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★ min yoongi 6 months ago
Yoongi steps into the cafe, noticing that there's only few people inside which he is very glad because he's not fond sitting in a place where there's lot of people except at his workplace, he can't complain about that. Looking at the menu that been display at the top, he ordered a cup of black coffee. "This will be enough for me " he muttered. While waiting for his drink, his gaze stop at outside the cafe. It's raining and ah it's a perfect weather for him. The entire evening is spent at the cafe while drinking his coffee. Bitten and cold, just how he used to.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han He really didn't want to bother the other with something as trivial as his diet but when else is he ever going to get a meal cooked by someone he met off of the internet that wasn't going to poison him. He thought about it for a little while, taking into consideration the lecture about not eating the triangle kimbab all the time. "Fine. Only if I can help." he stated, seeing that the other was insisting.

Kris chuckled at the the exaggerated comment, knowing full well that they are in a grey area that even the writer is unsure how he should categorize it. "Don't question my logic. I met Luhan today and that's how I'm taking it." he flashed the other a pleased smirk, sending a wink Luhan's way knowing better than to mention the name.
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu Luhan rolled his eyes a bit and shook his head slightly. "No I'm not tired of you yet" he grinned while sticking his tongue out at the other playfully. He hummed at the patting to his hair before shaking his head once again. "You should eat that all the time though. Just because it's good for you doesn't mean it should be the only thing in your diet " he connented with a frown.

Luhan raised a brow at the others rejection to his offer and hummed. "Are you sure? We can just go upstairs to my place even and I can whip up something" he nodded wanting to be sure the other didn't want a home cooked meal. "And barely would be a bit exaggerated no? " he question noticing that even though Kris knew him mostly as Xi it was still him either way. "Ah I can leave whenever...its just lunch times are the busiest and someone called out. The lunch rush ended a little while again though. We can do whatever you feel like. "
★ choi minki 6 months ago
@★ lee jinki Yep!
I'm 22, so hyung it is.
*walks in behind you and moves up to the counter*
Any idea what you want?
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@★ choi minki Depends on how old you are~ *chuckles and walks in before you* I'm 25.
★ choi minki 6 months ago
@★ lee jinki Okay, let's go then!
*leads you to the cafe and smiles at you*
So, let's see how many similarities we have besides our names.
*chuckles softly*
Are you older than me, by any chance?
If you want me to call you hyung, then I can.
*opens the door for you*
After you!
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han From that one question, it made him glance at the clock in the room. They had been talking for a good while after Kris' meeting was over. He stood up, walking over to Luhan. "Why? Sick of me already?" the words flow out in a teasing manner. The other was frowning once again and he reached out to his hair, trying to reassure the other that he really didn't mind. "Hmm.. I do eat properly. It has proteins, carbs, low on fat and salt. Well the triangle kimbap does at least. The tuna and salmon one has omega 3 fish oil." he was serious. The guy wouldn't feed that thing to other people but they are pretty convenient so when it was only him eating, he usually just buys them in bulk and stores them so that he could eat them everyday of the week or however long he plans on holing himself within his home.

The other was offering to cook for him. It was a nice offer but his conscience wouldn't let someone he barely met do such a troubling favor. He contemplated it for a while, shaking his head. "I can't make you cook dinner for me. It would be rude of me to ask someone I barely met do such a thing." he stated, taking a seat on the edge of the table. "Plus, would it be okay to leave your cafe? If you want, I'll wait for you to finish up and we can go get dinner or something. I'm in no rush to go grocery shopping."
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu The male bli ked softly at the finger between his lips he blushed faintly and wiggled his nose a bit. "I am? " he mumbled swiping his tongue over his lip tasting the blood before blinking softly when his lips were dabbed with the handkerchief. "Oh.. Didn't realise... " he whispered before looking to the male with slightly wide eyes.

