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★ hong dabin 5 months ago
@kim jungwoo Well there he was, almost floating if Dabin was to describe his childhood friend. Either Jungwoo was a levitating warlock, which Dabin suspected, a powerful one under the doe eyes anyone would grant the world on a platter for, or Dabin lost sight of gravity, time and space in his presence as usual.
There was no telling how the younger would react to the random reunion after so many months apart, but he did fear a slap or a charm turning him into a non-speaking frog since Dabin feared them so much. Instead, he was into the other's embrace almost instantly, no questions asked. His own arms locked around Jungwoo's waist and he held him strongly. Stronger when he heard the whispers.
"Too long." And he felt responsible, because he was the one who liked what was forbidden. He hopped over fances, had midnight dips into private pools, toured all the best roofs in town to lay down until dawn, listening to music and watching stars fade. He was the one climbing to Jungwoo's window since his youngest age, hiding under the other's bed if they heard someone approaching, and it should have kept going. Jungwoo's scent was different yet it still held something he'd call home.
One of his palms went up to feel the hair colored in that grungey dusty blue, caressing the back of Jungwoo's head.
"I wonder what kind of thoughts and dreams fill your pretty head for the dreamy blue hair to grow out of your scalp."
He paused, he'd never find the right words to ask for forgiveness and a way back into his friend's life now. So silly thoughts took on the task to break the stranger ice he felt despite their physicsl closeness in this moment.
"I wonder where these shoes took you, all the while I wasn't paying attention, I wonder if you kept all those clothes I left at your place. I wonder if you despised me for disappearing, if I deserve any answer at all, if hugging you will make you stay. Just how long could I hug you to prevent you from looking away like you should, just how long can I retain you after what I did?"
Dabin took all the responsibility, he had for the last years, although just to himself, still it felt right. Just like their closeness felt right no matter how sudden and hopeless. The lights shut down partly, plunging them in their familiar semi-darkness for their old times. That was all Dabin thought though the real reason was that the library would close its doors soon, certainly and all attendees were silently being invited to leave.
★ kim jungwoo 5 months ago
@★ hong dabin Jungwoo was looking through every book, to see if he could find the one he was looking for. He asked the librarian when he walked in where he might be able to find it, though she said they might have all been taken out, but to look and see just in case there was one left. Even though he wasn't taking it out, it made him happy for himself to see his work out, even if he just edited it his name was still credited on the books.
While he was looking in a specific area he was now looking towards the bottom of the bookshelf when he suddenly heard a voice above him, calling out nugget. he hesitated trying to figure out why that sounded so familiar. He jumped up and looked at the other with wide eyes.
He couldn't believe it, he still didn't say anything, but he knew the other knew he remembered him. Jungwoo wrapped his arms around the others shoulders. "I-it's been so long..." He whispered softly as he held the other close to him.
★ hong dabin 5 months ago
@kim jungwoo If Dabin had properly read the credits of the book he held, he would have known why Jungwoo was all over his mind just now. But truth was, rare were the days when he didn't think of his childhood crush, the typical boy next door he never felt quite ready to confess with words. They shared a close friendship with chill sounds and pretty pictures, pastels, nature and the little static before vinyls played the soundtrack to their secret world of secret night hang outs and stargaze.
Jungwoo was a living myth and a missed opportunity to Dabin but never would he collect the courage to text Jungwoo, a couple years after the success of his prod studio. That being said, he was forced to make a step closer to his ex best friend when he recognized him in the library. How could they meet so randomly again, how would he let this opportunity pass.
"Hey nugget."
Dabin smiled a little awkwardly, mentally slapping himself for even mentionning the nickname he'd give Jungwoo when the latter was silent.
Dabin closed his book and set him on a shelf, anywhere without paying attention.
