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♡ kim bobae 2 days ago
@★ lee jongsuk [sh] Ew, no. But I dont need to watch such movies to know what happens in them. *makes a face and shakes my head, never been a fan of the 50 shades of grey movies*
*as your hand feel down my body, I keep my eyes fixated on you, locking our gazes intensely, you could see from how subtly I raise my head higher that I took in a deep breath. The breath I took get locked inside, my arms unfolding and lower to naturally find their way on your shoulders, one of them lowering to your chest again; your words felt both expected yet surprising still to hear them from you, wondering whats really goes on your mind of me and about me. Not being one to care about other's opinions but wonder what gets you to say such praising words, romantic words even to the outside ears when heard*
You feed my ego way too much you know? Is that your mission? *corner my lips twitch up as I close my eyes briefly at the smoothness of your lips pressed to it, murmuring back in response. Though your next words had my eyes flashing wide open in alarm as they rang for awhile in my head still without registering in that I dont fight when you hold my chin and kiss me. I return the kiss nonetheless, my head tilting to the other side as I straighten my back almost into arch, my hand on your shoulder raise up to cup your shoulder as my lips meld with yours into a perfect lock. Though when your tongue join the kiss, it snaps me out, the words still bugging at my head as my memory is one of my insecurities, wondering if Im thinking too.much into it or do you know more of my memory but then again you surely have records of my customers and previous memory*
Wait- *says when I break the kiss to look at you with furrowed eyebrows*
My memory is very good and strong. So I doubt it ever betray me.
Unless the bits that been deleted because those cant be helped. *stares at you skeptically as I state, before my frown ease away and my lips tug into amused smile as I glance around, my hand on my chest now poking at it slyly*
Isnt the mansion already has eyes? You shouldnt be fooling with the boyfriends you are supposed to protect. *shakes my head as if genuinely disappointed at you as I refer to the possbility of having cameras around*
★ lee jongsuk [sh] [A] 3 days ago
@♡ kim bobae [h] /yours threats are empty words for me and I dont even bother reacting, just continuing to walk, the path already familiar to me, having been here a couple of times before; cant help but narrows my eyes at your next words though and I make a face of a mixture of disappointment and shock/ What kind of weird movies are you watching, bobae? /snorts/ I thought you had good taste in movies and such. /says with a teasing tone/
/my gaze follows the movements of your hands down my chest and I remain quiet after your remark, only now realizing of what words slipped my tongue but decides to play along, a slight shrug of my shoulders following as my hands travel north, running over the delicate curves of your body/
Maybe. You're the type of dream that someone would wish to not ever wake up from after all. If this is not reality, I'll just indulge myself in whatever this is now. /mumbles, leaning towards you, lips pressing at the corner of your mouth/
Or maybe your own memory betrays you. /whispers, barely audible, my fingers gripping your chin gently, just enough to hold you still as my lips now fully press against your soft pair; my other hand continuing to massage at your inner thigh; tilts my head slightly to a side with the intention of deepening the kiss, lips already moving in sync in a somehow slow and sweet lip-lock yet my tongue is quick to swirl between your plush tiers, wanting more/
♡ kim bobae 3 days ago
@★ lee jongsuk [sh] Im not sure what you are reaching or referring to with that but Imma take it as a compliment so thank you. *a gasp-like faint groan escape at the harder grind on my crotch, my bent leg now wrap around your leg, looking at you and between your eyes as you say so*
Yeah? Show me.
*frowns at the weird noise, looking to my side out of reflex but taken aback when the floor seem to move, my arms come up to wrap around your neck and hold onto you with a surprised noise when you hold me up, looking around curiously and almost alarmed, mostly to how high I am now thanks to your height*
Careful- I swear to god it you drop me- *warns and threats, my legs tighten around your waist, my arm loosen around your neck to straighten my back and look around what we are going*
Dont tell me this is like the scene from movies when the guy turns to be sadist and take the girl to dungeon, 50 shades of grey . *brows raised up behind my bangs, I give you a look before I snicker at my own thought, turning my head to look over my shoulder as we aproaching a couch. My legs loosen around you to settle either side of you once we are on the couch, looking down at you and lowering my hands from your neck, feeling down your chest*
Excuse me? *gives you a weird look and raises a brow at you*
I know the laps I've been on and yours is none of them. *withdraws my hands from your chest to cross them over my chest*
Or is your fantasies getting the best of you and your mind cant differentiate between reality and fiction.
★ lee jongsuk [sh] [A] 4 days ago
@♡ kim bobae [h] Mm, if I didn't know you better, I would have called you a -killer. One word or one look of yours can either drive men crazy or traumatize them for life. /hums, yours words and straight face not bothering me and I only push my thigh harder against you, trying to break that inexpressive mask you wear/
I got the balls, got the whole package. So dont look down on me, Bobae.
/my fingers hover over some books, like looking for a specific one and once they do find it, I pull it off the shelf and there's the sound of metal grinding in the background and the floor starts moving/
/places the book back and my hands are quick to grip onto the back of your thighs, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around me as we're turning around, the bookshelf doing a rotation like in a movie, opening a secret passage behind the wall/
You'd be surprised by this mansion's secrets. /speaks, amused as I carry you down the long dark corridor that showed, the lightening from the other side being the only source of light as I take careful and calculated steps ahead/
/the short tunnel brings us to the study room, a fake mirror acting like a window but still reflecting the image on the other side; from the tunnel we could see that the room was empty and that was my cue to go in/
/heads to the green couch, turning and sitting down with you now on my lap/ It's been so long since I had you in my lap like this. /mutters, my hands settling on your thighs, giving them a squeeze/
♡ kim minsung ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿᵒᶦᵈ 1 week ago
- hides away and sulks by myself burying my cries into my sweater-
♡ lee minhyukᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 1 month ago
@★ lee hoseok *takes your hand gently and tugs you into the large study room, a faint yawns escaping my lips before I nudged you onto the couch, soon making my way over to the bookcase to pluck up a book before I moved back over to you and plopped onto your lap*
♡ kim jungwoo ᵛᵃᵐᵖⁱʳᵉ 1 month ago
@♡ hazuki ᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ Restless, and sleep evading his mind, Jungwoo sighs to himself as he gets up from his bed, it was the middle of the day and he was supposed to be sleep. Unluckily for him, sleep continued to evade his body. He sighs once again, getting up he rubs his eyes and goes to grab his camera, might as well shoot something since he couldn't sleep. He gets his camera off of his desk and shakes his head to wake himself up. He hates how he can't sleep but being awake seemed to be a challenge. "Lets go" he mumbles to himself as he finally leaves his room and heads out to the one room he hasn't shot yet, the study room.

