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♡ kim bobae 2 weeks ago
@♡ andré hamann Bobae could only smile in amusement at the other boyfriend's reply, he looked over his shoulder at him, the amused smile still plastered on his face. "But you arent seeing wires, you'll see /flesh/ and /skin/." He commented, actually liking the other didnt give in to the offer, makes his games end so fast and it'd be boring. He turned to the other fully, leaning against the table he was exploring, nodding as he look around. "It looks very nice." He took his body off the table to stride over to stop the other. "Wait-- what am I supposed to do now? I just know that Im something called "boyfriend". I asked them but they told me you shall tell me." Bobae lowered his hand before it could touch the other, shrugging his shoulders and looking at the other anticipatingly.
♡ andré hamann 2 weeks ago
@♡ kim bobae [h] André scoffed slightly at other's haughty attitude, guessing this man was probably designed specially for someone who liked overconfidence if there was anyone like that out there but André would bet there were people like that as well. It rubbed André the wrong way though but he didn't retort anything back about that to the latter. "I've played around with too many machines and wires to think I'd drop on my just from looking at another one," he lifted one brow up as he leaned against the door frame after the other slipped into the room.
He simply followed him with his gaze to his bedroom while he remained standing by the threshold only to be further ignored for a while. This he could understand though as the new boyfriend got to closely examine the room which was made to fit his personal tastes and likings. So this was rather a happy moment for most of them. "I take it as you like your bedroom," he said after a short while before adding "...and my job is done here."
♡ kim bobae 2 weeks ago
@♡ andré hamann When the other sniffed him, Bobae furrowed his brow and craned his head away from the sniff out of reflex before he secretly sniff himself and put a shower first on his to do list. He raised a brow at the lubing part, wondering if the other had another, dirty meaning to it and shake his head as he bit down on his tongue to hold backa dirty retort to that. The new boy rolled his eyes at the man's comment on his supposed to be secretive action before a faint smirk, mimicking the other's, appear on his pouty lips. "And give you the honor to see me ? Let alone the first to?" He raised a brow at him as if seeing him was a privilege before he slip between the boyfriend and the open door to add a sly remark. "But then, exhibitionism is one of my things." With that rather inviting remark, Bobae slipped inside the room, looking around the room that seemd just exactly to his taste. He almost forgot he was programmed and his room set to his likings he was programmed to. His eyes fell on the hard to miss canvas stand and acrylic colors and brushes on the table by the canvas that got to the boy to be mesmerized being programmed to love arts and anything artistry. He ran his fingertips gently over the brushes, smiling at how fluffy and brand new they were, forgetting about the other's existence.
♡ andré hamann 2 weeks ago
@♡ kim bobae [h] André could feel the stranger's gaze on him but didn't even blink in reaction to that as he was already used to being watched out of curiosity, ogled for looks, observed to be figured out by various customers who were trying to find someone who would fit their particular tastes. He was still able to recall up to this day the week he spent in the standby mode closed in the display window for the special promotion the company held two months ago.
The male stopped and quietly sniffed a little the air around the other man. "That explains the slight stench of novelty and...oil. Remember, proper and regular lubing is your best friend especially when you're brand new shiny," he sneered a bit to himself, shaking his head before he reached for the handle of the door and peeked back at the new boyfriend who seemed to be a bit too curious of his own body. "Don't worry, once we get to your room you can check yourself out properly, I will hold the mirror for you if you'd like me to," André said with another small smirk.
♡ kim bobae 2 weeks ago
@♡ andré hamann Once his eyes landed on his 'companion', Bobae boldly and shamelessly looked the other up and down, a brow raising up beneath his long dark fringe. "I /am/ new." He confirmed, brushing his hair out his face only for it to fall back but he leave it be then. "Or so Im told." He added, following the bigger man closely. He couldnt help but look at the man's broad shoulders and taking a glance at himself and how small he was, taking in the size difference and wondering what other type of boyfriends they create. Absentmindedly and curiously, Bobae tuggged the collar of his robe a bit to peek into inside it at his own body before he let go when the other seemed to stop, dropping his hand by his side, the sleeve sliding down his arm again and the new boyfriend already liking the feel of silk against his skin.