"I-I..." he sighed, bracing himself for what his friend would say.
"I missed you." His eyes scrutinized the other shamelessly like he used too .
★ kim jungwoo 6 months ago
@★ hong dabin It's been a long day for Jungwoo, he's had to send multiple emails, and call many people and had to deal with many people in general. He's usually fine with having to deal with many people, but when it comes to work and them not doing their job, it honestly gets annoying. So he's happy the days over, and he can go home. But then he remembered that a book he help edit, and pretty much helped create was supposed to hit the shelves today, so he went to the closest library near him, and walked in and started looking for the book.
★ hong dabin 6 months ago
@kim jungwoo Nothing makes you love music like the library. The place has fascinating acoustic yet no sounds are tolerated.
Dabin usually keeps his ear buds in everywhere but in that place, he removes them, wandering the architecture department. Soon Dabin is leaning agains a large wooden shelf, eyes lost in a rather large book about gothic constructions. He peeks up only when someone passes by and that itself is pretty rare in that department around 8 pm.
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@★ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ We can get both bears and worms~ Whatever it is you'd like.
*turns to smile at you, finding every action of yours just enough to melt my heart*
Ahh-- I mean just laying out in the night.. cool air, no one around. It's quite romantic~
♡ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ 6 months ago
@♡ lee jinki there are worm gummies? I want to try those!
/quickly hushes my tone, my voice having spiked up a little too loud for a split second./
/the soft purrs lightly rumbling in my chest at the head peck, nuzzling your arm whilst swaying my tail in an affectionate manner./
The stars-- i can actually see the stars... It's weird, but i can... so i like that idea
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@★ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ Yes, sweets~ We can get gummy bears. I prefer gummy worms, the sour kind. What about peanut butter cups, hm? Those are my favorite~
*smiles and turns to press a kiss to the top of your head, enjoying having someone so close before gathering the books and nodding my head towards the librarian before we take our leave*
I think we're going to have a really good night,Yutaro. You, me.. an open sky. We could watch the stars if it gets dark too quick, as well.
♡ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ 6 months ago
@♡ lee jinki /nods with a bright smile on my lips, purring gently as i nuzzle against your arm a bit./
Sweets? Oh gummy candy. Like gummy bears. The texture is very weird and it gets slimey, but it's really yummy
/nofs, silently agreeing with myself as i focus mt attention on the person scanning each book, the little beeping noise the machine made causes my ears to twitch./
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@★ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ *purses my lips, wondering if it'd be a good idea before finally shaking my head*
Let's grab a couple waters by a gas station first, then we'll go read in the park.
*smiles as we reach the counter, placing all the books down along with my library card*
Do you want any sweets when we get there?
♡ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ 6 months ago
@♡ lee jinki /my cheeks now flush a deep red, smiling at the compliment that seemed to warm up my body./
"beautiful.. " /whispers under my breath with a tiny chuckle./
/paying attention once more, i follow along easily, keeping close to you so i wouldn't bump into any shelves or people sitting./ alcohol?
I've never had that.
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@★ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ If you cry... Yutaro, I will be here to wipe your tears and whisper how beautiful you look.
*smiles and watches you curiously before pulling back to grab a few other fairy tail books before taking your hand and guiding you towards the checkout*
I feel like we should grab some drinks... can you have alcohol?
♡ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ 6 months ago
@♡ lee jinki /smiles up at you, my cheeks tinted a soft pink, tail swaying excitedly behind me./
Of course they will be. But a sad story will make me cry.. and i dont want you to see me crying..
It would be embarrassing . /my ears twitch at the distant sound of someone dropping a book on a table./
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@★ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ ((in same!))