It takes him about ten minutes to actually find it, he himself had no use for it but he knew some humans would go with their boyfriends or potentials to have a bit of privacy. He had heard the room was huge, filled with books from everywhere and he only had photos of humans, he decided he needed to change and go in a new direction.

Finally making it to the study room after a few failed attempts he steps into the room only to find...another boyfriend settled inside. "Oh...are you like...studying or is it okay if I take photos here?" he speaks up, finding his voice as he looks to the other man settled at a table.
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon I've never heard anyone say that either, but you be you, I guess
/i chuckle and shake my head slightly, looking up at the building before turning to give the surroundings a quick check to memorize them before following you inside and into your room.
Nice place, it's warm
/proceeds to hop over to the nearest object, sniffing at it curiously like a puppy.
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /huffs, hitting you playfully.
You're lucky I don't eat people-
/shakes my head at myself, laughing at my own response.
That sounds really great
I'm honestly starving-
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /follows after you as you walk, looking around just in case I have to memorize the whole way.
/blinks for a moment at your question, chuckling softly.
Well, even as a wolf, yes, I do but...
/flashes you a smile, playfully showing my fangs.
I am a carnivore soooo-
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /nods with a small smile, reaching out to take your hand.
Sounds good~
Lead the way
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /hums, nodding a bit as I finally register the place completely.
Ah, well... might as well
I'm on trial after all
So where are we going next...?
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /blinks again for a few seconds, waiting for the rest of my systems to start before finally moving my head to look around the area.
Where are we...?
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /my eyes flutter open at the kiss, blinking a few times as my system restarts again, tilting my head to look at you for a few seconds as I try to register who you were again.
Ah... Jooheon, right?
♡ felix leeʷᵉʳᵉʷᵒˡᶠ [sh] 2 months ago
@★ lee jooheon /anxiously waits as I've been told that I was chosen for a trial, blinking as I wait if there's anyone who'll have to deactivate me first.
/is soon deactivated by someone who I would probably won't remember later, shutting down my own back-up system and waiting.


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coffeesthetic 2 days ago
felix is taking his leave
thanks for everything ♡
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Could you please add Shin Won Ho from Cross Gene? Thank you so much! ^^
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Sorry for the short stay but jaejoong is leaving
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Hey, guys. I'm dropping Hyungwon but keeping Jihoon.
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I'm dropping Jeonghan and will apply as a new character. :)
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can i have seokjin as a second chara?
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Kang Daniel Please
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can you a&r Terada Takuya for me?
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