♡ andré hamann 2 weeks ago
@♡ kim bobae [h] André didn't expect someone would halt his walk through the mansion hall and it surely came in the worst moment possible as he just carried a box with a ball of tangled colourful wires and other tools which would have to wait for a bit as he was asked a different task. There was really no space for protests as long as he didn't want to end up in another strenuous impromptu maintenance check so he waited by the door for when the new boyfriend was released. He came out wearing only bathrobe as was typical for various check ups and André didn't recognize the man but back again he wasn't twice social so he could be both brand new or just needed a fixing. "Looking shiny as new, huh?" he muttered under his beard instead of greeting before motioning forwards and taking first steps towards the wing of the building dedicated to boyfriend's rest. "Well, follow me."
♡ kim bobae 2 weeks ago
@♡ andré hamann After his very first activation, Bobae looked around the place curiously, few people around him observing him and discussing while one of them cover his body with a while silky bathrobe that he was oblivious about. Instinctly, Bobae tightened the robe around his slim body and then he was asked about basic things, his name, his age and what is he. After answering all, one of them called for someone who seemed to be passing by or by the door way of the room, asking the newcomer to take Bobae to his assigned room.
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I smiled widely at you before raising a brow, “ really? That’s great for him I hope it works out..” blinked a few times before leaning in, “ what does it mean then?” Whispers quietly before humming lowly, “I have already my friend is teaching me as he is very experienced.”
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Namjoon chuckled at his words and nodded. "Hmm I'll be site to meet him first before I put in a request for anyone " chuckled to himself and nods. "Hmm not actually.. it's not bad.. it's good.. really really good.. but probably not what someone who wants to buy him should think when buying him" he chuckled biting his lips. "Hmm I'm sure you will learn lost and lots of new things"
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I nodded quickly before smiling brightly, “I don’t where he is now probably learning or doing whatever but I’m pretty sure you could go request him and then you could meet him?” I shrugged giving off a small hum, “ how come? Is it bad?” I pouted up st you before raising a brow, “ I am trying to learn still
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Namjoonchuckled softly nodding. "oh really? i must meet his cute boyfriend if you recommend him so much~ im sure i can give him as much attention as he would like" Lets out a gasp at your words and glops chuckling. "Haha minsung-ah.. you shouldnt say that about him~ but thank you for letting me know~" chuckles softly listening to the information. "ahh~ i see~ hmm dont worry im sure you have enough time to learn as much as you need to"
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I nodded slowly while I listened to you before grinning, “ he is very clinging... may not act like it because he is too shy but he wants a lot of attention.” I swayed in my spot with a hum, “ he is cute I believe he has DSLs I don’t know what that means but I heard about it before in the context of him.” I nodded quickly before pursing my lips, “ I have the body of a 20 year old but I was built less than a month ago. I still have many things to learn.”
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Namjoon chuckled nodding. "Yup.. rich as in the money He chuckled softly and nods" hmm i am.. but i dont want just any body, im looking forsomeone who would keep me company too" he chuckled and nods" Wahh~ he must be super cute if you are offering him to me!!" he chuckled nodding "ohh really? then how old are you minsung-shii?"
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I nodded slowly before tilting my head back to look back up st your face, “ rich like money?” I hummed softly before grinning, “ are you looking for a boyfriend perhaps?” I bit my lip taking a look around,” I’m not sure where he is now but I have a friend Seokjin and he is a kitty. You might like him actually he isn’t childish like me but still might be considered immature?” I nodded slightly before grinning, “ I think we were made at around the same time.”
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Namjoon chuckes softly at his round eyes and softly messed his hair a little. "hmm~ i guess you could say that, although not really special.. i guess rich?"Chuckleing namjoon nodded. "Nice to meet you minsung-ahh, im namjoon"
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I stared at you before scanning over you with round eyes, “ Oh? ... why are you here then? I never seen a customer in here? Are you special?” I tilted my head curiously while hugging billy closer to me,” My name is Minsung, who are you?”
