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♡ nam taehyun 5 months ago
@★ seo kangjoon You'll be surprised but I have more than what you think...
/chuckles a little as you lead us to the reception, wondering if I should mention I actually never been in a restaurant before or not.
I'm being honest, I don't see what's wrong with that...
/I watch the lady acts so formally and I bow with my head mumbling a small thank you, feeling slightly awkward about all of it.
It's all new... I'm learning so I'm quiet...
/I try to explain, leaning closer to you as we walk to our table
★ seo kangjoon 5 months ago
@♡ nam taehyun So you do have some sense, huh?
/he remarked lazily, the older male struts inside the restaurant while cruising his bored gaze around the room until they arrive at the reception table/
Your mouth is running carelessly as always, .
/he murmured lowly before addressing to the uniformed lady standing on the other side of the counter who courteously smiles at their regular client, but no matter how hard he tries the faint blush on his cheeks narrates a different story/

"Good evening, Mr. Seo. Let me show you the table. " she said

/he makes a sound responding to the waitress, then turns his attention back at the male/
Not you get awfully quiet, I can't understand you.
♡ nam taehyun 5 months ago
@★ seo kangjoon Yeah I was trying to be appropriate and all that, trying not to embarrass you in public
/mumbles mostly to myself as i try to explain the whole process of picking clothes for tonight.
Oh... That's good...
/looks away when you cough a little, since I didn't really mean to stare like that.
Or maybe... I just find you really handsome with that suit
/whispers with a blush, the soft kiss on my hand making me blush even more as you lead us inside, glad you can't see my face.
★ seo kangjoon 5 months ago
@♡ nam taehyun Then you could have come without clothes, that's your forté after all.
/he cleared his throat feeling the awkwardness creeping within upon feeling the intense gaze raking conscientiously over his groomed appearance/
It fine. I just arrived.
/he lied, raising the male's hand up to kiss it/
Obligated to reply the compliment again, pet.
/he dawdled towards the entrance, acknowledging the guard with a slight nod/
♡ nam taehyun 5 months ago
@★ seo kangjoon It took me time to find clothes...
/mumbles awkwardly, smiling a little at the way you look in a suit, actually taking my time to admire your features.
I'm sorry I made you wait...
/gives your hand a small squeeze, and leaning closer as we walk in, a small blush forming on my cheeks
Thanks... You look quite handsome yourself...
/says as I look at you, smiling, turning back to look around the restaurant since I've never been in a place like this before
★ seo kangjoon 5 months ago
@♡ nam taehyun What took you so long?
/he groused whilst narrowing his gaze at the approaching male, annoyed to have reached first Kangjoon is embarrassed by his own eager which he tried to mask with temper/
/he casually slipped his finger in between the gaps of Taehyun's fingers, already accustomed to the whole hand holding and hugging scenario/
You look-uhm-/ his gaze cruised up and down the boyfriend attire then back at the latter face/
-Nice. /he ended awkwardly/
Let's go in. All that standing is hurting my legs.
♡ nam taehyun 5 months ago
@[H] ★ seo kangjoon /considering the fact the other didn't really told him where they were going the boyfriend found himself taking his time in choosing an outfit for tonight, thinking that the last thing he wanted was being all suited up just to realize kangjoon took him to a fast food place of even worse, wear jeans and end up in a fancy restaurant with the man mocking him. With a sigh he decided to go with a semi formal look, wearing black pair of pants and a pale blue buttoned up shirt, leaving the last button open and his jacket at hom, getting on the texi and giving the man the address 'I'm supposed to feel nervous? ' he thought with a small laugh, shaking his head ,thanking the driver as he left the cab and walked to the resturant entrance
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★ seo kangjoon 5 months ago
@♡ nam taehyun /he doesn't understand the painstaking compulsion to make himself presentable for the man who more or less belonged to him, yet here he is dressed in his pinstripe cobalt suit with understated black shirt and a pair of brogue carmine shoes nor the relevance of his styled hair while he stood outside the entrance waiting/
/there is anticipation and nervousness building within masked perfectly by his composed facade as dark eyes cruise slowly around the place/
He is later.
/Kangjoon murmured raising his arm to look at the time flashing on his wrist watch/
★ nakamoto yuta 6 months ago
@♡ jeon jungkook Mhm. I have yet to go to a restaurant. This is quite exciting!
Smiles, standing and looking to you for direction.
♡ son hyunwoo 6 months ago
@♡ byun baekhyun The darkness and chill that swept through the large space had Hyunwoo feeling as though maybe - just maybe - He had died in that moment, the sudden cold, dreadful feeling that all was not right in the world making his skin crawl and his consciousness feel that maybe this was the end. When everything flickered back to life, however, he felt his body shiver uncontrollably under the heavy gaze that he found sitting across from him, the faint smell of sulfur and brimstone staining the air and clotting his throat.
As calmly as he could, Hyunwoo cleared his throat to speak, unsure of what to say, when the other began to speak for him - thankfully. To say his entrance was jarring would have been an understatement, but Hyunwoo took it all in stride with the secrecy that seemed to have followed the creature around, taking in the sight of the other with a hungry, curious gaze. His dark orbs raked over the horns, the flicking of the tail, the wine that stained the other's lips... Just taking in every inch of what could be the first and only demon that he would ever hopefully see. At that moment, a thought struck him that almost made his chest erupt in laughter, of such a Faustian deal being struck at this moment.
"Good evening..." He mused, lips pressing together in a soft smirk, lifting his glass up in a silent toast to the other before sipping from it as well, head tilting in a nod of acknowledgement. He couldn't help but smirk, given the tone taken with him right off the bat. Part of him wished to challenge, to ask what if he chose to ignore the terms of this deal, but... In the same vein, it would be foolish not to explore the option given to him.
"It's a pleasure, but this is supposed to be business, Baekhyun. So, without mincing words, I'm sure you can agree that the financial aspect I have messaged you with will be something we can agree upon? As for any other terms, I am open to offers you may have, but unrestricted access to the boyfriends is a must - Especially those that are faulty in their programming; they require additional work and repetition, I have been lead to understand."
♡ byun baekhyunᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ [A] 7 months ago
@★ son hyunwoo The night has fallen and the shadows stopped hiding, venturing under the moon and stars, turning nightmares into reality. Together with the nightmare came a greater horror, eyes of a crimson color, shining into the darkness; charcoal horns on top of the head, sharp just like its fangs. With a long thin tail swaying behind him, the demon took confident steps on the cold ground, the miasma around him leaving everything petrified. As soon as the creature approached the restaurant, the lights went off. Everything turned into a deadly silence, the air enveloped into a winter breeze, the coldness reaching to the bone. It all lasted just for a couple of seconds. When the lights came back on, the demon changed locations, now sitting on a chair with a glass of wine in his hand, bloody red eyes returning to a brownish color. " Hello, Mr Son Hyunwoo." his voice was heard as plush rosy lips curled up into a sly smile. " It's great to see you havent changed your mind about my offer." the creature added, lips pressing against the glass as he brought it to his mouth, taking a sip, allowing the liquid to burn its way down his throat. The wine bottle was left open in the center of the table, somehow coming undone during the two seconds of blackness. " I am Byun Baekhyun, the owner of Build a boyfriend. It's nice to finally meet you in person." the demon introduced himself as he placed his drink on the table, leaning back on his chair, not trying at all to hide his inhumane features. " I need to let you know that you came too far to back out anymore. So let's keep it short and simple. What are your conditions for this job?"
♡ son hyunwoo 7 months ago
@♡ byun baekhyun As much as Hyunwoo detested restaurants, he was glad that he at least had the good luck to choose which one was going to have to be his poison for the afternoon. Settling on something classy, healthy and with a private banquet room, however, was harder than it appeared. Why? All for the secrecy of his supposed host for the afternoon, a gentle voice on the other end of a phone call gotten some weeks ago that offered him a job teaching, and he had heard several times since. He must be crazy, he thought to himself, as he set about checking his email one more time, ensuring every detail was ironed out to a perfect 't' - Just the way he liked things - Before he headed over to find out what more this job could offer.
Granted, cooking was what started out as a hobby, Hyunwoo still made his living that way and needed to ensure that the payment received was going to be comparable to what he would have made otherwise doing his private catering business, as well as seeing what other perks there were to having this job. Obviously access to the boyfriend models would be granted, but that didn't mean that he would be able to interact in more than a teacher-esque manner.
Leaving his car with the valet, Hyunwoo straightened the lapels of his jacket when he entered, checking in for the reservation made and ordering himself a glass of club soda with lime for the wait; the feeling of inhabiting the large banquet room set up for just two seeming ridiculous. He hoped that this wouldn't take long, maybe not even the duration of an actual meal, so that he would not have to worry about eating something that seemed genuinely unappealing to himself, being the picky eater that he was.
★ kwon hyuk 7 months ago
@park bogum *he hums softly as he ever so gently rubbed the smaller males shoulder, leading them towards a smaller bbq restaurant which was rather hidden away and empty since not a lot of people knew about it. as they arrived he opened the door and let go of the male, indicating for him to enter right after doing so with a gentle smile plastered on his lips*
I hope you don't mind Korean BBQ, I can take care of the food if you don't feel confident doing so.
*he speaks in a gentle tone, watching as the male entered the restaurant before doing so himself and ruffling the others hair as he watched the smaller closely*
You can choose a place to sit~
♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
I ♡ Baek
♡ jung hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@♡ christian yu (pfft part of christian's language is to look at people's faces for reactions é v è)

