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Here it is! Cabin 2 is the warmest spot in the area, so you'll never have a problem with getting cold. but if you want to use your phones, you'll probably have to go somewhere else, since this is probably the worst spot for service.
please try to come up with a cabin name!
remember to post at least once (1) for a starter. after that, you are free to rp or talk chat room style.
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lee jieun. [sh] 1 month ago
Jieun was beyond excited for this camping trip. She hadn't been camping in years, probably since middle school if she thought about it. Honestly, she didn't get enough quality time in the outdoors in general, which was typical in this industry. All work and no play, and when you did get some time to relax, it was usually spent sleeping and recuperating. If you were lucky to get enough days off in a row, family was usually the first destination, since many artists didn't get to see their families too often either. So this camping trip was a real treat, and Jieun was hyped. She'd been a bit frantic about her packing, trying to pack light but also trying to make sure she had everything she'd need; the result was a bag that was stuffed a little more full than she'd planned, and without complete confidence in its contents, either, but oh well. She had the necessities at least, so she wouldn't die.

Hopping out of the van, Jieun took a moment to stretch her legs and arms, getting rid of the stiffness from the long drive. Then she grabbed her bag, slinging it over her shoulder and looking around, soaking up the atmosphere of her surroundings. When she found out she'd be staying in a cabin, she'd been sightly disappointed, because she'd actually hoped for a tent. Sure, a cabin would be more comfortable, but something about being in a tent and immersing yourself in the outdoors just held a real unique charm to it. "Oh well," she said out loud, grinning brightly. "Let's make the most of it!"
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kwon mina. 1 month ago
Mina fixed the strap her backpack with one hand while the other held another bag as she took a looked at her surroundings with a bright smiled on her face. She was excited as well as nervous for this trip because it was a semi vacation for the small girl. The moment she opened the door she let out a sighed of relief at how clean it was. The only think Mina hoped for now was that her roommates are people she would get along with, and with that she placed her bags onto the floor next to the bed that was closest to the door.
chou tzuyu. 1 month ago
@lee luda. Thank you <3
bi wenjun. [A] 1 month ago
(feel free to reply in any pov you want)

luda peeked out the window of the van as it pulled up to the campsite. she wouldn't say it out loud, but she was kind of relieved that she would be staying in a cabin rather than a tent or trailer. she wasn't actually a big fan of camping, but she decided to go because all of her friends were super excited about it. she hopped out of the van and grabbed her bag out of the back of the van, letting out an inaudible sigh. she hoped this trip would go well with no problems. she walked up to the steps, the key to the cabin in her hand, and unlocked the door to the cabin before walking inside. she looked around the small space, pleased that it didn't look too dirty. she wasn't totally high maintenance, but she did like for things to be somewhat clean at least. she put her bag on a bed by a window, claiming it as her own, as she waited for more people to arrive.
bi wenjun. [A] 1 month ago
i'm attempting to find an orange dp for you
chou tzuyu. 1 month ago
Can't find anything orange
bi wenjun. [A] 1 month ago
(going to eventually attempt a starter)
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cheng xiao. [A] 1 month ago
( → welcome to the second cabin! remember to come up with your team name as soon as possible, drop your starter or reply to a starter, and coordinate a dp that matches with the theme color at the end of the page!


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