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welcome to tent 2! out here is the best place for phone service and you guys have nice open waters to chill in. possibly freeze in, depnding on how cold it is.
please try to come up with a tent team name!
remember to post at least once (1) for a starter. after that, you are free to rp or talk chat room style.
⤫  elkie.   starter posted
⤫  Lucy.   starter posted
⤫  renjun.   Must post starter
⤫  member 4.   post status
chong tingyan. 1 month ago
everytime elkie happens to trek distances on her own, she finds herself humming along or mouthing the words of a song she would recently listen to. the manager dropped her off near a sturdy path when elkie insisted that she could hike the rest of the distance. while they were apprehensive, elkie's upbeat disposition and preparation reassured them slightly. she takes brisk footsteps, slinging her bag over her shoulder and hugging the sleeping bag close. soon enough she saw traces of a wide clearing out in the distance, motivating her to pick up her pace. she sees a tall, familiar girl looking at the screen of her phone and elkie smiles with recognition - jogging towards the younger. "lucy!" she calls out, reaching the spot where she was. "sorry if i'm late," she casts a curious look at the supplies and purses her lips. "should we start putting up the tent, or should we wait?"
ng sze kai. [A] 1 month ago
lucy couldn't help but groan a little bit to herself when she realized she would be staying in a tent. she had been secretly crossing her fingers that she would be put into a cabin or the trailer with her boyfriend. however, her friends convinced her that it wouldn't be so bad. as she grabbed her duffle bag and her sleeping bag out of the van, she wondered to herself who would be putting up the tent. she had never camped before and the idea of putting up a tent worried her. she would gladly help put it up, but if she was going to be in charge of putting it up, she knew that they would be sleeping under the stars instead. she waited by the spot where the tent would go up and looked around for her fellow tentmates, pulling out her phone to check the time. she noticed that their area had really good service, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad after all.
ng sze kai. [A] 1 month ago
(i will attempt a starter in a little bit)
cheng xiao. [A] 1 month ago
( → welcome to the second tent! remember to come up with your team name as soon as possible, drop your starter or reply to a starter, and coordinate a dp that matches with the theme color at the end of the page!


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struggling 1 week ago
jiho gtg, thanks for having me!
pink_snow 1 week ago
kei has left
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jaemin has to go
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i'm so sorry but my buds are gonna go ;;
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jimin gotta go, sorry kook love you man.
hinata 2 weeks ago
gowon has to dip, thank you for having me lovelies best of luck!
sunshinesmile 3 weeks ago
I'm really sorry jongdae will take his leave! Take care y'all!
Artidote 3 weeks ago
Semi-hiatus for Seokjin pls
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Mina pack her bags
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dead* ripm,sdhfjkshdf
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