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☆ cheng xiao [h] 1 year ago
also appreciation for the admins for handling us and our 29349239482394 alts
☆ cheng xiao [h] 1 year ago
ok well I hate to admit but appreciation for kali's dps lmAO
☆ kim taehyung [A] 1 year ago
tmw you forget to refresh the page LMAO

yook sungjae [Admin]
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☆ kim taehyung [A] 1 year ago
i wOULD likE tO givE appREciATiON to the aUTO tyPE APP fOR thiS acHIEvEMENT

☆ a raptor [Admin]
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bong jaehyun [Admin]
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lee sunmi 1 year ago
@wong viian awww bless
what a cutie
☆ kim taehyung [A] 1 year ago
when she tags a raptor instead
wipes mi manly tear
choi seungcheol 1 year ago
@wong viian ILY TOO ROSEGURL
baek yebin [h] 1 year ago
@wong viian awww pwincess you the cutest < 3
yoo shiah 1 year ago
@wong viian ngAW BABY HHHHHHHH ILY TOOO <3
☼ jung jinsoul 1 year ago
@wong viian vii you cutie oof-
☼ wong viian 1 year ago
@☾ xu minghao @☼ im jaebum @☆ a raptor @yoo shiah @song yuqi @son seungwan @seo youngho @myoui mina @meng jia @lee sunmi @lee donghyuck @kim yerim @kim seora @kim minkyung @jung jinsoul @jung jaehyun @jung eunbi @jeon jungkook @jeon heejin @han jisung @gillian chung @choi seungcheol @camila mendes @baek yebin @alycia debnam-carey @ahn yujin @ahn hyejin GOUNG THROUGJ THE TAG LIST GAVE ME A HEADACHE

12000TH POST
seo changbin [A] 1 year ago
@wouldiwas shookethspeared plagiarize is such a harsh word in this day and age :o
i prefer the words, beautifully and magnificently quote
but thank you, yes yes, methinks your glasses are also a star and A+
i question thee however
wouldiwas shookethspeared [sh] 1 year ago
@seo changbin did thou, how the youth claimeth, PLAGIARIZE
beautiful work yes methinks you are a star A+
seo changbin [A] 1 year ago
@wouldiwas shookethspeared I came to you one rainless August night.
You taught me how to live without the rain.
You are thirst and thirst is all I know.
You are sand, wind, sun, and burning sky,
The hottest blue. You blow a breeze and brand
Your breath into my mouth. You reach—then bend
Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new.
You wrap your name tight around my ribs
And keep me warm. I was born for you.
Above, below, by you, by you surrounded.
I wake to you at dawn. Never break your
Knot. Reach, rise, blow, Sálvame, mi dios,
Trágame, mi tierra. Salva, traga, Break me,
I am bread. I will be the water for your thirst.

This is my confession to you, o' pink glasses
☆ jeon jungkook [sh] 1 year ago

You guys worked so hard for this revamp and deserve all of what this place offers because you've helped many of us gain new friends and a loving family, and you're always coming up with new events and additions to cwtch. Thank you for becoming creating our safe haven, and we'll be here to support you guys from the sidelines!
☆ kim taehyung [A] 1 year ago
to feel soff, simply go to le announcement room

look at all these soffies eue <3
choi yujin 1 year ago
o ded that was hella long and soff

welp you wont be hearing any soff stuff like that every again lmao
choi yujin 1 year ago
choi yujin
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this place is a bit ded but there's no harm in doing a little appreciation time amirite?? :"D oof i don't wanna be overly soff but no promises,, pls excuse my 2am brain tEeHeE. cwtch going to be three months old soon and wowza, three months of supposed time for productivity all gone to waste lmAo but there was never a day where i regretted being here. although we've gotten busier and quieter as time has gone by, cwtch always created good memories for me; from the overly fast chats to the "top 10 anime betrayals" worthy moments during waswas and the intense hype when events come around. yes, we were all certainly wild but i loved every single bit of it :"D and i miss how lively this place once was but even so, i can always consider cwtch like home bc y'all are precious to me.