I can be a good teacher, when I stop goofing off~
*laughs and carefully slides my hand into your back pocket, feeling a little more comfortable since our previous confessions*
All our memories will be happy. Even when we're reading a sad story.. the fact that we're together will make it a perfect memory.
♡ lee taemin 6 months ago
@★ park yuri it's incredible, to me. it's just - heartbreaking. but that's okay, all to their own. i'm not too much of a book guy anyway.
breathes out a soft chuckle while flipping the slip back and forth, soon pursing my lips
you know morse? i'm not - very good with it.
releases another small laugh while setting the book back on the shelf, soon raising the slip closer to me with a warm smile.
i know this one, i love you too most.
flips the paper around while releasing a low 'huh'.
the --- t, oh no, next, ha. the next code is in.... our.. bedroom?
★ park yuri 6 months ago
@♡ lee taemin i remember reading it, but i--don't...think...i..um really...liked it
he admitted cautiously as he dropped his hands
there's two in that one. the one in the front and the one in the back.
he informed the other while pointing to the book

[ front ] .. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-
[ back ] -.-- --- ..- .-. / -. . -..- - / -.-. .-.. ..- . / .. ... / .. -. / --- ..- .-. / -... . -.. .-. --- --- --
♡ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ 6 months ago
@♡ lee jinki [] i kept checking the ic room omg ;;

That would be nice. I like learning things, and im sure you would make a great teacher!
/smiles and nods, swaying my tail side to side, having not understood the ed joke, i chuckle along anyway /
Hmm..light! Positivity is key for a good life.
Besides, i want the first story for you to read to me is something nice and happy.
♡ lee taemin 6 months ago
@★ park yuri mm, i'm more of an ernest hemingway kind of guy. a farewell to arms beats all books.
follows your direction down the hall, soon stepping foot into the library. as we arrive, i head towards where the book would be located before humming
here we are,
flips through the pages before picking out a note with a grin
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@♡ yutaro goto That's unfortunate.. I'd love to teach you anything you want to know.
*moves my other hand to cup your cheek, running my thumb over the soft skin*
Romance makes me feel good too.. something about people finding out they belong to each other is heartwarming. Not to mention the scenes afterwards, right?
*laughs softly at my own y joke before reaching up to grab the book, only to pause*
Uh.. looks like there are multiple kinds. Are you looking for a more.. dark or light tale?
♡ yutaro gotoᵇᵉⁿᵍᵃˡ 6 months ago
@★ lee jinki /nods silently at the mention of you sticking to my side, clinging onto your arm whilst trying to take in the unfamiliar scents of thr bystanders sitting aside with their books./ History buff? I dont know much about history...i wasn't taught much whenit comes to that sort of stuff.
/a soft, faint purr erupts in my chest when your hand finds its way to my waist, enjoying the contact./
Romantic? Yes, i like romance. It makes me feel good.
★ lee jinki 6 months ago
@♡ yutaro goto Well, I'll stay by your side to guide you. If you'd like.
*bows my head to the librarian before turning towards the fairy tale section, quietly looking over each option*
I like many books, most are sweet and nice though-- I guess you'd say I'm a history buff. I like learning about the past.
*moves my arm to around your waist, gently easing your body closer to mine to allow a couple of students to pass as I grin down at you*
I'm guessing you're looking for romantic books and whatnot?
♡ park jiminᵍʳᶦᵐ ʳᵉᵃᵖᵉʳ [A] 6 months ago
@★ park jeup Carnivals aren't his style, people aren't really his style, but the fried food, the cotton candy, the oreos that are way too mushy in the middle, that's his style. The eclectic bunch of people around him, pushing through with laughter, adrenaline junkies trembling as they get off their latest little rush, and words of 'that was so amazing,' leaving their lips. All of it is a sound that he's not used to, but that he does enjoy if it means he gets to riddle his insides with layers of batter. He'd work it off later. There's a hunt tonight, one that he's organized himself, by himself, for himself! The best. Him, of course. . . So, maybe he didn't have friends. Not that bad for someone that wears their loneliness with pride; there's only the state of mind of being alone, and being alone isn't so terribly bad.

What's terribly bad is the saccharine overload of cherry on him. Right under his nose, soaking through his shirt and pants, sticking to his chest and even dripping on his shoes. Cherry, thick, heavy, and so many 'sorry's reaching his ears as a girl with glasses far too big for her face, and cheeks as red as the syrup can she handles. She must work at one of the stalls. "It's alright!" He reassures, wondering where the closest laundromat is; his corn dog feast would have to wait. And that's where his adventure begins, bringing his sweet smelling self all the way down to the Coin-n-Wash, dragging his fingers through the cherry every now and then - because he wants to see if the taste changes, he rationalizes. Only one there, a good sign at that - the syrup had soaked all the way through, but thankfully not to his boxers. He could live with the hem stained cherry, would give him a good scent, and make the ants love him.

