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♡ jung hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@♡ lee hoseok "Ah, so for health reasons." Hoseok didn't need any extra glitches zapping his system if avoidable. Arriving at the mansion stunned him, steps slowing as he trailed after the other. "You keep calling me that. Hobi. Is it a nickname you previously used?" Funny enough, Hoseok hadn't questioned it the first time around. "Uh, well, if you'd like me to, I can try." His programmed need to please his owner was triumphant over his societal beliefs. Perhaps it was easier to ignore the fact that Wonho was a man since he claimed that Hoseok accepted him in the past in a ual manner even if it wigged him out. "My favorite is...unknown. I would assume meat is yummy, since I'm a wolf and-" Ears? Those definitely weren't on Wonho before. ...or were they, Hoseok was pretty out of it before. The brunette's eyes followed the others movements, landing on his waist which he could see a tail behind. His own tail began wagging slowly, a familiar grin on. "You're a wolf? I had no clue!" Being around a fellow wolf eased him in much more easily, the bond of a canine leading him to stand next to Wonho's side with his tail wagging much more rapidly now. "What shall we make?"
♡ lee hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@jung hoseok "No it is-- Just not healthy for us. Too much salt messes with our wiring." Wonho reasoned before walking towards the mansion. Normally it was empty around this time so he'd be able to whip something together without anyone else being a problem. "You can learn while I teach, Hobi. We've... been sleeping in the same room for the past little while. If you wish, I'll sleep on the floor." It took everything in him not to tremble when such words left his lips, but he was able to bare through it. After the previous break down, it would be much easier to hide his emotions. The walk home was strange; more smells and sounds than he'd ever imagined but he bared through it as well. When the finally reached the mansion, he guided the older male towards the kitchen before biting his lip. Quietly, he walked to the corner to take off his hat and jacket before putting them up. "So, what's your favorite meal?" Wonho asked quietly, grabbing an apron to tie around his waist.
♡ jung hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@♡ lee hoseok *didn't catch your wagging tail, a little distracted from my bag of goods* Is this food not suitable for your tastes? More for me *I joke with a hearty laugh, much happier than last night when we were still raw*
Oh, allow me to cook. I can't make noodles... instead *I stop, realizing I don't know how to make anything since I'm fresh out the box* Noodles it is then. I'll have to learn soon *notices that you didn't answer my question, but it could have been a botched procedure or a personal glitch fix, so I don't pry and just walk by your side to go 'home'* where do you stay? Am I allowed to reside with you?
♡ lee hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@jung hoseok *when I come close enough to you, my nose instantly recognizes your scent as my tail starts to wag under my jacket. Quietly I reach back to hide any movement before bowing my head to you*
Ahh-- Hoseok, I can make much better noodles for you. You've never gotten to see my cooking skills first hand either.
*blinks a few times before shrugging, purposely dodging the question before turning to look at the road ahead* Let's.. go home, and I'll make you dinner.
♡ jung hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@♡ lee hoseok *was just about to find your location when I straighten up at your image* Have you finished, sir? *I bowed a little, unsure of how casual our relation was as I viewed you as my current owner since you said I was sent to you, though I have my own reasons for sticking around you*
Mhm, it was a great experience. I bought these *holds up my bag of spicy cup noodles as well as another one filled with random trinkets I found intriguing but likely had no clue about*
Sir... *I gaze at you with curiosity swimming through my pupils* if you don't mind me asking, what procedure did you have done? Your scent is slightly different. ...or my nose is overwhelmed by the new smells, that's more likely.
♡ lee hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@jung hoseok *once I was in the lab and the modifications were made, it took a bit of convincing but he was able to haggle himself to achieve everything he wanted. It took hours, but thankfully he was shut down for most of it with his memory core packed away safely as asked. When his eyes finally blinked open, his mind raced through all of the new instincts. Things were only brought back to Earth when he felt something swaying behind him. As his brows furrowed and he turned to get a good look, he could feel furry ears flicker on the top of his head which make him flinch*
This... is going to be weird.
*I whisper before pulling on a hat and long jacket to keep everything covered for now. After giving a small thank you, I made my way out of the lab just in time to notice you sniffing around outside of it*
Ahh.. I'm guessing you had a fun day?
♡ jung hoseokʷᵒˡᶠ 7 months ago
@♡ lee hoseok (Chose a random room we can make it anything tbh)

Mhm, understood. *mainly wandered around for the first hour, though my nose guided me to many food establishments. The fact that my pants from this century had a small pocketbook of money in it was a miracle, but I saved it for something really yummy looking. My tastes must have remained as before because my first purchase landed a bag full of those ramen cups you and jongjin told me of before*
*as the sun began to set, my curiosity rose - how was I to find you in this world of so many new smells? My gut was to trace my steps and begin tracking, ears pointing upwards when I finally got a whiff of you.* hmm, smells a little different *perhaps my nose was bugging out from all the other scents around me. Regardless, I followed after it*
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♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
I ♡ Baek


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Jongup's finally leaving. Thanks for the memories.
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felix is leaving orz
but if the rp ever opens up again, hmu :')
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So I'll leave as character..but I'll probs stay as an admin.
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i was wondering if the reservation for park jimin has ended? if not, i can pick someone else.
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so jinyoung and hyungwon are leaving bUT
let me know if you guys revamp/open a new rp
thank you so much for the lovely memories and take care of yourselves < 3
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Sen is leaving unfortunately
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lost my muse. ill be taking my leave
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cole sprouse taking my leave
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I'm sorry but jeonghan has left, i lost my muse for him ;;
thanks for having me though and good luck!! <3
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