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★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ -softens at your words and softly caresses your cheek-
does it make you uncomfortable kitten?
-softens at how uncomfortable you look and bits my lips calling over the manager and requesting for us to be transferred to a private room instead and they tell us to give them a few minutes for them to arrange it for us-
hmm who care kitten! because i love how red you are.. you look so beautiful
-smiles at you and softly squeezes your hand back again but this time for the both of us and smiles at you lovingly-
im sure i will kitten~ you.. you make my heart beat and you make me happy and your smile alone could make my day.. i can only imagine how else you'd be able to affect me!!
-smiles at you lovingly and chuckles and soften-
hmm me too kitten~ we have too many memories in there.. hmm yeah babe.. i can make you another room identical to it in my house.. hmm~ i can talk to the head and get al the pillows and blankets you love so much
-teases and grins at the ideas of having you move in with me-
you can have a room of your own love.. but its not like you'd be sleeping anywhere but my side anyway
-teases grinning at the idea-
♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon *wiggles my nose and puffs out my cheeks a bit at the question*
I am not used to being around so many people that I don't know
*pouts a bit and glances around the room while shifting slightly in my seat*
What if someone looks at how red I am and laughs?
*squeezes your hand while slowly smiling at you, nodding slowly as you reassure me and lets out a breath of relief*
Thank you.. for liking me so much and for thinking that nobody is better than me-- It really makes me happy that you think so highly of me and stay interested in me
*giggles softly before pouting a bit when I realize I have to give up my pretty room*
Awh,, I am gonna miss my room, but I can make another room pretty if I have to.. do I get to keep all my soft pillows and blankets?
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ -softens smiling at you lovingly-
hmm good kitten~ now thats a plan~
-softens at how nervous you become whenever a waiter comes by and asks so softly-
what makes you so nervous love?
-chuckles and tugs your hand away-
hey kitten dont hide them~ you know your cheeks are my favourite whenever you blush like this!! it makes me so happy everytime!
-grins at you adn chuckles softly and tangles our legs before taking your hand in mine lacing them again-
well now you know kitten~ i like you thatttt much~ aniyo kitten~ dont think like that.. you're not too much for me.. i love the way you are.. you always keep me going and wanting more~ and no.. kitten~ i cant imagine a single person better than you.. and that im serious seokjin-ahh.. i cant ever find anyone better than you.. you are perfect to me and for me.. so.. you're all mine now~
-grins and kisses your knuckles-
now that you're okay with me buying you kitten.. that will be the first thing i will do after out date~ you can come HOME with me.. tho i'll miss your room~
♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon *nods slowly to agree with you with a low hum*
That sounds like a good idea to me
*shifts in my seat nervously as you call the waiter over, waiting patiently for you to finish ordering for us*
*whines softly when you chuckle at how flushed my cheeks are before moving my hands to rub them gently*
Shh..don't say anything
*fiddles with my fingers and wiggles my nose with a quiet laugh, swallowing nervously*
Well.. I knew that you liked me a lot, but I didn't think that you liked me enough to buy me.. I thought that maybe I was too much for you or something like that or maybe that you would find someone else that is better than me
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ -smiles as i can see your eyes oozing with curiosity and smiles at the squeeze to our hands-
hmm~ arrasso kitten~ we'll make it down the list together hmm?
-chuckles as i call the waiter over and order us food-
he'll have the famous steak medium rare.. and i'll have.. hmm the day's special pasta?
-says before facing you as he walks away chukling at how beet red you are-
oh kiten~
-smiles at you lovingly blinking at how surprised you are by the discovery-
is it tha shocking kitten? of course i want to buy you! heck i've wanted to for a while now kitten.. i wasnt sure how you would react.. i mean i made it painfully obvious how much i like you kitten~
chincha kitten? y..you're really okay with me buying you? i know we will kitten.. thats why i started with this date.. because i want to know as much as i can about you love
-leans over kissing your hands again-
♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon *watches you curiously before giving your hand a squeeze when you lace our fingers*
That would be really sweet of you to do..I can just..order whatever you like to get from here~
*squeaks softly when you pull your phone out and take a picture, flushing even more than before*
*parts my lips before closing them to listen to you talk, shifting in my seat a bit while nodding slowly before widening my eyes a bit when you say you want to buy me*
You want to buy me? Really?! I.. I didn't think that you liked me enough to want to.. I would really like it if you did-- we can get to know each other a little better
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ -smiles proudly happy that you like it-
I’m glad then kitten
-softens and chuckles reaching over lacing our fingers instead-
Hmm it’s okay kitten.. you’ll try them all slowly, I’ll make sure to bring you out to restaurants often love~
-chuckles at your flushed cheeks and can’t help but to take out my phone and quickly take a picture of your flushed cheeks-
Adorable.. kitten.. I’m sure you know this already.. but I like you.. a lot.. and I wanted to buy you.. but I wasn’t sure if you’d like that from me.. and.. I barely know you.. I need to know you more to be able to make you happy.. dont you agree??
♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon *nods quickly at the question while smiling softly at you*
Of course, I like it.. it is so beautiful
*parts my lips to speak before closing them quickly to think about it, playing with my sleeves*
I don't know what to get..I have never been somewhere like this
*widens my eyes in surprise when you make me face you, flushing faintly*
*squeaks softly when you peck my lips and reaches up to cover my flushed cheeks, swallowing thickly with a shy laugh*
W..what made you..want to take me out like this?
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ -smiles at you lovingly and holds your hand tighter and pulling you closer as we go to the table-
you like it kitten?
-smiles at you and at adorably cute and shy you are and nods-
hmm! order as much food as you want okay kitten?
-chuckles and reaches over the tables making you face me and grins-
-smiles and leans in pecking your lips not caring if anyone sees before siting back down and wrapping my feet around yours wanting to keep our connection-
♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon *shuffles inside while nibbling on my bottom lip nervously, giving you a smile while waiting on you to follow behind me before shuffling behind you*
*holds onto your arm while looking around, hiding behind you slightly while following you to the table with a smile*
It's very beautiful, Nam.. extremely..beautiful
*pauses for a moment before slowly sitting down, fiddling with the sleeves of my shirt shyly while nodding*
Of course I like it~ thank you for bringing me
*glances at you while flushing before looking down at my hands with a shy giggle*
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@♡ kim seokjin ᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ -smiles grinning as i open the door for you and lead you inside
come on kitten~
-smiles as i tell them my name and they nod as the recognize me and bring us to table by the window overlooking the nice view of the city-
-grins leading you and pulls your chair out to push it in for you-
i hope you like it kitten
-smiles as i sit across from you and smiles at you so proudly yet nervously-


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