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whiskeynwine 1 day ago
yuliang dipped
Pika-boo 2 days ago
for now
left jisung and chihoon
ravenrose 4 days ago
Can I request Chizuru please?
SteamBuns-- 6 days ago
Dropped luhan, staying as jisoo and kumsung(for now)
sungrae 1 week ago
leaving as haneul. can't keep up
ings 1 week ago
please add and reserve do kyungsoo? c:
twinkerbell 1 week ago
Dropped Youngjae but keeping Kihyun. :) Please delete him for me
PeachyYeohae 1 week ago
Hello I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to have a second character, lol thankful all my tests and exams are over and I have nothing going on right now.
Also can Imjin please be taken off of hiatus, I'm sorry I wasn't able to say it sooner.
vendettahenry 1 week ago
please add and reserve nam joohyuk please
sungrae 1 week ago
leaving as wooseok, keeping haneul
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