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★ lee hoseok 1 month ago
@♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ Mm, trust me-- I know you do.
*places a hand on my stomach, moving to lace our fingers together*
Alright, alright~ You win, my love. We will both equally take care of each other!
*smiles at the kiss as I lean down to steal a real kiss*
I'd say you're beautiful and the brightest thing in my life.
♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@♡ yoon jeonghan ᵖᵉᵍᵃˢᵘˢ @♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ Don't worry we're okay Han /he does as he's instructed, holding tight around his neck while trying to hold onto Min properly, the fast speed intimidating at first but he gets use to it and the beautiful scenery begins to calm his nerves/
woah this is...really nice /he mumbles as they see the moon, the stars, shining brighter than before, he makes sure to check on Min, making sure he could see it all/
♡ yoon jeonghan ᵖᵉᵍᵃˢᵘˢ 1 month ago
@♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ /shakes my head and spreads my wings out before flexing it to lift all of us off the ground, doing it as fast as I could for people not to notice us/
'Are you guys okay?'
/sends that message to the two of you whilst in my form/
'I hope you two don't mind the first fast flight, I had to hide within the clouds for people not to see us'
/flies gentler this time and higher until we got to a clearing, showing the moon shining above us, the stars looking closer than before/
'Hold tight around my neck, guys.'
♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@♡ yoon jeonghan ᵖᵉᵍᵃˢᵘˢ @♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ Woah that’s so cool -he mumbles as he watches the transformation while picking up the kitten in his arms- it’ll be fun it won’t be that bad -he hums as he his fur before carefully climbing onto the horse-
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@♡ yoon jeonghan ᵖᵉᵍᵃˢᵘˢ @♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ *blinks a few times before sitting on the ground in my kitten form, my tail swaying behind me as I wait to be lifted, not wanting to get on in my normal form because I would probably panic due to my fear of heights*
♡ yoon jeonghan ᵖᵉᵍᵃˢᵘˢ 1 month ago
@♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ @♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ /takes you both to a hidden spot at the park where trees may hide us/
Okay. Wait up.
/transforms into my pegasus form, lowering my body down the ground so that you two can get on easily/
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@★ lee hoseok Mmh-- rough isn't bad. Sometimes I like it rough~
*purrs out playfully before resting my hand against your lower abdomen, tracing small circles around your belly button slowly*
Well, I would do it out of love, of course. I want to spoil and care for you too so I shouldn't the only one prepared.
*smiles lightly and leans up, pressing my lips to your jaw line gently in a small kiss*
Mm- why a star?
*murmurs quietly, resting my head back down against your shoulder as I pursed my lips in thought*
Stars are...really pretty and bright all the time.
★ lee hoseok 1 month ago
@♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ Sometimes.. I feel like you get me so riled up I can't help but be rough~
*sitting up slightly, I pull a blanket in under my head to prop myself up a little more*
You'd still be my boyfriend. It's not a required task-- it's something you do out of love. So be prepared-- I'm going to take such good care of you~
*laughs softly before glancing over at you*
Why a star, kitten?
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@★ lee hoseok Well-- making love is considered romantic~
*points out with a small grin before I feel your lips press against my temple, the action causing me to melt on the inside, a fit of butterflies erupting within the pit of my stomach*
To take care of me? But..sometimes I wanna take care of you, ya know. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't?
*blinks a few times before flickering my gaze up towards the sky as well, finding the stars in the night sky to be immensely beautiful*
Sometimes..I wish I was a star.
*I murmur after a moment of silent, my fingers moving to mindlessly fiddle with yours*
★ lee hoseok 1 month ago
@♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ I doubt it, but I'll try to ensure this is as romantic as possible.
*leans into the kiss and pulls you closer, wanting to plant one of my own against your temple*
That's my job, you know.
*giving your hand a light squeeze, I allow my eyes to look up at the stars and take in the view*
Ahh, of course-
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@★ lee hoseok Are you gonna be able to keep your hands off of me for the whole night?
*flickers my gaze up to yours once more, a light smirk tugging upon my lips before I shook my head, pressing a small kiss against your jaw*
But you always take care of me..
*I murmured; with my hand rested upon your chest, I could feel the rapid beating of your heart and a light shade of pink formed upon my cheeks before I heard you speak once more, a small hum escaping my lips*
Mmh..when you call me kitten is another favorite.
★ lee hoseok 1 month ago
@♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ Maybe~ Let's see where the night takes us.
*the way our bodies fit perfectly together made my heart race, yet I was able to keep calm on the outside as my hand moved to rest upon yours*
Alright, fair enough. I just.. I want to take care of you.
*when our eyes meet, I couldn't help the almost goofy grin that appeared on my lips. all I wanted was to dive in and kiss you, but I was able to hold myself back to hear what you said*
One of your favorite things-- what are the others?
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@★ lee hoseok Mmh-- maybe we should then..
*murmurs softly before releasing a faint huff at your words, allowing my smaller form to be tugged down upon the blanket, my long legs easily tangling between yours as my head rested against your shoulder, hands sprawled against the flat surface of your chest*
You can spoil me by letting me help- I'm a big kitten. I can do things too.
*murmurs softly, my gaze flickering over your deep brown orbs before I smiled a bit and leaned up to gingerly nudge my nose beneath your jaw*
Mm..I would like that. It's one of my favorite things to be called by you.
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
[ alrighty uwu
room or wall ]
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung () Yeah!
