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♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 5 months ago
@[H]★ kaito yonemura Another moan left the male's lips, biting on Kaito's shoulder as he kept moving in and out his body, fingers digging dip into his hips, bruising the pale skin as more moans and groans left his mouth. "... " he moaned out, his hips angled perfectly into the smaller's over sensitive bundle of nerves, lips reaching down to catch the already swollen into his mouth as his hand kept stroking the hard length. "Let me see you again... " he whispered lowly, his own close more than ever, his length twitching and leaking inside the other's tight walls.
★ kaito yonemura 5 months ago
@♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Oversensitive and still so aroused, Kaito was reduced to a mewling, writhing mess. He couldnt-- if Jongjin kept going like this, the taller male was going to break him. The pleasure racing up and down his spine, melting it and making him whine, was just enough to have his thighs falling open even further. The growls that came from Jongjin only made Kaito's body seize -- the natural chain reaction making him squeeze tightly around the Vampire, his hips stuttering to move against each . The pool of fire in his stomach was slowly to life once more, another round of desprateness coming from him. "Please," he mewled, completely out of breath as he moved his hips to meet each . "I wanna again-- please--" His voice was hoarse and he choked back a sob when the length within him pressed forcefully against his sweet spot.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura Jongjin was completely enchanted, Kaito's sweet moans were like a spell that made him keep going, not stopping for a second, not after he wanted for so long. Oh how much he craved the other's body and once Kaito was finally in his arms he refused to just give in, refused to let go, burying himself again and again inside the other's tight, warm body, the remind of crimson red from the younger's neck, pleased by the mark left, slick hand moving up and down with his s almost in a perfect sync and he could feel the familiar pull in the pit of his stomach, telling his he is close to his release, but Jongjin had the urge to resist, growling, restraining himself from letting go.
★ kaito yonemura 6 months ago
@♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ His breath caught in his throat. It felt like the air was being right out of the room. The edges of his vision was slowly turning black, caving in on his the more Jongjin drank. But the euphoria... oh, the euphoria. It made his nerve endings sing. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on pleasureable end. It made his toes curl. With his throat as dry as it was, it was hard for Kaito to get a word out - a noise out. It was like he was drowning in a flurry of white noise. When Jongjin pulled away, it was like resurfacing from the depths of the ocean. Kaito inhaled loudly, choking on the oxygen that flooded his lungs. But that pleasure didnt stop. With his body more than pliant in Jongjin's steady grasp, he whined. It was almost too much and not enough at the same time. His own body needed ー craved ー more. Parting his slightly kiss bruised lips, he whispered, "more... more", as Jongjin ed into him, his blunt nails digging into the taller male's flesh.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura The iron like taste filling the vampire's mouth as he kept on the younger's neck, letting the crimson liquid into his hungry body, but no matter what he did it wasn't enough, he couldn't get enough of the other's body and taste, like and addicet that just got hooked on this new drug, trying to take all in without really thinking about the consequences after. Eyes glowing red with need, looking at the other as he pulled away, growl leaving his lips at the way the other ed against his body only made Jongjin's heat grow, the way Kaito clenched around him, him deeper in, brought Jongjin closer and closer to his own edge, ing, deeper into Kaito's body, his name leaving his lips as he wrapped his hand around the neglected arousel, already so slick from kaito's previous release.