Food. Food would be good... Hoseok didn't exactly need the nutrition to survive, but he was accustomed to eating with his first owner whenever she did. Over the past few days, he had eaten a lot. He had centuries worth of meals to catch up on and there were so many dishes to try! Along with new food came new customs and Hoseok was just faced with his next one. Christian held his hand, an action that most would have melted in. Hoseok's not everyone. The first word that crossed his mind was a whisper of 'witch' before he shook that out. Christian wasn't a witch, he wasn't even touching him in a ual way, merely one of friendship that people these days were more comfortable displaying. Despite the frozen eyes glued to their bridge, the brunette swallowed audibly, a soft breath inhaled and a smile more or less exhaled. Each day was a new step for him and this would be today's, so he allowed himself to be guided by the other, grip extremely light around Christian's hand. Rather than radiating safety, Hoseok was an animal in constant peril.

"Oh, the refrigerator?" Hoseok felt so smug saying that word, he learned of it just two nights ago. It was pretty magical, he knew where Christian was coming from on this. If only Hoseok possessed more cooking skills than that of just beef stew and grilled animal carcasses. Even raw meet was tasty to him at times when his wolf side kicked into high gear. "How about we go out to a restaurant instead? Have you tried ramen? I saw a picture and it looks like an amazing dish! It's soup and noodles and some meat, vegetables as well. We should try that." It was the next meal on Hoseok's list.


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