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♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
I ♡ Baek
♡ yuhi segawaᵇᵘⁿⁿʸ 7 months ago
@★ park chanyeol Yuhi was deactivated that morning. His soft features contorted into peaceful rest as the coder lifted the lifeless body from the chair ー after tests were run and his coding was checked once more. The vocal code was still broken and that was messing with the coder's head. The tiny rabbit model was carefully packaged, and sent off to the ballroom, all the necessities in his box should he need them. There was a sinking sensation in the coder's stomach as he saw Yuhi off... the tiny Boyfriend seemingly too innocent for the world. And perhaps thats what they regretted the most. Keeping Yuhi's innocence meant he gave up something much more valuable: his voice. For the life of them, the Coding Team had no idea how one was replaced for the other, Yuhi's wiring seemingly giving out when they decided to give him that child-like innocence. So it came as a surprise when they actually activated him the second time and his voice had suddenly... vanished. After almost a year of trying to get his voice back ー without any progress ー they had forgotten the ring of the boy's voice. Their unsuccessful attempts disgruntled and baffled most of the team, several members moving on because they deemed the rabbit model "unfixable" at that point.

The box was set down in the ballroom, the large room elegantly decorated to host parties. They left his box off to the side, against the wall, awaiting the customer.


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xicewolf 2 months ago
Jongup's finally leaving. Thanks for the memories.
coffeesthetic 3 months ago
felix is leaving orz
but if the rp ever opens up again, hmu :')
neocultured [A] 3 months ago
So I'll leave as character..but I'll probs stay as an admin.
j-swag 3 months ago
i was wondering if the reservation for park jimin has ended? if not, i can pick someone else.
wassowasso 3 months ago
so jinyoung and hyungwon are leaving bUT
let me know if you guys revamp/open a new rp
thank you so much for the lovely memories and take care of yourselves < 3
Top_Daddy 4 months ago
Sen is leaving unfortunately
choibaby 4 months ago
lost my muse. ill be taking my leave
xuxiii 4 months ago
♡ ♡
chankyu10 4 months ago
cole sprouse taking my leave
BASELINE 4 months ago
I'm sorry but jeonghan has left, i lost my muse for him ;;
thanks for having me though and good luck!! <3
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