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♡ hwang kumsungᵃⁿᵍᵉˡ 5 months ago
@★ oh sehun Sure thing, if you would follow~
/starts heading off in one direction towards the main rooms of the mansion/
As for rules.. There's not many- here in the manison you can interest with all of the boyfriends and get to know them before ordering. Your first trail is for a week and is free~ so that's fun.
/nods a bit/
Plus there's litteraly any type of boyfriend you could want.
★ hong siyoung 6 months ago
@♡ byun baekhyun Siyoung was lost in his thoughts when he felt it. Maybe it was the smell of danger or money, maybe it was the ethereal looks of the club owner that made his aura unable to miss. He forgot himself at the simple sight of the male in his coat. "Nice to meet you." He said once he had collected himself to be polite, responsive at all. He shook hands without even looking at the hand. The red eyes had him busy enough. They did just turn red and Siyoung supposed it was one of the many things the Owner of BAB could do considering all attributes Boyfriends were allowed to have. He nodded before he retrieved his hand. Did people actually dare not showing themselves when asked kindly for a meet up with someone as enigmatic as Byun Baekhyun or was Siyoung the fool for showing up. Speaking of showing up, he couldn't deny the presence of the pointy horns on top of the male's soft blond hair, like a dark cloud in a clear blue summer sky, unexpected. There was definitely something sinful about the deity looks and the demon attributes, a choice Siyoung attributed to fashion only, just to rid himself of the fear of the unknown. Why should there be powers when he had seen none for himself?
"It might be a trap to say yes to having a drink on a job interview so just to be clear, I'm making a lucid choice to relax a little tonight. Just a scotch please." He asked with an appreciative smile for the gesture.
“The Boyfriends; they are a wonder. I happen to be in the field to make things with science and I know their behavior could only mean endless coding; loops and loops of conditions. Your creations, they…” He breathed out. “They seem to have free will like any human. Who wouldn’t be curious about how they are made? Having one Boyfriend made me realize I could never, in a lifetime, design and think out even a single percent of a Boyfriend. It’s a frustration and a curiosity to me.” He smiled a little and about this moment, he noticed the heart-shaped tail tip.
“I- hm... know I’m the lucky one for being interviewed on such a short notice but if you could answer my question, I might feel a little less tense: Why is it my profile you retained? I bet you must be getting spontaneous applications everyday and I didn’t have that pretension yet, so what made me stand out?”
Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was a sly reason, a schedule hidden from him, but Siyoung just needed the insight to somewhat feel comfortable with the unexpected job offer. I saw no way he wouldn’t accept the position and would maybe regret it someday but, gazing at the singular business man, he knew this was a one in a lifetime offer.
♡ byun baekhyunᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ [A] 6 months ago
@★ hong siyoung Dressed in a pair of tight black jeans and a red blouse, a leopard patterned coat on top, Baekhyun entered the penthouse area, blond hair styled, a beautiful pair of short yet sharp black horns between his golden locks on top of his head. His long slender tail was well hidden by the coat, only the heart-shaped tip poking out as he walked, taking confident steps towards the male sitting on the sofa, the anxiety easy to notice. The demon stopped in front of the other, body position straight, head kept up and a playful smile clinging to his rosy lips. "I'm glad you came, Mr. Siyoung." The demon's voice was sweet, almost alluring as he reached out, holding out his hand to shake the other's but not before introducing himself, trying to follow human's etiquette. " I'm Byun Baekhyun, the owner of Build a Boyfriend." Baekhyun revealed his identity with no hesitation, not afraid but more like amused by the humans' expressions when he'd show himself in front of them in all his beauty, demonic features and brownish eyes turning into a crimson color. " Before we talk business, let me get you a drink.What will you have?" the blond asked, gesturing to one of the waiters to approach them after they shook hands, the demon carefree as he took a sit on the sofa, legs crossed and the sly smile never erasing off his face. " Tell me why are you interested in working for me."
★ hong siyoung 7 months ago
@♡ byun baekhyun Siyoung felt particularly playful for expecting and receiving a reply so fast. It was the kind of thrill he used to get when messaging strangers on webboards and seeing the friendly exchanges lose all ceremony in order to convey the urgency of a potential fling. Only here, it was the excitation to be meeting the owner of the flourishing Boyfriend business, out of nowhere.
With a couple hours on his hands and the location of the upcoming interview, Siyoung tried doing some digging on the place they were to meet at. Not so many could brag about getting interviewed in some fancy nightclub in the middle of the night, unless he was to work in one. Siyoung easily found out that the club actually belonged to the mysterious owner of BAB, and again, rumors easily connected to his search, from irrelevant to quite startling. He wondered how many reports about a demon he should read before taking them altogether seriously. What got the best of him was the images of the trendy people spotted in that nightclub. What scared him most was to be denied at the doors simply because he picked his outfit poorly.
His shower somewhat helped him forget about the tails, because how on Earth could a business man be anything else than an actual man?
He picked an oversized black shirt, dark denim and his favorite -black- sneakers. He owned no suit but his clothes were at least expensive for nothing. With his glasses and coat on, he supposed the business man knew what to expect from him and Siyoung hoped he wasn't supposed to go out of his ways in a game where he'd be lying about himself.
Once inside, he realized the stress was still there, his stomach churning as he recognized parts of the nightclub. He was taken to a VIP room and only then did he regret a few things, like not bringing a resume or paper at all. His phone had everything but hell he wanted the job, he wanted it so much it made no sense he had no idea what to expect whatsoever of the position offered.
He sat on the edge of the sofa, as if he could still bolt quietly anytime, as if he even wanted to, messing his lightly curled hair with one hand, the other a fist a large pocket of his jeans. His eyes followed a waiter and the drinks he carried, deadly in need of a couple of these at least. Then he'd loosen up and the view from the penthouse would most certainly take his breath away.
♡ byun baekhyunᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ [A] 7 months ago
@★ hong siyoung Baekhyun stood up on his feet, chair pushed back, ready to leave and return to his tasks however he stopped after only one taken step when the screen lighten up, a -new message- popping up. Rosy lips parted, little sharp fangs showing as the demon smiled, an amused smile once he saw the sender's id. He did not expect such a fast reply. Returning to his seat, his eyes moving from a corner to another as he read word after word of the short answer he received. " Funny human." Baekhyun muttered while his fingers found themselves back on the keyboard, working on a reply, not wanting to give the human the chance and time to change his mind. The message was short, no need for many words, just the time and location. " Midnight. Lux." Were the keywords. Baekhyun rarely showed himself in the city before the night fell. being one of the night creatures, stronger in the darkness. He owned a nightclub in the city, Lux, using it as a meeting point for anything business related and whenever his hunger became insupportable, having to consume human souls to survive and what better place to easily get his hands on some than a luxurious nightclub. Three hours until midnight. Time passed fast as he made all the preparations for their meeting, the contract, the vip reservation under the name of Hong S. and so on. Everything was ready.
Lux was crowded that night, like any night. Entering inside, Baekhyung stood on the platform overlooking the main area, a man dressed in a black suit came up the stairwell to him, whispering to his ear before bowing and leaving. The human arrived and was waiting in the vip room - that's what he was told. Baekhyun wasted no more time and found his way to one of the elevators, the only way to reach the upper level of the building, the penthouse.
★ hong siyoung 7 months ago
@♡ byun baekhyun Siyoung was about to switch off his laptop when his mail alert rings, the kind of aerial tone that doesn’t prepare him for the mail he opens and stiffen before. Guilt tenses his body, because he’s been expecting a mail from the BAB but for very different reason than an interview. He blinks and reads the piece over and over, picking up new details that slowly but surely lead him to nudge away the fact that he’s doing some distant espionnage with his Boyfriends -or at least, he intended to.
The bleached haired man sits back just for a minute. His first concern goes for the number of inquiries he might have been sending as it seemed it brought attention to him. His second, was for the confidentiality contract: he knew he wouldn’t ever be able to even compete with the product BAB made, but he feared they’d even prevent him to even try at home for his own entertainment. And then there’s the mention of magic, which Siyoung refused to even look at so far, because logic was all he knew and had. But maybe it was about time to learn about alchemy and its applications to high technologies. His last concern, though not the least, went out for his current job, to which he could only shrug: he was hooked on the Boyfriend concept from the start and he couldn’t imagine refusing a job offer.
Siyoung smiles, replies and hits Send exactly two minutes after the receiving the mail.