★ kaito yonemura 6 months ago
@♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ He could barely speak. Only soft moans of grandeur left his lips, his body quaking with need. A scream ripped itself from his throat the moment Jongjin decided to have no mercy on him. With each violent Kaito could feel himself slipping from reality. He hung on the thin line between reality and ecstasy, ready to throw himself into the pit of pleasure. He tried to cry out the other's name, but all that came out was a choked moan, his head buried into the other male's shoulder as his nails dug into the flesh of the other's back. His mind was a muddled mess, the heat quickly making work of his conscience. His head was thrown back in a silent scream when he felt teeth sink into his neck, the pleasure skyrocketing with the pain as he seemed to on the spot -- entire body shaking as he came without a single touch to his arousal. It felt heavy, and suffocating, his eyes unfocused as soft moans of pleasure stuttered out of him. But it wasn't enough. With Jongjin's fangs lodged in his skin, it was as if he didnt at all. He was still hard -- painfully so -- body drinking up the pleasure like a man dying of thirst.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura The heat around him made Jongjin moan, eyes closed shut as he bucked his hips against the other, kaito's moans and pleading sounds made the vampire's body burn with need and he couldn't hold back any longer, giving the smaller male exactly what he wanted and without mercy, as he started ing his hips deeper into his body, his length twitching inside the other's heat, making Jongjin's fingers dig deeper into the skin. ", kaito... " he moaned desperately, the other's body so tight it was almost impossible for the man to move, rolling his hips with need as he started picking up the pace, sounds of moans and skin slapping against skin echoing the the room, making the air thicker and Jongjin felt like he couldn't even breath, leaning lower to the other's neck and biting on the skin, hard enough to make the flesh break under his sharp fangs.
★ kaito yonemura 6 months ago
@♡ won jongjin Stretching. Burning. God, Kaito felt... alive. The burn was melting his spine. His hips wiggled almost impatiently against the exploring fingers, gasping loudly when a second one was added. He whimpered at the loss when Jongjin pulled his fingers away, body yearning for something to fill him up. He needed it. Craved it. And with Jongjin so close within with grasp, like hell he was letting this chance escape. His eyes drank up the sight of lube pouring over the other's arousal, the delicious sight making him moan loudly. Kaito's mouth watered at the way the taller male's hand wrapped around his own length, the skin glistening with the lube. "Hurry," he mewled, begging the male to get on with it. If he didnt get it soon... he would go insane. With Jongjin pressed so tightly against him, Kaito's nails dug into the taught skin of the taller male's back, the stretch making him see stars. The other male slowly sunk into him at a torturously slow pace. One that Kaito was not happy with. "J-just do it-" he whined, trying to move his hips in order to take Jongjin in even further.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura He was out of breath, needy, longing for the other's body against his and he couldn't hold back any longer, adding another finger inside the other's body, feeling the walls stretching with each , at the heated feeling, looking down at the way the other moaned so sinfully that it almost made Jongjin's heart stop, pulling away once again and probably for the last time, taking the lube bottle and pouring it on his own length, stroking it with a few quiet moans, biting his lower lip at the thought of finally making kaito his. "Damn... " he cursed, feeling out of breath as he pulled Kaito into his arms, holding him close as he slowly pressed himself against his entrance, pushing in inch by inch, groaning at the tightness around him.
★ kaito yonemura 6 months ago
@♡ won jongjin The excitement grew, his hips moving languidly to try and get some much needed friction. A soft whimper tumbled from his lips as the kiss slowed. Every nerve ending was firing off all at once ー his toes curled, one hand moving through the taller male's hair as he holds the other close. A shudder races down his spine when his name is called. That gravely voice makes him quiver, reluctance filling him as the taller male pulls away. His gaze is heavy and lust ridden, affection flooding his chest when Jongjin stares into his eyes. The soft moment makes his heart stop, a lump forming in his throat as his feeling swell. No words escape him as another kiss is pressed to his already abused lips. Kaito mewls lowly, a slick finger pressing into his pliant body making it hard not to squirm. But he does, back arching as his hips cant a bit, trying to force the others finger at the right angle. "J-Jongjin," he stutters, hands gripping the pillow above his head. "More..."
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura Jongjin reached for the night stand, his lips still moving against the other in a slower kiss, his whole body on nerves from the excitement, the need, thinking he never felt like that before, he never wanted someone before, not like that. "Kaito..." The name left his mouth in a shaky breath, his heart beating fast against his chest as he looked into the other's eyes, pressing his lips to the other's soft ones once again, this time into a more loving kiss less urged as he opened the bottle, coating his fingers while spreading kisses all over him as he slipped one digit into the other's body, groaning at the feeling of the tight heat around him, pushing in to a slow steady s, making sure he won't hurt the other.
