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handsome yixing 6 years ago
[FAB]Beaut-aeful 6 years ago
/does gwiyomi.
. n .
/runs to another room.
baekhyun's property ♥ (h) [A] 6 years ago
yay autumn reopening ♥
/throws confetti.
minah mazing berry 6 years ago
Ambro 6 years ago
Ambro 6 years ago
@minah-mazing You have got to be kidding me -__-"

/paintballs every room to make it blue
minah mazing berry 6 years ago
/throws random things to make all the rooms orange.
Ambro 6 years ago
@y mofo♥ /walks by
Oh dear...
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole /locked out
nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i paid for the room tooo
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥: ヾ(・ω・*)ノ bye. /locks you out and eats more cake all by myself. sfbngjv <3
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ because i deserve it. now you shall leave my hotel room. /takes both keys and pushes you out.(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole ahsflkgshfdkhglskdjfhg why you eat so much
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ i know i am /eats the rest of the cake and rolls around.kjskdskhsj
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole asdk;laks;fhkjd /eats it with you
omfgkjshlkfhdkfj u iz da best
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ nyahahahar i know /sits down and eats the cake dfsrgrsgre
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole agkjhasdjlkfghlaksfj gomfgakjssjflkghsjlkfjhg youre so swaggydog
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ ldskfjslkdfjse okay omfg /runs into the kitchen and steals all the cake from the fridge
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole asdghflksjdhdjlfgkjdfkgjh lets steal all the cakes everrrrr
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ omfg /walks into the room and picks up the phone
Jhihfyfdyfdrdfcggffd that's such a good idea lezzdoit hhhgrfdesrd
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole /follows you
omfkahlsklzfjhglkdjfhg wut if we stole moar cake from room service omfkjahlskhslfgkjhdkfjghlkdsjfghk
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥/skips towards the room and opens the door. o/
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole uhhhhh top floor, last room on the right
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ jsiskdoekdskjd omf what ono what room can we go to with these keys?
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole oh noes Dx they dont open any doorrsss ofmgklajsklfjdgh nuuuuu
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ /pulls you along and uses the key to try and open some doors xc
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole /gives you the spare
Nicole 6 years ago
@hornyking♥ ejfearfheafhrerfe gimme. /grabby hands for the key kjhjhjhggtrtrre
Byul's Hubby❤ 6 years ago
@Nicole /gets a room
ofmgjkaslfkghskljfhg i have a key nao ofmgakjhslkgjhasklfjghjf


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CPWCeo 2 years ago
come back here..reminisce the golden memories..
how are you guys friend? i hope you guys still remember me :)
drop me PM if u saw this okay..
syoung-love 4 years ago
just like good old times...
i hope this place opens up again, though!
hunnybunny 4 years ago
applied as baek sumin
squeesh 5 years ago
sorry, An Sukyung left. I had a great time here, though, and I've made lots of memories, and I'm really sad to go…(ignore my mini sob story orz I've just been at this rp a while lol)
whiteplushie 5 years ago
Applied as chorong!!!!
summertime- 5 years ago
applied as park shinhye
-effervescent 5 years ago
miss this place tbh-
aurora- 5 years ago
I applied as Jessica ^^
-rovixx 5 years ago
applied as leo ouo
squeesh 5 years ago
i'm off hiatus now ^^
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