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Welcome to cabin 1. This is the place with the comfiest sleeping space. though, it does get a little dark at night, so be careful! 
please try to come up with a cabin name!
remember to post at least once (1) for a starter. after that, you are free to rp or talk chat room style.
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zhou jieqiong. [A] 4 months ago
i will reply in here... eventually
fan chengcheng. 4 months ago
this was the first time heejin was going camping.
well, it wasn't like she was /really/ going camping, since she was staying in a cabin, which was pretty much just staying in a house, but regardless. it was her first time out in the middle of the woods without her members or any family. granted, she'd be with some pretty close friends, albeit all of them being a little older than her, she wanted to have fun.
finally steps inside the cabin and was amazed at the sight. it was so homey inside, she could almost squeal. she didn't, thank god, but a softer squeak did come out from her lips. she places her bag to the side and looks around the place. "heeeyy, guyyyss!!" she calls out, to see if there was anyone here with her.
cheng xiao. [A] 4 months ago
without any exaggerations, xiao was probably the most excited anout the camping trip by far. she was so ready to set up the tents and sleep on her sleeping bag. but then she found out she was staying in a cabin. she wasn’t really upset, per se, but it wasn’t expected. either way, she wasn’t going to let the living space stop her from having a good time. she’d been planning this for weeks, and it was finally time for her to take a moment, destress, and really take the time to hang out with her friends.
xiao stands in front of the cabin with her duffel bag hanging from her shoulder. she makes a little excited squeak before bounding toward the door, finally stepping inside. she looked around, surprised at how spacious the room was compared to how the cabin looked outside. oh yes, she was /so/ ready for these next few days.
zhou jieqiong. [A] 4 months ago
jieqiong couldn't hold back the excitement she felt as the van pulled up to the cabin. her friends had managed to talk her into going on a camping trip, and at first she wasn't too thrilled because she didn't enjoy sleeping outside. although she loved the outdoors, she couldn't handle the thought of bugs crawling all over her as she slept. when she was told that she would actually be in a cabin, her attitude toward the trip changed drastically and she was suddenly excited for the trip. when the van stopped outside of the cabin, she looked out the window to get a good look. it looked like a cozy little place, the kind of place she could easily get used to. she exited the van and grabbed her duffle bag out of the back before she made her way to the cabin, a wide, toothy smile on her face.
cheng xiao. [A] 4 months ago
( → welcome to the first cabin! remember to come up with your team name as soon as possible, drop your starter or reply to a starter, and coordinate a dp that matches with the theme color at the end of the page!


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Danieloholic 2 months ago
Yooj took the left door
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hahaha ♡
struggling 3 months ago
jiho gtg, thanks for having me!
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Semi-hiatus for Seokjin pls
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