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★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin His mind was a muddled mess. All of his nerve endings were on fire. Electricity traveled through his body, blood like lava with every pass of the taller males lips. His lower stomach quivered as those sinful lips worked absolute magic against his skin, goosebumps raising on his skin as teeth scrapped gently against his flesh. Lower and lower, Jongjins lips moved over the path of his stomach, over his slightly protruding hip bones, right to his thighs, where he reacted almost violently to the attention. His thighs had always been a little more sensitive than other parts of his body, legs falling open easily as they are pushed apart. Kaitos eyes looked down the length of his body, gaze heavy and lust ridden, towards Jongjin, a silent plea to continue. To touch. To kiss. To mark. To take. His chest rose and fell at a steady rate even though his breathing was quite laboured. The smaller male made a pathetic noise when Jongjin climbed back up his body, his arms wrapping securely around the taller males neck to keep him in place as Kaito kissed him with every ounce of messy passion he could muster. "Night... stand," he whispered between kisses, not too keen on letting the other go too quickly.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura Kisses turning needier, hungrier more lustfilled than Jongjin ever was, his lips lavishing the other's body, teeth grazing against the skin, leaving their mark as the male trailed lower and lower, kissing and biting on Kaito's hip bone and down to his thighs, spreading them with each kiss, pulling back once again only to get a better look on the other's body. His blushing cheeks, his marked skin the way his hardening length twitched between his legs and his spreaded legs, giving Jongjin a perfect view of Kaito's anticipating heat. "..." The curse fell from his lips with a small whisper, holding back the idea of taking the smaller right there, hovering over his body once again, kissing his lips. "Lube... " mumbling between them.
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin The flush on his face only deepened when his hands were pryed away from his body and pinned to the bed. He felt much more now than he had ever felt with the others eyes roaming over his body. Kaito would never admit it, but having Jongjin look at him like that -- with such hunger and desire -- made him quiver a bit. Like a new type of addiction. His mouth fell open to say something, thighs rubbing together in nervousness, Jongjin's lips attaching to his own before the words died on his tongue. From then on he was a whimpering mess, the others lips leaving a trail of invisible fire against his skin. With a stuttered gasp, his head pressed back into the pillow when Jongjin's lips wrapped around one perky bud, fingers tracing over the other. Another strangled gasp comes from him when the taller male rolled his hips against Kaito's, the friction driving the smaller male insane.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura Jongjin pulled away, wishing to get a better look on the other's body, taking Kaito's hands in his only to pin them to the bed, eyes roaming over the exposed skin. "Don't hide from me... " he whispered, finding the male's blush quite adorable in a situation like that and it made kaito even more attractive in his eyes. His lips slowly spreaded kisses down the other's face, his lips, jawline and neck, every part got the attention deserved, nibbling and biting leaving his mark as his hands trailed down after him, making his way to his psrtner's chest, lips finding the small bud with a hum, kissing and swirling his tongue around it, while his fingers brushed against the other, hips rolling with a groan, showing the other male how needy he was for him.
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin The rush. His entire body seemed to melt as soon as the taller male rid himself of his shirt. Kaito was shameless in his oggling, his eyes raking over the perfectly sculpted body before Jongjin climbed onto the bed. The smaller male smiled softly at the others words, his arms immediately wrapping around his neck as their lips move together in a perfectly synchronized dance. The kiss turned out slow and deep, but the hunger welling up in Kaito did not go unnoticed as he nipped and at the others lips and tongue, his fingers moving through the others dark locks. A soft groan escapes his lips when the popping of a button resounds almost a little too loud for comfort. He barely gives it any thought, too consumed in kissing the other. When Jongjin pulls away he huffs, a bit annoyed, but when he finds himself completely he gulps, his face flushing brightly as he tries his best to cover himself.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura A low growl like sound left Jongin's lips at the other's words, shirt being tossed aside as he climbed on his owner's bed, hands trailing down to his hips, pressing the small frame against his. "I promise I won't... " he whispered, his eyes fixed on the other, catching Kaito's soft tires between his, kissing him deeply more than ever, hands slipping under his shirt roaming over his perfect skin, the heat flowing all over his body, breaking the kiss only to get rid of the annoying fabric not letting anything get in his way,crashing his lips once again against kaito's, hands already working on stripping the other , the button on the pair of jeans flying somewhere on the bed, ripped away from it's place as Jongjin continued in his way,pulling them off his partner's body along with his boxers.
