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coded by yxgurt
Outside of the city, in a well hidden place surrounded by forest, there's a mansion with suspiciously high security. Inside the mansion everything is normal, various rooms and entertainment. However, underground, well hidden, there's a laboratory. Not any usual laboratory but Build a Boyfriend laboratory. Using future technology, never seen by men to this day, boyfriends are made in a great number and detail. Starting from the core they are given a human bone structure, more or less, and build layer after layer using an unknown material which is more flexible and harder to break than human tissue. The boyfriends are made to resist in case of any accident; they dont age, they dont get any diseases.
Once out the laboratory, the products are left to live in the mansion together, learn the basics - language, socializing skills, arts, history etc until they all develop different hobbies and personalities. They learn how to use their bodies, how to enter the sleep mood since humans need sleep to survive and so on.  Boyfriends teach each other, the ones with more experience would hold classes for the others, just like a teacher would do with their students.  Until they are bought by a customer, the boyfriends will interact with each other or be deactivated. However, deactivating is being avoided since it causes a loss of memory and possible glitches/errors if repeated for a long time.
For that reason, a boyfriend that changes customers frequently, being activated and deactivated, suffers errors which can lead to his destruction or worse. A broken boyfriend will show difficulty to speak properly, memory loss, mix languages,  weird behavior and the worst - he could become violent and harm the customer.  The only way to deactivate a boyfriend is by ordering so using their code name found on their right or left wrist. " Boyfriend 001, deactivate."  Broken boyfriends can deny the order in some cases. Any customer that notices anything strange is to immediately let us know. The broken boyfriend will be taken away and rebuild from the scratch, money/points will be returned.
Under special conditions, customers can visit the mansion but MUST buy a boyfriend when they leave.
The customer can return any boyfriend he bought whenever he wants if he's not satisfied with the product. Half the points spent will be refunded.
When we are short on customers - we will refuse any more boyfriends  and put up a rule: for every two-three customers, we will release a boyfriend spot. People can apply as customers and request to be put on the Customer to Boyfriend Waiting list which can be found in the Basics section.
- boyfriends live in a mansion. rooms will be added so you all can interact with each other.
-there's a secret laboratory under the mansion where boyfriends are made.
-boyfriends can have "jobs" while in the mansion, like teaching other boyfriends about daily human life. or work in the kitchen, clean the mansion etc
-boyfriends can break if they are over-used. errors will pop up.
-"Boyfriend, code xxx, deactivate." is how u deactivate one. You activate one with a kiss.
-when we need customers: for every 2-3 customers we will free a BF position. Go to the waiting list and request to be added if you wish to change into a BF.
for any questions, pm the admin aka baek chan. <3
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♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 10 months ago
I ♡ Baek


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coffeesthetic 2 days ago
felix is taking his leave
thanks for everything ♡
PurpleAnon 3 days ago
Could you please add Shin Won Ho from Cross Gene? Thank you so much! ^^
Sleepyyyyyyy 3 days ago
Sorry for the short stay but jaejoong is leaving
TitaOfKpop 4 days ago
Hey, guys. I'm dropping Hyungwon but keeping Jihoon.
PurpleAnon 4 days ago
I'm dropping Jeonghan and will apply as a new character. :)
tobeloved 5 days ago
can i have seokjin as a second chara?
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TheKingSlayer 1 week ago
Kang Daniel Please
GimmeWhiplash 1 week ago
can you a&r Terada Takuya for me?
Pengqueen 1 week ago
Hello admin, can I cc my character to Actor Kim Minjae?
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