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study room
♡ kim minseok 1 month ago
@♡ sen mitsuji Xiumin looked at the door when he heard someone walk in, after noticing it was one of the guides who called him over he headed towards them eyeing up the male that was with said guide as he walked. standing straight he looked at them both keeping his mouth closed as he studied the other male that the guide was introducing to him as his 'boyfriend'. "nice to meet you Sen" he said bowing his head to the other as the guide left. " I hope you find me a satisfactory boyfriend. in terms of in the bedroom, there is very little i will not to" he explained while smiling slightly at the other.
★ sen mitsuji 1 month ago
@kim minseok Sen had been curious of what types of boyfriend's are available in the place. So he came by himself, unsupervised by his annoying nagging friend. He came to the place and asked for someone who is available who's and is willing to play. The guide brought him to this guy named Minseok. They said if Sen was interested in someone who enjoys rough , Minseok or Xiumin is the guy. Sen was led to a study where a guy sitting with a book was called over. The guide introduced him to Sen and he was pleased to see that the other was pretty good looking. "A demon type, huh?" he muttered under his breath. They told him that Xiumin could be very submissive until someone pisses him off or so it says in his guide. "Xiumin, this is Sen. He's going to be your boyfriend. He wants to see how a boyfriend could be." he mentioned before leaving the two alone.
♡ kim minseok 1 month ago
@♡ sen mitsuji Xiumin sat by a window a book in his hands lazily reading it. he had decided to hide away in the study after being around people for a while. His eyes wandered to the window and beyond zoning out and he stared. with a loud sigh he went back to reading wondering if he was ever going to have some fun around here
♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 2 months ago
I ♡ Baek


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whiskeynwine 1 day ago
yuliang dipped
Pika-boo 2 days ago
for now
left jisung and chihoon
ravenrose 4 days ago
Can I request Chizuru please?
SteamBuns-- 6 days ago
Dropped luhan, staying as jisoo and kumsung(for now)
sungrae 1 week ago
leaving as haneul. can't keep up
ings 1 week ago
please add and reserve do kyungsoo? c:
twinkerbell 1 week ago
Dropped Youngjae but keeping Kihyun. :) Please delete him for me
PeachyYeohae 1 week ago
Hello I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to have a second character, lol thankful all my tests and exams are over and I have nothing going on right now.
Also can Imjin please be taken off of hiatus, I'm sorry I wasn't able to say it sooner.
vendettahenry 1 week ago
please add and reserve nam joohyuk please
sungrae 1 week ago
leaving as wooseok, keeping haneul
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