Raising a brow curiously at the others words the male frowned a bit as he rested his hands on the desk slightly leaning forward on it. "Mhm well you should eat properly. How about I go shopping with you and make you dinner? " he asked just trying to find away to spend a bit more time with the other as he glanced at his watch.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han That’s one thought that he had never crossed before. He watched as the other bit on his lip more and he couldn’t help but reach out his hand to stop the other. “Don’t do that.” His thumb freed the lower lip from his ivory abuser, swiping over the area to soothe it. “You’re bleeding.” Kris grabbed his handkerchief from his pocket, dabbing lightly over the bruised lip. “Anyways, I never thought about it that way. I’ll give you plenty of attention from now on then.”

It was Kris’ turn to raise an eyebrow at Luhan’s response, intrigued as the other gave him a condition. “It’s a deal then.” Luhan got off of him again and walked away, taking off the apron, which was kind of a shame since it fit him nicely. Kris thought about what else he had to do for the day, trying to remember the thing that was written on his to-do list on his desk. “I need to either go buy groceries for dinner or buy dinner.” He shrugged his shoulders figuring that it wasn’t really important. “Not really that important since I already ate some of the pastries here. If anything I’ll just go to the convenience store and get a triangular kimbap or a hotbar.”
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu Luhan blinked a few times as the other suddenly started laughing figuring out that what he said must've been funny. The male bite his lower lip yet again but it was to the point of drawing blood. "Yeah.. But Xi was mostly created so that someone would pay attention to me... Really the only reason he exists" he confessed though what Kris said was true as well he didn't want to be approached about it or anything in that sort.

The smaller Chinese male run his fingers through his own hair before turning slightly to look at the other better. A soft chuckle slipping past his lips as he let out a playful hum. "I don't maybe, depends on how much I like you " he said with a shrug though just giving the other a playful smile as he wouldn't actually charge. "Just- don't call me Xi in public please..." Luhan didn't mind the name behind closed doors but if there was any chance of someone hearing he didn't even want it being thought of. "So, do you not have anything else to do today? " he questioned as he stood once again to strip himself of his apron and hang it up. His eyes staying on the other smiling lightly.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han With the roll of the other’s eyes, Kris bursts out laughing, finding the other’s logic adorable. “I didnt say anything about Xi. Luhan doesn’t show everything now, do you? You created Xi so Luhan can keep his privacy. So you can have your adventures and stay hidden from crazy stalkers and prejudiced people.” He stated, explaining his statement the best he can.

The man was giving the other his own reasons for the other as a different perspective. Yifan is illusive and has never shown his face to the public. People think he is this suave, single writer with loads of charisma. Kris is pretty sure if his fans saw him in his writer mode that they would not believe the hobo in front of them is Yifan.

He noticed that Luhan was progressively getting more and more accustomed, relaxing more as he very slowly gets used to the idea that someone knows his secret. “If you are willing, I’d like to hang out with Luhan more. I’ve paid to hang out with Xi. Would I have to pay for Luhan’s precious time as well?” He smirked, teasing the male on his lap.
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu Eyes roaming down to the fingers that played with his shirt the male let out a faint hum inbetween his words while calming himself down. Luhan raised a brow a bit at the others words before rolling his eyes a bit. "That's a bit hypocritical noticing I show off every thing I have at night" he mumbled before his eyes shifted to there now connected hands. "Adventurous, huh? I guess that's one way to put it. " the male nodded.

It definetly felt weird to open up to someone but at the same time it felt like some weight was lifted off his shoulders. The person know knew completely who he was both during the day and at night.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han He nodded his head, reaffirming the other. He allowed the other to move him, to push him into the chair behind him. Kris sat down and welcomed the other as Luhan climbed back into his lap, the taller male's hands instinctively reaching out to wrap around his waist, playing with the fabric of the other's shirt while he listened to him talk.

So he likes to be behind the scenes, yet he has a cafe and a bachelor in baking and pastry. The smaller could be a world famous patisserie if he wanted to. He mentioned something to Kris earlier about the cafe not being famous, it's matches up with everything considering his editor raved about how this cafe was a hole in the wall, one of a kind treasures that was a must try. The pastries he had here during his meeting were delicious, flaky crust and a delicious filling that complimented it just right.

