwang Lounging and watching the people playing on the water, I slowly smoke, taking deep drags from my vape and letting the pure white clouds of cotton candy smoke float away without a care in the world. It isn't until I see you that I set the lock and tuck it away in my pocket, smiling brightly.
Hey-- Look at this pretty baby-- Ohhh...
Coos, kneeling down to introduce myself to your dog first, all smiles.
♡ felix leeʷᵒˡᶠ 5 months ago
@kim jungwoo Felix shook his head lightly, "Ah, no. I was just out on a walk, but the lights were too pretty to ignore." he replied, lips curling up into a smile, his canines showing slightly. He breathed out in content, leaning back against the bench as his eyes scanned the view in front of him once again. "It's really beautiful and all, though I might have to go in a while." Felix told him. "I... only planned to walk around a little and then head back before it gets too dark." he explained, pausing for a moment at the start. He didn't really want to leave yet, the lights fascinated him, but he knew heading home in the dark was such a hassle and he didn't want to experience it again. "How about you? You gonna be here a little longer?"
[H] ★ kim youngkwang 5 months ago
@♡ lee howon /walks on a ready-path near the lake with my dog, mona and my cat that is inside her carrier travel bag until i found you sitting on a bench/ hey!
[H] ♡ lee howon 5 months ago
Sits on a bench in the shade to wait for a familiar face to come closer
★ kim jungwoo 5 months ago
@felix lee Jungwoo couldn't help but smile as the other spoke, he had a very soothing voice, but with a hint of energy behind it. "Ah, nice to meet you Felix". Now he was a little confused, since Felix was an English name, but he thought maybe the other just changed it, or it's a nickname. Or maybe he's just not originally from Korea, but he wasn't going to ask, since they only just met. "oh, no. I'm just here for the lights, I had a busy day today so I thought I could use a little break, and experience this. Since I don't normally get to." He smiled warmly at the other. "What about you? Are you here for just the lights? Or are you waiting for someone?" He chuckled softly.
♡ felix leeʷᵒˡᶠ 5 months ago
@kim jungwoo Felix had eventually given his attention to the lights again, the sounds of couples and happy families lingers in his ears, making him smile a little. When the other beside him spoke, he jumped a bit, forgetting that someone had been sitting next to him the whole time. "A-ah, it's okay, don't worry about it. I-I'm Felix." he stumbles over his words a bit, but manages to give the other a proper introduction and a brighter smile. "Anything you're here for besides the pretty lights?"
★ kim jungwoo 5 months ago
@felix lee Jungwoo thanked the other and sat down. He looked around at all the light around him, and the people. He would like to go walking around, but he also just got here from work so he needed to give his legs a break for a couple of minutes. He let out a breath and got his phone out, and took the camera app out and started taking pictures of the lights from where he was. Once he started looking through the pictures he took, he smiled. Then remember the person beside him. "Oh, sorry. I hope I'm not being too much of a bother. My name is Jungwoo..."
♡ felix leeʷᵒˡᶠ 6 months ago
@kim jungwoo Felix couldn't keep himself still today. The sun was already setting and he still wanted to head out. A little exploring at night wouldn't hurt, wouldn't it?
Slipping into one of his black hoodies, he makes his way out, letting his feet take him wherever it called them to. The park comes into view, several lights catching his eyes and reflecting against them. With curiosity leading his steps, he walks among the bright displays along the pathways, some laid out on the grass. People started crowding, however, and he didn't want to get stuck in between all of them. Felix spotted an unoccupied bench and made his way to it, breathing out in content as he sat down. Even from his place, the lights were still in complete view, still bright and pretty. He had considered leaving to walk around some more until he saw someone's faint shadow in front of him, hearing a voice asking him if he could sit. Felix smiled back, nodding. "It's alright."
★ kim jungwoo 6 months ago
@felix lee It’s been a long day for Jungwoo, he’s had a very busy, and eventful day for sure. So he was really happy to be able to relax for a while and go visit the light festival that was being held in the city park tonight. He’s heard a lot about it but he’s never gone out of his way to go, since most of the time he’s busy, so being out like this was pretty rare. Be he thinks he deserves a bit of a break. So here he is, it’s about 5-6 pm a lot of people are here already, but he spots a bench, with just another person sitting there. So he walks over. “Um, hello. Would it be alright if I sit beside you...?” He asks politely with a small warm smile
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@★ wang junkai /his hand stretch to grasp the younger hesitant one, guiding them to rest atop the keyboard before releasing his grip then nodded at the male/
Since this is your first day, how about simple chords?
Here. This is C chord.
/he explains pressing the four key needed to play to create that string of sounds, he does it again at a much slower pace so it would be easier for the younger to understand/
Again. /he presses the same keys again/
Give it a try.
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun *he stares at the movements of the other kids who went first*
*looks at Kangjun with a smile as he taught the others with patience*
*carefully, hs gets up when it's his turn and goes to sit in the empty spot by Kangjun*
*lightly, he ran his fingers against the smooth surface of the keys and smiled*
*he presses down on a key to test it and looked at Kangjun*
I will try my best to learn
[post deleted by owner]
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@★ wang junkai []That's quite all right, angel. No need to sweat it.