oOf i sWeAr iM nOt cRyiNg— let me just accept my soffness for a little bit okay. just a few more words pls

anyways aheh, special mentions to the babus that i hold dear to mi heart:
— minghao and co. turntdad uwu i love you loads and i just wanna say thank you for creating this mess of a rp lmAo. i know you're getting busier but i just hope you take care of yourself and yOu sLeEp—even though you told me that you fixed your sleeping sched before e ne— and tbh, even to this day i'm still amazed at how great you truly are and this is the reason why i (along with everyone else) appreciates you a lot. stay amazing ok c':
— jaebum and co. fRuCtuS mY pEt okno sup bij this is hella soff but thanks for existing. i'm sorry for all the times i've bothered you regarding admin stuff lmAo,,, you're my go-to-greenie what am i suppose to do lmAo :"D you may hate my bean memes but issok bc you meme (mean) a lot to me. wO hEn ni bAicHi, i fArt yOu biJ
— byungchan and co. o look it's my ded son lmAo you probs won't see this anytime soon but annyeong kwanchan uwuwu just wanna say thank you for all the times you've made me laugh with your dumb moments lol. you're constantly calling yourself stupid but sMh i don't believe in that :"D mistakes makes you more human and aYe i guess in that way at least i don't need to test you with a captcha box yknow??
— haechan. bAby bRo sCrEaMs c': you probably won't see this either but hey cwtch is where i first met you!! look how far we've come lol i'm super shook. though i've never verbally expressed it to you, i'm really thankful that i met you here bc you and your entire soffness is a huge blessing to me c': so thank you baby bro cOos. jiayous with exams and school ok i wuv you aheh.
— wendy and co. saging my favourite fruit lol. cwtch is also the place where i first met you and you srsly don't know how grateful i am to have you in my life. we may not talk as much but i hope you know that you can still approach me anytime and remember that i love you a lot uwuwuwu remember to take care of yourself always ok?
— yoojung and co. dotterpie my middle child uwuwuwu hi babu, this is where you became my child :"D do you regret agreeing now okno i know you're busy with school and stuff but pls don't disregard your wellbeing, try to sleep and eat on time u n u oH and don't overwork yourself alright? i love you and i miss you c':
— tzuyu and co. my youngest bby uwuwu aNnYeOnG mY dOtTeR— lotte, honestly idk where the hell i was bc nani why didn't i adopt you earlier?? like my other children, i don't regret adopting you (even if i just casually stole you from your other parent but that's beside the point) you're an absolute adorable bean and i hope you continue to stay precious uwu
— hoseok and co. sCreAmS bc it's cowpa!! oof henlo papa uwuwuwu i wanna start off by saying sorry for dragging you even more into the horrendous mess called the fam web lmAo thank you for allowing me to believe that i'm worthy to be your cow child. i promise to be a good daughter and and and i love you loads < 33
— shiah. y y y yoooshi uwu hi babu, you don't know how glad i am hearing that you're feeling better since the last time we talked. i'm super relieved that you're taking care of yourself and i hope you keep it up uwuwu aLSo issok if you gained weight, you don't need to go on a diet ok - you're perfect the way you are and i love you uwu, stay adorable qtpie c':
— sehun. bie one of the greatest people out there uwuwu hi idk if your muse is alive enough but i don't think i've ever told you how much i appreciate your existence oof. you are honestly one of the best people i've ever met and your random and almost shower-like thoughts are amazing as you and i hope you never change uwu
— saeeun. jUNgjuNg,, oof yknow at this rate i really dont know what you are to me lmAo. are you my daughter-in-law or my friend or wHaT. i always enjoy talking to you whenever i can and i know you aren't feeling so great lately bc of those enemies but imma fite them for you so you stay happy. i appreciate you lots and always take care c':
— taehyung. aNd oFc cAbBiE oof the person close to me very literally lmao,,, i miss you loads and i often find myself looking for you whenever i come up here but i just heard that you're travelling sO D': i hope you're doing alright and you're enjoying yourself wherever you may be rn. i love you cabbie uwu

ouyang nana 1 year ago
@wang junkai [H] inhales deeply at this. oof junkai sunshine this is kinda sudden and uh i kinda spammed to reach a nice number c": as the time passes, i slowly grow attached to you- in some sense since you are so nice and take care of me. and no matter how you asked, as in sticky caps or no, yes I'll be yours ♡

maybe I'll like your sticky caps more. jk i love you.

my 1717 to you uwu

and don't faceplant take care of the face,,
kim sohee [h] 1 year ago
@ouyang nana Here I present to you my 10001th post to you, my sunflower, nana. You know that I'm not a poetic person when it comes to writing, and you know that I am not good with words to talk out my feelings. I can't find those perfect words to explain my feelings to you, and I'm cri I can't speak well like others. I'll make this very clear after all these whiles, I like you a lot, honestly speaking. I remember the first time I saw you, I had a different feeling about this. And I'm sure its a pleasant vibe. I remember you saying that you loved my sticky caps so- wiLL yOu lOvE mE liKE mY sTicKy cAps uwu? i mean, wiLL yOu gO ouT wiTh mE and be minE?