Kris' attention stayed on the other, watching as he talked about himself in the third person. He waited until he was done talking before he said anything else in response. "I'd say not a nobody. Just someone who appreciates privacy or someone undiscovered." one of his hands took Luhan's in his, playing with his long slender fingers, eyes staying in contact with the other as the cafe owner laughed at his own joke. "I'd say you're a pretty adventurous person. Not just because you're sitting on my lap of course. But if you like going to random places, anything is an adventure, correct?"
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu A small blush formed on his cheeks at the smile the male tilted his head to the side curiously at the others words and sighing softly. "About luhan huh? " he muttered unsure of how to really answer that question and he once again pouted when he was told he couldn't just say nothing was intresting. Pushing the male down onto the work chair before settling himself back on the males lap finding the spot rather comfortable.

"Luhan is.. Someone always hidden in the shadows, he owns this cafe and has a bachelors degree in baking & pastry arts. He is a quiet person that likes to go to random places and just take pictures of random things...Im a nobody. " he sighed thinking over his life suddenly. "And I'm sitting in a strangers lap... This is a big step you know.. " he chuckled trying to make some light into the situation.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han The hesitation that was haunting the other is understandable. Kris' writer identity is also as hidden as Xi. If people were to find out that he is Yifan it would be a big problem. It wasn't an easy decision but he would have made sure that the people who knew his identity stay close to himself. Luhan stared at his hand for a while before resigning and taking hold of his hand.

Kris smiled when he did, coming closer to the other and kissing the back of his hand. "Alright then. Show me. What is Luhan like? Who is Luhan? And I refuse to believe you if you say you have nothing interesting to offer. Interest is subjective and I intend to decide for myself my opinions of you."
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu Letting out a soft breath as he finally was getting his thoughts together once he was moved away from the other. If he had stayed on the others lap any longer he defuently would've let his inner out. Tilting his head to thenside curiously at the others words he shook his head.

"No it's not that, trust me ..its just..hm you know what you do already" he muttered since they both now just how easily he could succumb to just Kris's voice. Raising a brow the male placed his hands on his hips as his eyes watched the other get closer. He blinked a few times as his eyes shifted to the outstretched hand pausing for just a moment before his eyes were meeting the tallers again. Hand slowly streaching out to take hold of the others with a deep breath. "Okay...fine, I'll give it a shot. "
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han The other was responding to him, he watched his eyes close, the way he shifts, leaning into his touch. He admired Luhan's long lashes as his eyes fluttered, lips parted to allow that very soft sound slip by. He liked his effect he had on the smaller male. The cafe owner's back curving ever so slightly as he grip onto his shoulders.

Then, as if out of nowhere, the other pushed him away, standing up and moving far over towards the other side of his desk, leaving Kris by himself on the couch. His eyes still following the other as he watches closely, wondering if it was something he said that displeased the other so. It wouldn't be anything new. He has had this situation happen a couple of times before where things were going well and suddenly he said the wrong sentence and the mood shatters like a fragile glass. This is why he preferred writing, it's forgiveness towards mistakes, it's allowance for editing gives him a chance to perfect what would be projected into the world.

"Was it something I said?" he asked, watching the other from where he was. "I apologize if I overstepped my boundaries. However, you have seemed to misunderstood me. I'm not expecting Xi. I was merely pointing out how interesting you are." He stated, pushing himself up off of the couch, walking towards the other male in the room, pacing carefully. "You ask me what I wanted earlier, why I am still here? Well.. how about this. I know you as Xi, how about you show me you as Luhan." outreaching his hand towards the other, waiting for him to either reject or take his offer.
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu A brow rose when confirmed that nothing was needed but Luhan still couldn't help but wonder what actually kept the other here. Being seen like this was almost embarrassing when the person in front of him knew him in his prime. "How intresting I am? You must have the wrong person.. " he muttered still trying to play like he was as innocent as people normally saw him. "Sure, shoot" he pouted.

Eyes slightly widening when his chin was tilted up and because of how much closer they suddenly seemed. As Kris started the smaller couldn't help but shift once again a bit awkwardly not sure how to accept all these complements. The small touches to his features just causing his eyes to fall shut leaning into the others hand just slightly and almost begging for a bit more. Lips parting slightly eyes his eyes slowly fluttered open again at the hold to his neck, a soft mewl barely escaping past his two teirs as he tried his best to stay silent. Just like it was a command his back slowly curved while his own hands slid to grip onto the others shoulders.