He has no shame, standing there in nothing but his skivvies, putting the clothes in the washer, and leaning on the rumbling, overused machine. Another scent, a ring of the bell - his head lifts, and he stairs towards the man who'd just walked in, not even taking note of how ridiculous he looks. His body glistens with the sticky residue, and his white boxers have that rim of red to decorate, matched with his unkempt hair, and the usual wild look in his eyes ........ Jimin merely waves in response to the meek 'hi', pushing from the machine. He ... Why's he so afraid? He scoots closer, feet scuffling against the ground, leaning against the dryer, now, to get a better look at the man with the v neck. "How come your all pale?" In regards to the blanched features he'd suddenly taken on, and his lack of filter, Jimin's question is nearly innocent. He hints that he knows he's scared. But how come? Ain't he ever see a guy nearly before? Jimin stops, and reaches down to his socks... Out of Jeup's view ....

And pulls out an extra coin for him! So he could leave his clothes in the wash for 15 extra minutes. He looks like he has a big load, Jeup does. Maybe that's what he's so worried about.

★ park jeup 7 months ago
@♡ park jimin (not exactly in the library but it works)

Closing shifts never sat well with Jeup. No one was around other than a couple college students cramming for midterms or typing out novels in guise of research essays. The moment he picked up the intercom to let out a velvety, "The library will be closing in fifteen minutes, please exit with your belongings" was the scariest part of this all because within the next quarter of an hour, he'd be alone with no one nearby for when he locked up. It was all that stupid stalkers fault. Jeup had been on edge for years now even when nothing new happened pertaining to the incident. Thinking about it would just cloud his mind up... He hates closing shifts because of that time and almost always refuses them, but he needed the money right now. The laundry machine back at his apartment was fried and he'd be making trips to the laundromat for the next who-knows-how-long. His landlord was a cheap who'd put off fixing his machine till the last second.

Lock up was scary enough, but now he had to stroll down a block or two with his laundry bag which he'd stowed underneath his desk. Aisle 1, historical texts, empty. Aisle 9, non-fiction, empty. Just as he was about to reach for his keys, he swore he heard a noise, heart pounding against his chest when he realized it was just the soft noise of his boots against the carpet. Jesus, he's out. Given another five minutes, Jeup snatched his bag up and was running off the property, like someone was chasing him. In his mind, someone was always after him and he was still unfortunately dealing with the paranoia.

The man reaches the laundromat in record time, out of breath from his ever increasing sprint. There was only one other guy in here, but he looked small. Jeup could take him if he really needed to; he'd been working out for the past four years, so there was no way he'd lose with the muscles he had hidden underneath a simple v-neck and jacket. Skinny jeans probably didn't suit his thick thighs. "...Hi." Jeup established some recognition of the presence in the room before quietly unloading his laundry into a machine down the line from the strang- Whoa, is this guy in his boxers? And holy , he was loading in what he thought was blood-stained clothes. Oh my god, Jeup was going to be sick, an eerie feeling oozing down his spine. This guy was a nut and he was either sent here to turn his life upside down or it was by pure coincidence that Jeup was about to be murdered by this serial killer for spotting the evidence of his last hit. ...Who was he kidding, nothing in this world could be so coincidental! His heart rate was already through the roof, breathing audibly increasing to a level where his lungs could hardly keep up. , he was panicking too much.
♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
I ♡ Baek


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Jongup's finally leaving. Thanks for the memories.
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felix is leaving orz
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So I'll leave as character..but I'll probs stay as an admin.
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i was wondering if the reservation for park jimin has ended? if not, i can pick someone else.
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so jinyoung and hyungwon are leaving bUT
let me know if you guys revamp/open a new rp
thank you so much for the lovely memories and take care of yourselves < 3
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Sen is leaving unfortunately
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cole sprouse taking my leave
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I'm sorry but jeonghan has left, i lost my muse for him ;;
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