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★ lee mark 6 months ago
@wong yukhei Mark thanksd the other for his help, carrying the thing to the seats. He tried to lace up the skating gear, however, he doesnt remember how it went. There was just too much access lace. “Uhm.. Lucas.. is there a way to tie this specifically?” He asked, struggling with the thing. Those with experience can tell that he didn’t tighten the shoes on well enough that he could break an ankle or at least twist and bruise it if he falls.
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★ wong yukhei 6 months ago
@lee mark he nodded and retrieved their equipment from the staff before handing mark's skates over to him. yukhei plopped down, removing his shoes to lace up the skates, biting his lip. mark didn't seem to be a man of many words, and he wasn't great at carrying a conversation either. he straightened up when he was done, shooting the male a small smile. "let's go?"
★ lee mark 6 months ago
@wong yukhei He nodded his head, a smile on his face as the other lead the way into the place, Mark following close behind. The place is filled with couples and he couldn’t help but stare. It was something new to him. He almost missed it when Lucas was talking to him. “Huh? Oh uhmm.. nine.” He mentioned.
★ wong yukhei 6 months ago
@lee mark yukhei blinked as mark bowed back, letting out a small chuckle. the guy seemed rather awkward, but it was dorky, in a cute way. he smiled at the compliment before nodding. "years ago... oh well, it's muscle memory, so i guess it shouldn't be too hard to pull up. i'm not that great either, we can learn together."

he stepped in, looking back to make sure his date was following before stepping up to the counter to get them their equipment. "uh... what's your size?"
★ lee mark 6 months ago
@wong yukhei @wong yukhei The other bowed back, oh no, what to do? Mark bowed once more out of habit, listening to what the taller male had to say. "Lucas. It's a nice name." he smiled back, looking around the area. It wasn't that crowded considering the plaza was crawling with people. Guess lots of people refuse to spend time in the cold when it's cold out. His attention went back to the other, nodding his head when he asked if they should go in. "Okay.. Uhmm I did it once, years ago.." he mentioned, recollecting the idea of his awkward first attempt. He remembered learning it pretty quickly so he probably could just relearn it if he learns how to keep his balance.
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★ wong yukhei 6 months ago
@lee mark yukhei blinked as he was tapped and whirled around to see a brunette male with bright eyes who hastily bowed to him. there was no need to, really, but he bowed back, awkwardly returning the gesture, before smiling a little. "yeah, that's me... yukhei, or you can call me lucas, if you prefer."

he tilted his head, appraising the other male briefly and committing to memory the image of his first date, before grinning. they said first impressions about a person were usually intuitively right, and he was very much liking his first impression of mark. "shall we go in, do you know how to ice skate, mark?"
★ lee mark 6 months ago
@wong yukhei @wong yukhei Mark was rushing, shuffling his footsteps, weaving through the crowded plaza. He was clad in a trench coat, a pink sweater and jeans. He wasn't sure how to dress and his friend said he looked good enough to violate whatever that means. He took a deep breath, breathing out a cloud into the cold air, spotting a tall male with a blond hair. He wondered if that was the guy. He rushed over, noticing the small marker that his friend gave him. "Uhm.. Yukhei, right?" he asked, standing behind him, tapping his back lightly. "I'm Lee Mark. Just Mark is fine." he smiled, bowing 90 degrees to greet the other person.
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★ wong yukhei 6 months ago
@lee mark yukhei chewed on his lip as he walked in, hands stuffed into his coat. what had he gotten himself into? he was one of the latest productions by the lab, and he'd never been on a date before. he didn't know what to do. he'd been learning, yes, but theory and practice was quite different.

at least people thought he was charming. yukhei pursed his lips, kicking a small pebble as he leaned against a wall by the entrance of the rink, waiting for his blind date. he didn't even know how he looked like, only had his name to go by—mark lee. 'mark,' he muttered under his breath, trying the name out on his tongue. it sounded good, and yukhei could only hope that this person was just as good to be with for a first date. the thought sent a spark of excitement through him, and he ran a hand through his blonde locks, smiling to himself. yeah, today was going to be fun. he could do this. he was lucas, after all.
♡ lee taemin 6 months ago
@★ park yuri Yeah, his ear was gonna get chewed out for this one - showing up at his lovers' practice without any warning. Though he trusted Yuri, Taemin wanted to be absolutely sure that he was eating the food he made for him every morning, and that he wasn't just tossing it away. It was hard to get him back on his feet, and every day was a challenge, but he was trying and that's all that mattered. But you couldn't blame Taemin for worrying, especially when Yuri is surrounded by the many figure skaters that supposedly told him that he'd look better thinner. "Pfft, say that today and you'll get a fist in your face." The male murmured to himself, the tips of his fingers sinking into his pockets while he stepped down the large amounts of the stairs to lean upon the wall separating the ground and the ice. Let's see, where was his Yuri -- ah! There he was. He didn't say anything, but perked his chin atop the inside of his palm and admired the other in awe.


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xicewolf 2 months ago
Jongup's finally leaving. Thanks for the memories.
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felix is leaving orz
but if the rp ever opens up again, hmu :')
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So I'll leave as character..but I'll probs stay as an admin.
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i was wondering if the reservation for park jimin has ended? if not, i can pick someone else.
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so jinyoung and hyungwon are leaving bUT
let me know if you guys revamp/open a new rp
thank you so much for the lovely memories and take care of yourselves < 3
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Sen is leaving unfortunately
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lost my muse. ill be taking my leave
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cole sprouse taking my leave
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I'm sorry but jeonghan has left, i lost my muse for him ;;
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