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin His face was bright red. The slap itself wasnt very hard, but he felt the effects of it. His skin burned. His face burned. His entire body burned. Kaito didnt even mind that the taller males shoulder was digging almost uncomfortably into his stomach. He had little time to think, though, as Jongjin pushed through the door of his bedroom, his small body being thrown onto the large bed. Kaito hit the sheets with a loud gasp, body bouncing a couple times before settling. His eyes went wide as he eyed the taller male, the desire seeming to eat him alive as those dark eyes looked down at him. Kaitos fingers fisted the sheets as he swallowed down a soft whimper that threatened to spill from him as the other talked. Nodding his head, he took a shaky breath, sitting up a bit. "Okay," he whispered. "Dont back away. Not now. Not ever."
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura The younger's light weight doesn't seem like much of a bother to the taller, carrying to the bedroom with hurried steps, almost like he is scared the other will change his mind as he quickly opened the door and slammed it right behind him, throwing kaito's body on the large bed, scanning him with his eyes. "I'm not going to back away now... " he mumbled, his eyes roaming over the other with pure hunger, lust but mostly need. It took long for the boyfriend to admit it, it made him break every part of his own programming, fight his own sense and logic but he needed him more than anything, and now he wasn't going to pull away, he wasn't going to leave the other until he'll consume every part of him and make him his.
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin Boyfriend? Kaito's brows furrowed into the most offended frown he could possibly muster. "I dont have time for a 'boyfriend'," he hissed, taking a step back to put some space between himself and the taller male. How could-- a headache. This was turning out worse than he had already imagined. His eyes flew across the words of the manual so quick it was giving him a headache. . . ual desire. Kinks. Satisfaction guaranteed. With a soft groan he closed the manual, placed it down on the coffee table, and slumped into one of the leather chairs. This was... "great," he whispered, covering his eyes with the heels of his hands. A long silence enveloped the room before he removed his hands and looked at the other. "Not much skill is required," he whispered, "just let me put clothes on you."
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura "Oh... Did your boyfriend purchased me for you? They sometimes do that... " Jongjin was even more confused trying to find the reason why he brought there, thinking he is definitely not one of those companion boyfriends you take out on awkward dates or cuddle on the couch, his all purpose was to serve his costumer with every ual desire needed, and that's the only thing he had in mind. It seemed like the shorter male only got angrier every time Jongjin opened his mouth and so the taller just stood there, mouth gaping like some kind of fish, too confused to understand what was going on. "I don't have the skills to work with you... " he mumbled, feeling the distress in the thought of performing something he wasn't programmed to do .
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin The audacity! Kaito gulped loudly as he bristled, trying his best to keep his anger in check. Perhaps it was all the stress he was under. Perhaps he was just frustrated? "Descrip-- i didnt personally purchase you," he said, the realization dawning on him as he whipped his attention to the manual. The smaller male scrambled to retrieve the booklet, flipping through the introductory pages to the actual specs, his brows furrowing as he silently mouthed the words he was reading. "?!" He screamed, one hand running through his hair in disbelief. His attention is captured when the taller male mentions the word "" and he immediately chokes. "I do not work in the industry!" His face flushes a dark rosette colour, eyes widening as his voice raises. "Im a clothing designer!"