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Namjoon chuckled as he looked at the doll. "ahh billy it is then~" he laughed and then chuckled tilting his head to the side. "built? ahh you must've been mistaken.. im not a boyfriend" He chuckled with a raised eyebrow at him.
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I hummed as I returned to myself when you were out of my sight. After a while when you came up to my i blinked up st you in pure curiousity, “ thank you so much... his name is Billy... as in billy goat.” I chuckled lightly before smiling up at you, “I haven’t seen you around before... were you just made.”
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Namjoon blinked as he walked past him as he was lead inside. However, he couldn't get the image out of his mind of how cute he looked almost childlike sitting there playing with his doll. He chuckled shaking his head as he began to talk to the mansion owner making sure to meet the boy before he left. After another hour or so he was let to wonder for himself meeting possible boyfriends. He kept walking around until he saw the same doll in the hands of the boy as he slowly approached him. "thats a cute goat" he said as he sat across from him.
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon I began to hum out before whispering to my goat, “I think that is a new boyfriend don’t you... he doesn’t have any animal like ears or tail so he MUST be a new android like me and Jino.” I grinned happily before watching you walk by. “How should we interact i don’t know what kind of android he maybe..” I mumbled softly before pouting not realizing how much I’m staring.
★ kim namjoon [sh] 1 month ago
@kim minsung Smiling as he was greeted by the manger and or the owner of the mansion namjoon followed the male. Out of the corner of his eye soemthing however caught his eyes. Blinking he looked over to the fully grown man, he assumed, playing with a doll, throwing it around and playing with it. However the smile on his face and the innocent way he was doing so somehow melted his heart finding it rather cute and childlike.
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 month ago
@kim namjoon It was another exciting day at the mansion. Even though I didn’t have any of my friends around I took this time to focus on myself and wander around the place once again with my goat plushy, billy. I sat at the front of the mansion watching everyone and everything go by while hugging him. I became curious when I saw a new face around the entrance way. I never seen him though I just thought he was a new boyfriend like I was as I haven’t met a customer at the mansion before so I went back to my business playing with Billy making him do flips and jumps and all sorts of dances not realizing how out of the ordinary I may seem.
♡ kim bobae 1 month ago
@♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ Seating the boy on his bed with a smile, Bobae sat right next to Hyunjin, his silk kimono parts open as he crossed his legs, barely covering anything. Supporting his body on a palm as his upper body turning to face Hyunjin, Bobae tucked his hair away behind his ear and spoke. "You want to know how to please people you say huh? Well~ it depends on the person you meet. You could tell what type of people they are. Ones who are overly dominant and only want you to submit fully, this shouldn't be very tough to learn, you simply give in to your desires and let them do as they please." Bobae started to explain, his other hand coming to rest on Hyunjin's knee, soon mindlessly drawing patterns on his thigh with his slender fingers. "You just gotta be good at displaying how pleasurable it is for you, praising their actions and what they do to your body. I'm sure this is not hard for you at all. I feel you are naturally this type. Most dominant guys like small and cute babies and you have this so I think most of the customers who gonna try or purchase you would be in this category. But~ you can't be boring and just sit there and receive." He spoke seriously, explaining from experience before his tone turn playful yet again, a sly grin on his lips as his hand stopped making pattern and gave Hyunjin's thigh a squeeze. "There is something called coy play. Or I at least call it that way. Use the innocent pure boy card while doing the dirtiest thing." He leaned closer to Hyunjin as if whispering him a secret even though it was only the two of them in the room, his hand sliding higher on his thigh but stopping before it reaches anywhere else.
♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ 1 month ago
@♡ kim bobae hyunjin was always admiring bobae whenever he saw him, and now that he was actually in the other's vicinity, he felt a bit nervous. he had always heard rumors about the other's skill as a boyfriend and, though completely embarrassed, he was quite happy to have this dilemma and come talk to him. shyly ducking his face at the playful tap, his cheeks were dusted with a rosy red hue at the implied dirty thoughts. "ah - i, no i .,," he gave up his protests, simply hanging his head as he bit as his lower lip and followed after the older male. his hands were beautiful, showing off that artists were truly on another level of aesthetic beauty. as the reached the bed, hyunjin found himself growing more nervous by the second as his mind raced with curiosity as to how he would be educated.