"No.. No stop please." He whispered "I get it.. " he finished pushing himself away from the other suddenly so he could stand and moved to the other side of his desk. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself down not wanting to awaken his inner Xi so to say, but it was just to hard. No matter what Kris said to him he always found away to turn him on and get him going for hours. "Your wasting your time if your expecting Xi. " his eyes meeting the others just for a moment before he was looking away already feeling way to close to his breaking point.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han Such low self esteem, Kris his dry lips hearing the other talk down on himself. That soft gasp and the other shifting on his lap was making it hard to keep things PG13. "Don't particularly need anything." he mentioned, allowing the other to place his arm around his shoulders. Kris' hands still feeling the other's body up and down. "I like this. Being able to touch you is completely different from just watching you through a screen." He leaned forward, their faces merely inches apart. "You have no idea how interesting you are." Luhan seems to have a habit of bringing himself down and the writer was not having any of it. "Should I show you the ways I find you interesting?"

He cupped Luhan's face and slowly tilted the other's chin up to look into his big brown doe eyes, admiring his features. "Just from here, the way your eyes invite me to peer into them, the way they show innocence and at the same time, we both know just how deliciously sinful you could be when you put on your mask." His thumb swiped gently over the bottom of the other's eyes, tracing a pattern towards his lips, "Your lips, perfectly shaped, rosy pink, soft like rose petals asking people to pay attention and wonder what it would be like to press against them with the way they part ever so slightly." His big warm hand went to hold his neck, his thumb brushing over his adam's apple. "Should I continue? I've spent hours with you before, watching you through the screen, watching you move, how you touch your body, the way you gasp for air, the tilt of your head, the arch of your spine.." he trailed off, his other hand sliding over his back down towards his lower back just above his bottom.
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu The smaller was still at a lost for words, still confused on how to act or how to even make a sentance without sounding dumb. The male raised a brow at the others words while slowly tilting his head to the side and nodded a bit trusting the other on not gossiping. "I'm obviously not those things in real life" he huffed as he slightly shifted on the others lap. Being as sensitive as he was a soft gasp left him at the simple touches to his back. "R-right right.... Anyway what do you need hm? " he muttered while also trying to think of more ways to hide himself better.

His hands loosening om the others shirt smoothing it over before he was sliding an arm around the makes shoulders. "There's.. Not very much I can do... And I'm not very intresting. You're waisting your time right now" he said with slight worry that he'd disappoint the other in some way.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han The smaller male huffed, blushing and Kris chuckled. He was acting cute and bashful, so unlike his online persona. Where did the y camboy go, the writer will have to find a way to figure it out for himself. His habit of watching people has brought him so far. He could tell that the other was not happy that he was making himself comfortable within the office, or at least he was baffled at his actions.

"You'll be fine. I'm not the type to gossip. Plus I'd rather be at home most of the time anyways." he noticed the other seemed unsure on what to do, messing with his shirt. But at least he got the other onto his lap willingly. No struggle, no fight. He wrapped his arms around Xi's, or should we say Luhan's, waist. "Hmm.. well, you can choose to ignore this encounter, which I can guarantee you I will not do, or you can just accept the fact that you are unforgettable and very alluring to a point where you manage to get people to notice you just from your voice and silhouette." His fingers drew patterns on the smaller male's back, searching the other's face for a reaction. "This also means you should do better at disguising yourself online. Maybe change your hair online or don't turn around on camera. Because didn't recognize you from voice alone. It didn't click until you turned around and showed me your back." he mentioned, trailing a finger up Luhan's spine and back down.
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu "It sounded loud.. " he huffed before looking to there hands a bit surprised. He definetly wasn't used to this at all. Luhan's eyes slightly going wide at the others words as he looked away a bit shyly while shrugging his shoulders a bit. "I'm.. Not sure truthfully. " he muttered really unsure but at the same time this was what he was used too.

