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click here to doodle! uh pg drawings pls, no no vajayjay ye. 
alycia debnam-carey 1 year ago

whomst created this masterpiece
kim taeyeon [h] [A] 1 year ago
@alycia debnam-carey OMD ITS REALLY GREAT IM-
alycia debnam-carey 1 year ago
@kim wonpil I did your Donald Duck ♡
alycia debnam-carey 1 year ago
@☆ kim taehyung ❝rawr xD❞ thank you I did my best uwu
☆ kim taehyung [A] 1 year ago
@alycia debnam-carey "Donald - Aly (age 24) 10/05/18"

das bootiful aly
☆ park hyemin 1 year ago
How to doodle
☆ kim taehyung [A] 1 year ago


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Bao-Bei 7 months ago
turnips 8 months ago
vomits my heart and lungs out

hi ❤️
-trashcan 10 months ago
happy chrimmus.
is chrismun!
merry crisis.
merry chrysler.

a belated merry christmas guys c': ily
narcotic 10 months ago
heejin left. thank you.
Luscinia 11 months ago
Suzy is leaving. I had fun
eddb3adcc647e87b13ad 11 months ago
sorry for not being active, but hyungwon will be taking his leave!
yeonin 11 months ago
im sorry son naeun left :<
eristic 11 months ago
dropped hajoon and juyeon uwu
acuteassmess 11 months ago
I'm sorry but jia left. I give you guys the best of luck for this rp, I am sorry for being inactive ;;
Twice_ 11 months ago
Left seungyeon and soyeon,, keeping jimin tho
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