_______ Dear Byun B.,
I definitely am intrigued and interested in your job offer.
I shall await the time and place of your choice.
Hong Siyoung_______

He breathes out and sleeping is no longer in his plans. Siyoung waits, hopes for a quick answer, for a peek at the contract and more importantly to meet the mysterious Byun B. Rumors reached his ears, none he wished to simply believe until he was asked for a meet-up. He kept refreshing the page, nervously, fingers tapping on the edge of his desk as his mind took the unadvised trip to the place where his creativity met with the rumors, a gargoyle flashing in his mind, dressed in an overly expensive suit, rattling cages of the previous employees. And still, he clicked, hoping to meet the CEO before he’d sleep, preferably.
♡ byun baekhyunᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ [A] 7 months ago
@★ hong siyoung Underground, hidden from the world and surrounded by unknown there's Baekhyun, a sly smile curled up his lips as his short yet delicate fingers brush ever so gently over the black keyboard, his round dark eyes focused on the screen as word after word is being typed in. He's humming a familiar tone, a recent top chart song that haunted his mind for the past days. His long charcoal tail is swaying slowly behind him, his legs crossed as he sits on the metallic chair, elbows resting on the wooden table. The demon pauses, the sound of fingertips against the board's keys ceasing for a short while before the male, with a satisfied grin, presses the enter button, a private message getting sent to a human somewhere in the faraway city.

===Dear Hong Siyoung,
I'm writing to you in hope you'll be interested in me offering you to work for me. I am the owner of this site and I've noticed your interest in my products, especially the technical ones. I received all your questions you sent through the contact section. I can answer all of them and share even more but only with one condition: work for me. If you agree you, I will set up a meeting place where you can sign a confidentiality contract then introduce you to my own world where science and magic cross paths.
I hope to be hearing from you soon,
Byun B.====
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★ kim youngbinᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
@♡ wang junkai [ lol im not sure if this is open for everyone- ]
♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
I ♡ Baek
♡ wang junkai 7 months ago
Junkai's eyes scanned the area as he walked around the mansion grounds, memorizing his surroundings. The warmth of the sun and the gentleness of the wind caressing his body. Coming to a stop at a fountain, Junkai closed his eyes and let a smile form on his lips. Was this how human's felt when they were at peace?


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