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★ kim bobae 6 months ago
@♡ yan minqiᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ "you're intriguing I can't help but want your company after seeing you from up close" The human smiled in a little twisted way yet he had no ill intentions at the moment but he just couldn't get enough of the fact he was in charge of a demon, just saying that inside his head made it sound exciting. "Why wouldn't I? The ones targeting me shall meet hell, why I should keep them alive? Usually we torture them when we catch them but I guess now I have another mouth I have to feed" Bobae chuckled lightly, his eyes focused on the other's charming smile, indeed so sinful, that attracted him even more. "you need them?" he tilted his head to side.
♡ yan minqiᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 6 months ago
@♡ kim bobae A thin brow raised. Lonely? Wasn't the other the head of a well known Yakuza gang? How in the hell was he so lonely that he would need some trained killer to be his company? Never mind. It wouldn't help thinking it over anyway. Minqi would just get a headache. With a soft groan, the demon rubbed the back of his neck, eyes fluttering closed. "Is this why you requested me? To keep you company while protecting you?" An odd human. With a stern look, his eyes flew open, his once onyx orbs turned to a bloody red colour. When the conversation switched to souls, a sinister smile overtook his features. "You're giving me such permission? I am honoured." Chuckling darkly, he made his way through the room, eyes roving over every thing. "So... about weapons..."
★ kim bobae 6 months ago
@♡ yan minqi "Well, be good boy and I won't request such cruel thing for you, I like some company it's quite lonley inside the place by myself and even someone grumpy is quite amusing to be with" Bobae admitted, he always wanted someone he could talk to, someone new and different, someone who doesn't know him his entire life...Minqi seemed the perfect type not only for the job but to fill the emptiness inside the human "I heard you eat souls so whenever someone tries to kill me, feel free to eat that person up as your meal or dessert".
♡ yan minqiᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 6 months ago
@♡ kim bobae The demon simply rolled his eyes. "You try being deactivated and reactivated constantly," he muttered, rolling his shoulder as he stretched his long limbs out. As the other sspoke, Minqi took the time to look around the large room, obsidian orbs slowly scanning for any abnormalities before he was able to continue on. Humming, he nodded slowly. Protection, huh? "Simple enough," he sighed. So it was a protection detail he could do that. Looking back at the other, he nodded. "Of course i can do it," he sneered, hissing lowly. He was appalled that someone would question his skills. "I created for that purpose."
★ kim bobae 6 months ago
@♡ yan minqi "You seem happy" Bobae whispered to the other once he noticed the smirk on attractive demon's lips. "Yan Minqi" he repeated to himself, there was a nice sound to that, somehow pleasant to his ear "you have to protect your master which is me Kim Bobae your master, make sure I don't get assassinated and protect me 24/7 in other words I don't hold bodyguards here because I want to trust what you're capable of" the blonde man tapped the other's chest slowly and gave him a warm smile "think you can do it?"
♡ yan minqiᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 7 months ago
@♡ kim bobae 《 systems re-activated | awakening 》

For a moment he laid perfectly still before his eyes opened, his dark orbs unfocused to his surroundings. But as soon as they were full opened, and he blinked a couple times, he knew he was no longer at the shop. The house had a dark feel to it, one that Minqi could appreciate well enough. Smirking to himself, he stood from his seated position, body suddenly stiff from being deactivated for too long. The creators were iffy to deactivate him once he was created... they wanted to observe him. His eyes scanned the premises before they landed on the blonde figure. "Yan Minqi," he started, eyeing the male with a hard gaze. "What is my objective here?"

° < it doesnt xD > °
★ kim bobae 7 months ago
@♡ yan minqi Bobae couldn't wait for his order to be tried out, he didn't know if the feedback and all the reviews of the shop were that great actually or was it some kind of fraud. Well ether way the boss of yakuza had high expectations, he has received a photo of a demon that was made for his order, a great killing machine - a demon, with a nice humor added in Bobae's mind you see, the rivals would get closer to hell. FInally the bell on his door and a big package was carefully brought in and unpacked. "so handsome" Bobae smiled to himself as he cupped the demon's lips to press a gentle kiss on the soft tiers to activate him.

[sorry it ]
♡ yan minqiᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 7 months ago
@♡ kim bobae "ON TRIAL". That was his status. Not bought. Just trialed. Good. That meant he could return after seven days. He eyed the big bold letters next to his photo on the screen, am insurmountable feeling of dread hanging over him... as it always does when those words appear. That meant he was on assignment. Nothing more. Nothing less. Someone either needed protection, or someone killed. He could do that. "Time for deactivation," the guard said, stern as he looked at the recoiled demon. Guards wearing a heavy amount of armour were stationed around this particular lab all because Minqi had the tendency to go berserk. If not fed properly, or if he goes against commands, his wiring would fry and force him into a raging demon, hell bent on destroying anything ー and anyone ー in his path. Minqi smirked as he turned towards the fragile human. He could snap the males neck with ease. Be rid of this place. But something kept him rooted there. He complained not, though, as he slowly took steps towards his box, prepared for deactivation.

《 systems deactivated | possible reactivation engaged 》

And just like that he was shipped off to his week long trial.
♡ yan minqiᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿ 7 months ago
@♡ kim bobae ° < ill post the starter after work o/ > °
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★ kim bobae 7 months ago
@♡ yan minqi Here


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