/the room is filled by the haphazard pressing of several piano keys, the excited little girl playing them forgetting about the lesson learnt the previous day but he goes along with her whim accompanying her with a soundless laugh/
/patiently, he teaches them simple chords which could be easily grasped by the young minds he hoped/
All right. Next-
/he beckoned exhaling loudly, exhaustion starting to slow the pace, a light throbbing starting at the back of his head/
Junkai-? Come here.
/his tone is softer than usual as he patted the empty space next to him, for the male still appears much younger than him, in fact they were some kids of his age in the orphanage/
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun (I'm so sorry! I thought I answered T^T)

*nods eagerly and smiles as you said I could join the others*
*sits quietly and waits for my turn as you start the lesson*
*watches carefully and takes note on what you do*
*my fingers moving silently on my lap as I try to memorize the movements as your fingers glinde across the keyboard*
*looks around at all the adorable kids and smiles at how eager they looked to be taught by you.*
[H] ♡ lee howon 6 months ago
Lays back on the grass, taking in the cold night air, crisp and reddening his cheeks, the feeling of blades of grass tickling the backs of his ears, and the thousands of diamonds sparkling overhead all combining to relax him as a whole.
They were all the same in the end.
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@♡ wang junkai If you wish to, then join in. I don't think the kids will mind having another friend to learn along with.
/exhaling loudly, his hands reach out, fingers lightly touching the keys and press a few of them experimentally/
/he smiled a bit at he few melodious notes that drifts in the air then he turns to the girl who'd crouched the closest to him/
Seola, you are first.
Junkai, you are after Hyunjae so stay beside him.
/he points at the kid on the far left before turning his attention back at her/
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun *he follows the kids inside and his eyes wander about the room*
*smiles at how everywhere is filled with small drawings the kids made*
Mhm, okay.
*Junkai set the bag onto an empty table and looks over at the piano*
*quietly sits with the kids as I wonder what your role is in all of this. Taking note of how gentle you are with the kids*
Will you be playing the piano?
*he asked curiously as he noticed the male sitting in front of the piano in the room*
I've always wanted to learn too.
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@♡ wang junkai I guess it's my fault for assuming so.
/doing the slightest of head tilt, the closest to a bow he could muster peering jauntily over his left shoulder/
/he added mutter airily whilst motioning for the kids to enter the room/
The kids seemed to like you, so why not stay to make them happy?
/he shrugged roaming his eyes over the kids then shook his head walking towards the piano at he cracked his knuckles/
/he comfortable flops on the seat, stretching himself a bit with a ramrod back/
You can rest the bag, it's not fragile. Just breads and sweets.
Kids, settle down. I'll call you one by one. Be careful not to push each other or you'll get hurt.
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun *he is quiet as the other speaks and blinks, catching the dull tone in the other's voice*
I'm sorry... I should've made it more clearer as to whom I was.
*he bowed his head slightly to apologize*
If it's too much trouble, I don't mind leaving... I dont want to make it harder on you than it has to be.
*a little girl grabs hold of Junkai's shirt and shook her head, not wanting him to go*
*before Junkai could protest, he was pushed and pulled inside by the other kids*
*junkai stumbled a bit, holding the bag close so it doesnt rip or fall*
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@♡ wang junkai "Teacher, is he your new friend? "
"Can he play with us? "
/he tilted his head in confusion at the badgering of endless questions, no-one seemed to know the younger perhaps he'd been mistaken/
It seems like I made a mistake.
/he slowly raised to stand on his feet, smiling when small fingers wrapped around his and so he nods with a defeated slumping of shoulders/
I apologize for dragging you all the way presume you to be one of them.
You can join in if you wish, the kids seem fond of you.
/he spoke in a dull manner whilst addressing the male then turned to lead the kids inside the music room/
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun *he felt a little sad at the lost of warmth on his hand, but he quickly brushed it off*
*at the sight of kids, a smile formed on his face*
*he smiled at them and gave them a shy wave, since this was the first time Junkai met them, he didnt want to push them*
Piano practice huh? I would love to listen.
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@♡ wang junkai /he draws his hand back to fall limp by his side, a hollow laughter quaking his chest, such a brittle sound when the younger's word resonated clearly with his own, pricking his self-consciousness/
Would it help if I said I was doing an equally awful job?
I ended up being-ah there they are.
/the darkness shadowing his face is lifted upon spotting few kids playing outside the building and he ran briskly walked towards them, kneeling infront of them to level their height so he gets greeted by small arms hugging him/
Hello, brats.
What are you going playing outside during piano practice?
/he playfully tweaked one of the girl's nose, then turned at the younger man who'd helped him carry the bag and gestures for him to join them/
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun *at the squeeze of his hand, Junkai looked at their hands and up to kangjoon's eyes*
I guess that is true... but, it's different if I was created to meet someone's need.
*he lowered his head once more but continued to follow the male*
I must be doing an aweful job if I get ignored and abandoned all the time...
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@♡ wang junkai /a flash of overwhelming emotions flashed on his face, the large lump forming in his throat made it difficult for him to breathe, this familiarity clenched the soft beating organ painfully/
And I was created out of carelessness. So, I was bound to be left behind.
/he smiled at the younger male tenderly, sliding his hand down to clasp the latter's and gave it a little reassuring squeeze/
But you see being alone is better than being around people who can possibly damage you permanently, little one.
Shall we go then?
★ seo kangjoon 6 months ago
@♡ wang junkai /a flash of overwhelming emotions flashed on his face, the large lump forming in his throat made it difficult for him to breathe, this familiarity clenched the soft beating organ painfully/
And I was created out of carelessness. So, I was bound to be left behind.
/he smiled at the younger male tenderly, sliding his hand down to clasp the latter's and gave it a little reassuring squeeze/
But you see being alone is better than being around people who can possibly damage you permanently, little one.
Shall we go then?
♡ wang junkai 6 months ago
@★ seo kangjun Mhm... boyfriend...
*he blinked a bit and nodded his head. Unsure if what he said was anything wrong*
I was created to be someone's companion... but I must be defective ... because I'm always left behind...
*he mumbled and bit his lip, the grip he had on the male's arm loosen a bit*
*he didnt know why he said that to Joon, but it was because all the emotions he had bottled up were seeping out*


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