Raising a brow as the other got comfortable the smaller placed his hands on his hips. "Yes I know but I wasn't expecting you of all people to be here. And well the cafe isn't all that popular. " he sighed before letting out yet another squeak when he was pulled onto the others lap. Legs spreading slightly to straddle the male while slightly rolling his eyes. "I will blame them.. And it's Lu han.. " He nodded while hands moved to lightly fist at the males shirt. "Um.. This has never happened before.. I'm a bit lost on what to do"
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han He watched as the other spun quickly, eyes wide with surprise.along with that adorable little squeak. The tall male was impressed that he knew exactly who he was. Then again he wasn’t really planning on hiding it at all. He was surprised when the other pulled him straight through to the back of the cafe, chuckling as he yelled out loud. “Relax. I didn’t even say it that loudly. I just figured it out just now anyways. I didn’t plan this I swear.” Kris took the smaller male’s hand and d the back of it, trying to calm him down. “Plus I’m more surprised than you are that someone so stunning online could be ignored by people here.” He mentioned, remembering the customers who seemed to ignore the male completely.

He looked around the small office of the cafe, finding it to be pretty cozy. “Also it is not my fault I only know you by Xi.” Kris looked back at the smaller male, smirking as he took a seat in the nearest chair. “Was I not supposed to know about this cafe or something? Someone I know was the one who dragged me here. Blame him.” He chuckled, pulling the other to sit on top of his lap. “If it makes you feel better, tell me your real name and I’ll stop calling you Xi outside of your screentime.” He smiled, stroking the sides of his arms.
★ lu han 6 months ago
@★ kris wu It was a bit of a busy day seeing as it had started to rain so there were quiet a few customers in the cafe. Definetly more then the little cafe had normally recieved. A small sigh left Luhan's lips as his eyes scanned around his employees a bit annoyed someone called out last minute leaving him to wait tables. Most of the customers didn't even know he was the owner besides the older ladies that would always come in.

Pushing his glasses up his nose he smiled to each customer, taking orders, making drinks and delivering everything needed though no one really paid him much mind he really didn't mind at all himself. With a small hum the male moved to lean against the counter waiting for the next few sandwiches to come out not expecting the sudden voice so close to his ear and that name that came from it.

Eyes going wide as he quickly spun around letting out a small squeak in surprise at the much larger figure and the close distance he wasn't used to having with people. "K-kris- " he stuttered and looked around a bit making sure no one was watching before taking hold of the males wrist and tugging back into his office slamming the door shut. "Yah! You can't say that name so loud... Why are you here- how'd you" he paused since that was a stupud question as he realized exactly how he was found out like a light bulb. He just knew he should've disguised his voice better but after all this time with even his own employees watching him they had never put two and two together either. A small glare being shot towards the taller with a Huff. "What do you need? " he asked with a tilt of his head.
★ kris wu 6 months ago
@★ lu han It's raining. Damn. Kris growled, annoyed that he had to be out in such a nice napping weather. He is lacking a couple of hours of sleep and he had to dress up. The blonde had to wake up early to style his hair and actually organize his clothes for this dang meeting. His editor better appreciate the effort he placed into this. The meeting didn't actually take that long. All they did was talk about the next projects, how they are going to promote the current newest one and him giving the other a rough idea of what he's planning. Stuff that could have been done over the phone as far as Kris is concerned.

However, it wasn't a complete waste of time. While they were there, ordering and eating and discussing things, he noticed a very familiar voice. He knew that voice because he would spend a lot of time online with the person, using him as research for his book. The voice that he came to learn, burned into his brain was in the cafe. His eyes scanned the room while he listened to his editor babble a bunch of things. His eyes landed on one male, he didn't seem very interesting, kind of a wallflower, blending in as he watched the male getting ignored by his customers as he placed the orders on the table, but when he turned around, Kris had to resist the urge to yell in realization. He knew who that person is. The tall male had a smirk on his face, realizing the gem he had discovered within the small little cafe.

When his meeting was done, he walked up behind the unsuspecting smaller male, tapping his back and leaning down close to his ear, whispering the one thing the other most likely won't expect hearing from someone at his day job. "Hello there, Xi."
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