° seunghyun's apartment

seunghyun's apartment
[H] ♡ lee howon 6 months ago
@♡ choi seunghyun If the act of falling into Deactivation was like falling asleep, this waking up was the polar opposite - It was a rude, bitter, sour awakening that tasted of ash and alcohol. It was harsh and cold, and heavy... Howon rolled the heavy figure that sat atop his own off of his body, the suffocatingly thick breath that reeked of something saccharine and burning making his circuits buzz in a most unpleasant way. He felt dizzy and disoriented, looking over at the human to ensure his chest was moving before tending to himself.
This was highly unpleasant, and he could not know why - If it was the fact of being jarred awake or the person who did the jarring - But Howon sought only to sit up on his own and gain his bearings. Looking around the lavish home, he let out a soft sigh of amazement, never having known such human wealth, taking a long moment to appreciate the perceived status of the person who had taken him from the mansion. It was only after he let himself look back to take in said person that he could let out a groan of displeasure.
"Really? It had to be you..." He groaned in dismay, looking away from the man he barely knew and back to the box he came in. How hard would it be to pretend he was truly defective, and hadn't activated? Would that be enough to get him sent back? Lamenting his own fate, Howon cradled his head in his hands, waiting to see if the other would remain passed out or if he would wake in short order.
[SH] ★ choi seunghyun 6 months ago
@★ lee howon " what a in beautiful thing " Seunghyun whispered to himself as he watched the mellow sun going down over the western horizon which looked like a golden disc. the rich crimson peach color of it reflecting through his eyes, all while smoking his Marlboro blue cigarette, his favorite brand, a bottle of whiskey bourbon, his favortie drink and sluggishly seated on the edge of his apartment's rooftop. Another unproductive day have passed and the only thing Seunghyun finished was a total of 3 packs of cigarette and is almost half way through the bottle of the liquor. A tipsy Seung went back towards his apartment, feet seemed to race with each other and as he reached the front door of his apartment, he almost bumped against the huge box with a very noticeable "handle with care" sign written all over it. 'the ' he whispered to himself, struggling to fish for his room's keys and pushing the box inside his quarters.
Although bewildered with the object, he cautiously went to reach for the lid of the box, gradually revealing a blurry outline of a human.. and before he could even go logical about what he witnessed, the alcohol took a toll on him and passed out on top of the human physique that was inside the box, his lips accidentally touching the others as they both fall on the carpeted floor.
[H] ♡ lee howon 6 months ago
@♡ choi seunghyun Delivery day.
He was sealed in a box wrapped with a violet ribbon, and a disclosure page peeked out of the wrapping as well - about what he should like, and shouldn't, and how things would go once Howon was activated.
All very basic instructions for what would be considered a basic, if not defective model - His appearance being the main defect - that sat in the box in the unfamiliar apartment.
[SH] ★ choi seunghyun 6 months ago
*cleans the whole apartment even though I already cleaned it yesterday


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xicewolf 2 months ago
Jongup's finally leaving. Thanks for the memories.
coffeesthetic 3 months ago
felix is leaving orz
but if the rp ever opens up again, hmu :')
neocultured [A] 3 months ago
So I'll leave as character..but I'll probs stay as an admin.
j-swag 3 months ago
i was wondering if the reservation for park jimin has ended? if not, i can pick someone else.
wassowasso 3 months ago
so jinyoung and hyungwon are leaving bUT
let me know if you guys revamp/open a new rp
thank you so much for the lovely memories and take care of yourselves < 3
Top_Daddy 4 months ago
Sen is leaving unfortunately
choibaby 4 months ago
lost my muse. ill be taking my leave
xuxiii 4 months ago
♡ ♡
chankyu10 4 months ago
cole sprouse taking my leave
BASELINE 4 months ago
I'm sorry but jeonghan has left, i lost my muse for him ;;
thanks for having me though and good luck!! <3
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