♡ kim bobae 1 month ago
@♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ Amused smile on his plump lips that go thinner, Bobae had to hold back a coo at how cute the other boy looked. A lost, confused and flustered little boy. When Hyunjin mentioned his work, Bobae looked over his shoulder and ran a hand through his dark long hair to comb it out his vision before he turn to the younger male again, nodding. "Yeah I was. Wanna see?" He smiled but soon his smile turned into wide one, hoping it wasn't scary for the other but the other's request had him really cooing this time. "Awwwh see what our young incubus is worrying about. You got some serious thoughts there huh?" He lifted his hand to tap his finger against Hyunjin's temple with a sly smile, referring to how dirty the other must have been thinking. "You came to the right place. Come here." He lowered his hand from his temple, making sure his finger hover down hyunjin's temple untill he break his hold of his shirt and take hold of his hand instead, guiding him to his messy bed.
♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ 1 month ago
@♡ kim bobae taking a deep breath, hyunjin waited until he felt the heat of embarrassment settle down before turning back around to face bobae, awkwardly clearing his throat as his eyes flittered around the room. finally glancing up at the other male, he was grateful to see the other in a kimono, the smooth silk complimenting the other's soft and gentle features. biting nervously at his lips, he tried to figure out how to word his dilemma as he fidgeted in place. "ah, were you painting, hyung?" bobae's artwork was always captivating and the younger boy was almost distracted for a moment until he shook his head. "um, well, i was just wondering .,," he his lips, wondering how he could ask of such a thing from someone. "could you please teach me some techniques or strategies to properly please someone ??" hyunjin gripped onto the hem of his shirt, hanging his head in embarrassment as he blurted out whatever he could think of in that moment.
♡ kim bobae 2 months ago
@♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ Working on a new painting, Bobae was sitting by his canvas, but of a pair of black briefs covering his private areas, legs slightly spread, brush in his hands as he made few , a slow heavenly music playing in the background to seal the peaceful atmosphere. Soon that atmosphere got violated when someone crashed into his room. Surprised, brush drop from his hand, Bobar looked over the ajar door, shaking his head slightly to get his long dark bangs away from his sight to now see Hyunjin clinging to the wall and closing his eyes. He couldn't help but smile, holding back a coo as he got up and made his way to the young boy. "Hellp there, Hyunjin baby." He shook his head as he ran his hand through his hair, brushing it back and stood right before the boy. He went down, eyes teasingly fixated on the boy before he catch a gray silk kimono on the floor by Hyunjin's feet. He stood up and put on his kimono, not bothering to wrap it around his slim body, at least he was respecting the young boy's embarrassment and uncomfortable. "Nah. This must be urgent, seeing how your barges into my room. What's wrong?" He waved a hand, catching some streaks of paint on his hand and making a mental note to wash his hands asap.
♡ hwang hyunjinᶦⁿᶜᵘᵇᵘˢ 2 months ago
@♡ kim bobae the young boy paced back and forth. he had just been informed that he was being considered for another trial session but for some reason, he couldn't calm his nerves. this wasn't anything new -- he'd been requested many times but he was always returned so quickly. though it was obvious that his customers were all clearly looking for a toy and not a real partner, hyunjin couldn't help but feel as if he was doing something wrong .,, or maybe he wasn't good enough. clenching his jaw, he finally made up his mind as he his heels to march over to a certain someone. slamming open the door to one of the rooms, hyunjin made his presence loud and clear. "bobae hyung !! i --" before he could finish his sentence, he threw himself to the wall, completely taken aback at the unclothed person in front of him as he shut his eyes. "s - sorry .,, should i come back later ??"
♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 2 months ago
@★ lee hoseok -he whines dramatically in your hold only to laugh, rolling his eyes playfully at the comment-
It’s okay nothing special
★ lee hoseok 2 months ago
@♡ lee taeyongᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ *laughs loudly, flinching at the smack out of instinct as I curl my arms around you*
Oh are you? I hope it's a nice view~


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