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura Jongjin blinked at the other male quite confused, the expression on Kaito's face said that the human didn't expect him to say something like that, or offer something like that. "You didn't read the description of the product you were buying? " the taller male asked, not sure how to feel about it since was the only thing he knew and could do, well... and cooking but still this was an unfamiliar situation. "What kind of work exactly?" He questioned and a sudden wash of relief washed his body to his own realization "Oh you work in the industry! I'll admit I surprisingly never did this" he said with a smile, thinking this is maybe the reason the small guy has such a big house.
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin The height difference wasn't just the only thing Kaito noticed. The other was much bigger almost everywhere. Broad shoulders, long legs, long arms, a slender face, dark eyes... It was breathtaking just looking at the other. But Kaito would never admit it. There was something to be said about a man who could turn heads with just a smirk, and this was it. But the shorter male was definitely not expecting those words to tumble out of the taller male's mouth. ? No. Kaito didnt want . Furrowing his brow, Kaito withdrew his hand quickly, as if getting burned by the other. "What are you talking about?" he asked, almost hissing as he cradles his hand. "I don't want-- No. Why would you even ask that? You're not here for... that. You're here to help me with my work." The furrow between his brows deepen, eyes scampering over to the manual lain untouched on the table. Perhaps he should have read it? Would that have made a difference? No. His grandfather -- no matter how insane the old geezer was -- had a good head on his shoulders. Kaito could trust him.
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura 'Kaito' Jongjin repeated the name in his head, looking at the other male with a raised eyebrow when he changed his voice, smiling a little when he noticed the way the human's eyes moved up and down his body, clearly checking him out. It was always a little bit weird for Jongjin to get reactivated, especially when humans usually returned him so quickly, like a birthday toy you insist to buy out of whim, everyone is excited at first but he gets forgotten real quick and the way to deactivation is quick. "So... Do we need to go to the bedroom or do you want it right here? " he questioned, knowing he was only bought for the purpose of and only, that's how it usually happened and he knew this time won't be any different, maybe besides the fact he might enjoy this too.
★ kaito yonemura 7 months ago
@♡ won jongjin He starts a bit, back peddling when the gears start turning in his new models body. He watches in awe as the other slowly awakens from his synthetic slumber, those deep, obsidian eyes taking Kaito's breath away the instant the other looks at him. A warmth rushes to his face when the other mutters something incoherent, but the shorter male cant focus on that when he hears that deep, silky timbre of the others voice. It sends chills down his spine, but he quickly brushes it off with a soft gulp. Clearing his throat, Kaito nodded when the other introduced himself, the height difference staggering once the other stood up from his seated position. He was a bit hesitant at first, but after a heartbeat Kaito slid his hand into the others hand for a firm hand shake. "Kaito," he started, voice small and soft before he clears his throat. "Kaito Yonemura. Its nice to meet you." Staring at the other even closer, his eyes roamed, noting the perfect proportions and healthy build. His designs would fit seamlessly on the others body, and he was absolutely shameless as he eyed the other up.
♡ hong jisooᵏᶦᵗᵗʸ 7 months ago
I ♡ Baek
♡ won jongjinᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 7 months ago
@★ kaito yonemura The soft brush of lips activated Jongjin's system, the feeling of something similar to electric pulses flowing through his body and the sound of a single beat echoed in the quiet room. Jongjin opened his eyes, looking at the person in front of him curiously, a small groan leaving his lips as he sat up on the small coffee table. "It's been awhile..." he mumbled to himself, ruffling his own dark hair while his eyes scanned his new owner. "short" he blurted out his first impression, thinking the human in front of him was a lot younger and clearly more beautiful than his previous owners, making him question the reason the other even needed him around, wondering if the other was some kind of a psychopath or a freak, cause there is no way this person really needed this service. "Hello, I'm 019, but you can call me Won Jongjin..." he finally introduced himself to the quite shocked male, standing up from his seat and reaching his hand for a shake, smirking a little to himself when he noticed how big was the height difference between them.


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