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo [ shall we have them meet at night then? :>> ]
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung Is that a bad thing? /he raises a brow curiously as he looks to you with a small grin/
/he gets a bit flustered by the sudden nickname but he smiles none the less, enjoying the little sign of affection/
I want to take you besides you're curious and you want to experience it I can tell
/he smiles sheepishly, running his fingers through his hair, if he was alive he'd have a slightly flushed face/
Good night Tae, lets meet again at night
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo if we keep arguing about who’s cuter i might never let you go, yknow
/hums, my tail reaching up to tickle your nose one last time before going back to its original place behind me/
that’s nice to hear
baby you don’t have to bring me there, whatever makes you happy
/giggles before leaning up
to peck your cheek once more/
goodnight jungwoo
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung /he blinks, surprised by the sudden affection, he lets out a soft laugh as he nuzzles his nose back against yours/
You're ...you're cuter
/he purses his lips as he crosses his arms/
I guess I'll have to take it
/he hums softly as he gives your hands a gentle squeeze as he lets you do as you please/
Mhm I had a good time
/he looks down to the tails before looking back to you a bit flustered/
Yeah tomorrow I have to take you to the club
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo /chuckles and leans over to squish both your cheeks, leaningcloser to nuzzle our noses together doing the eskimo kiss/
you’re so cute
the only intimidating thing about you is how scarily awkward you are,, and your fangs
they do kinda look scary
/gasps softly once more when they reach the mansion with a blink of an eye/
you’re... amazing
/giggles at the peck on the forehead/
/climbs down and holds both your hand, swinging slightly/
so,, today was fun, hehe
see you again tomorrow?
/tilts head, one of my tails reaching over to curl around your waist/
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung You think I’m cute? /he raises an eyebrow curiously/ I always try to come off as scary but it doesn’t work /he ends up lauging/ I guess it’s for the best hm
-he groans at the sudden impact but he wraps his arms around the younger, laughing at his cute behavior and words- just hold on -he says as he poofs them back to the mansion- I won’t die from the sun I just get very weak and sensitive, hard to see and move sort of but thank you dear for the protection -he hums as he pecks your forehead-
★ lee hoseok 1 month ago
@♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ I'd tell you.. that I'd love to make that happen.
*says with a small smile, only to roll my eyes at your little comment*
Let me spoil you for once-
*pulling you down and into my arms, I easily tangle our limbs together for warmth before bringing a blanket to slide it over our lower halves*
Hmm? I will make a mental note of that, and make sure to say it often enough to remind you~
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@★ lee hoseok O-oh-- what if I told you I always wanted to make love under the stars?
*I questioned softly, my voice holding a slight teasing tone before I fell silent, following your footsteps as I took in our surrondings; once we reach our desired spot, I allowed you to let go of my hand, though a small whine managed to still slip past my pink tiers before I watched as you began to set up our picnic*
I could've helped, you know.
*I pointed out softly, not liking that you took it upon yourself to set things up but I shook my head once you lay down upon the soft blanket, my smaller form moving to lay down beside you before I instantly rested my head upon your chest, delicate fingers curling into the fabric of your jacket*
You know...I really like when you call me that..
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo of course i’m laughing at you, silly
you’re so cute
/chuckled softly/
/gasps when i realise the time and looks towards the east where the sun would rise/
oh no
/runs towards you and immediately jumps onto you, wrapping my limbs around you in a hug as if to shield you from the rays of the sun/
i’ll orotect you woo
/pecks your hair/
alright then, let’s go back then
★ lee hoseok 1 month ago
@♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ Ahh, very true. Though you're going to have to behave-- we both know I can't control myself.
*says playfully as I lead us up the hill. once we reach the desired destination, I let go of your hand in order to set up the blankets and refreshments. once satisfied, I move to lay down and pat the spot next to me*
Come here, my love.
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung Are you laughing at me Tae?
-he laughs softly at himself and his own shy nature, he didn’t go out much nor talk to many of the other boyfriends so he couldn’t help it-
-he snaps the photo quickly, snapping a few more, switching between the lighting settings-
-he looks to the elder and tilts his head, looking to his watch- we’ll have to go tomorrow love, it’s almost sunrise
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo /giggles at your shyness before letting go of your hand and stands a few feet away from you, getting ready to pose/
ahh i’m so awkward, i don’t know how to post /chuckles sheepishly before doing a simple peace sign, grinning widely at the lens and squints my eyes shut, awaiting for the flashlight to dawn upon my face/
after this we could head to the club—
that is, if u don’t mimd
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung Ah..yeah -he smiles, feeling a bit shy at the statement but content none the less-
We can tomorrow night if you don’t mind waiting for me to wake up -he offers as he reaches for your hand after you put the duckling down- sure I’ll take as many as you wish -he squeezes your hand before getting up with his camera out- give me a smile Tae
♡ kim taehyung ᵏⁱᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ 1 month ago
@kim jungwoo /hums before shrugging/
its fine
i have my other woodland creature friends
and i have you now
/turns to face you with a grin, my free hand grazing past yours gently/
yes we should
/nods in agreement/
/giggles at your reaction/
she is really tiny
she’s so cute
/puts the duckling down/
well, do you wanna take other pictures of me?
the park is pretty big
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ kim taehyung Aw that’s unfortunate-he furrows his brows- but her kids are cute -he chuckles softly as he places a hand on your back, caressing it gently- we should visit with snacks to feed them next time
-he blinks in confusion, never being good with animals himself, he tilts his head, reaching out to gently pet her head with his finger- so..small


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