faceplan t s
hwang minhyun [h] 2 years ago

@lee jooeun [SH] sure, if going through a debate means that you'll finally accept that i missed you more at the end of it.
yeah, i guess it is? yes yes, let's!
why would it just be me? i think more people than just me would doubt it though -- laughs softly and smiles brightly at you, whispering back to you - i love you six, then ♡
..fine fine, i admit it? yeah, that is pretty good.

lee jooeun [h] 2 years ago

@hwang minhyun [SH] are we going to start a debate on this cause i missed you way too much to be expressed by words uwu
hm i guess maybe thats the case ? but issokei,,, its the heart thay counts ????? mmhm ! lets do et uwu
its not ! you're the only one who's questioning that ! c ups my own cheeks and smiles at you before whispering - i love you five ♡
does that mean you admit that you're endearing !!!!!! mmhm, good to know i got company uwu

kim sookyung 2 years ago
naega's 800 to everyone and idk how to do dedications so just let everyone know that i love and cherish every one of you out here. and i'm lucky to be here.

- from compass and co uwu < 3
lee donghyuck [h] 2 years ago
wait NANI JJK i just saW pOST? dawh youre a 13/10 hooman oK our stamp business and uh what was yours man purses?? idEK anymorE but awh yesh almost 2 mth friendships going stRonG aM i rIgHT
lee donghyuck [h] 2 years ago
lee donghyuck ❝president of cwtch 2k18❞
22222 posts | 22222 pts

appreciates myself for this Truly Ikonic okno hi i love all of yall even though im lowkey dying these days hhhhhhhh uwu <3
hwang minhyun [h] 2 years ago
@lee jooeun [SH] i missed you more, though. i think something didn't allow it to go through, maybe? i'm not sure, haha. then let's just try our best to make it a reality!
because the accuracy of that stance is very questionable, jooeun - plants soft pecks back on your cheeks, finishing it off with one on your lips
but you're more endearing. at least we're awkward at it together? i love you four ♡

jung wooseok 2 years ago
apPreciAtes eRrbodY yOw
lee jooeun [h] 2 years ago
@hwang minhyun i knooooow :< i missed you a lot too. oh really ? i didn't get anything..? mm, i hope for the same too
why would you deny it tomorrow sdfgh h olds your face in my hand and smooches both of your cheeks.
you're endearing uwu icb we both at this wow :"D i love you threeeee ♡ (i'm glad you do uvu)

hwang minhyun [h] 2 years ago

@lee jooeun [SH] it really has been too long.. i missed you a lot. i thought i tagged you in something here, but i guess it didn't go through since it doesn't pop up here- but that's not important, what's important is that i hope we could talk more from now on. iddosomethingsimilarsinceyouresocutebutcutenessispuresoiwont -
fine, just this one time for you. i'll probably go back to denying it tomorrow, though - either way, you're the most endearing person in the universe. i responding to these sort of things, so we're even at least? i love you too ♡ (that's the most adorable thing ever, i lo∧e it -)

no reason to apologize, it was great ♡

lee jooeun [h] 2 years ago

@hwang minhyun i know we haven't talked in a while but since it's my tradition to dedicate my 666th to my loved ones its only normal if i dedicated to you ♡ youresohandsomeitsasinyoureawalkingsinawalkingsata- jk
anyways,, please stop denying that you're endearing ggg. you are, at least, to me u v u ♡ wow i at these dedication things but eeeee i lo∧e you (see what i did ther e u v u shehwjw)

and please forgive me for dis y dedication i succ shshdhsj :<



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Bao-Bei 1 year ago
turnips 1 year ago
vomits my heart and lungs out

hi ❤️
-trashcan 1 year ago
happy chrimmus.
is chrismun!
merry crisis.
merry chrysler.

a belated merry christmas guys c': ily
narcotic 1 year ago
heejin left. thank you.
Luscinia 1 year ago
Suzy is leaving. I had fun
eddb3adcc647e87b13ad 1 year ago
sorry for not being active, but hyungwon will be taking his leave!
yeonin 1 year ago
im sorry son naeun left :<
eristic 1 year ago
dropped hajoon and juyeon uwu
acuteassmess 1 year ago
I'm sorry but jia left. I give you guys the best of luck for this rp, I am sorry for being inactive ;;
Twice_ 1 year ago
Left seungyeon and soyeon,, keeping jimin tho
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