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★ hong dabin 5 months ago
@[H] ♡ lee howon Dabin remembered reading the other had a passion for dance and though at that timeit held no importance, he now figured if it was a bad thing he wasn't interested in dance. At least not as a hobby. He wondered if the other was disappointed his owner, even for a week, did not pick him for his forte but to fit in the suit he had prepared for him, regardless of his qualities, except maybe for his looks. And this maybe was the reason why enthusiasm lacked in the other's voice when he cited all his interests.
"Not really. Think of this as a week where you just have to be around me. Not even always in the same room but preferably checking in regularly." It was still using the Boyfriend but he considered it was so much better to whatever could be happening on the same terms of contract.

What did owner do with their Boyfriends lately for this one to just assume he should be tending to him like some nurse. There was clear disdain in the way the Boyfriend considered his role to an owner and that same disdain made Dabin frown in fear of being taken for some Owner, toying with their weekly possession. He distracted himself by looking at all the delicious bites before him, the choice a little too hard to make. Even if he was alone to eat them all, he'd hesitate as to which one he should taste first, second; which taste would be best after the previous and so on. This was how picky Dabin was in everything, be it when creating music, when picking a Boyfriend or when deciding on which white tshirt he'd wear for the day. His thumb and index rubbed in circular and opposed motions, forgetting about the presence closeby as he made the, seemingly, hardes choice of the day.
"First name basis." he replied, still distracted until he made his choice and turned to look at the Boyfriend. He liked how he thought things through, better than Dabin had. He was however too lazy to give a presentation about what he did, liked, especially since he knew it was just a superficial background check from the Boyfriend.

"I won't be embarrassed. You aren't supposed to be from the music industry so any question or remark would actually be interesting. The clients coming won't ask anything of you. You will be like a friend of mine, a familiar sight and an ally, but past your presence I don't require anything. If you want to know about something I'll gladly answer, whether we are alone or not. If you don't want to know, it's just as fine." he reassured and tasted another bite, eyes closing at the taste of the salmon cream inside the puff. "Alright, if you like salmon, this one may interest you." He pointed at a similar puff to the one he just ate and his lips as he wiped his hands. He pulled his phone out of his pocked and checked for his schedule to see if there was someplace he /needed/ to be and shook his head slowly in answer.
"Nowhere I should be. But if you'd like to go out, wih or without me, it could be arranged. Or..." his balance shifted and he rested the phone on the counter. "Did you want me out of the penthouse for some time? I would accomodate you. I do know I am using you as a pretty doll around here and I feel like I owe you for it. Just me to you. So whatever you'd like to have or do, I will try to make it happen. For bubble baths, I don't have so many options so if you'd like to pick bath bombs, we could go? You may be missing the ouside world?"
Dabin glanced at the window, thinking he wouldn't be so displeased to get to know the Boyfriend through shopping for those things he wanted. "We can go shopping, find idea clothes for you to wear if you want to dance?"
[H] ♡ lee howon 5 months ago
@★ hong dabin Bowing his head in a small show of thanks, Howon made sure to follow along behind Dabin, trying not to read too much into the look or phrase he had gotten from the other, but only focusing on the home he would have to memorize. If this was a business transaction, and his job was to offer comfort, then he would have to know the ins and outs of the apartment as well as his owner did. Taking in the various doors and the artwork that hung on the walls, Howon's eyes never stayed still for a moment, not even when they came to rest in the kitchen. There was more to learn here, and this space alone would be a challenge. Cups, cutlery, dishware - The list just seemed to grow. It was obvious that he was thinking, and probably far too hard, by the way his tongue crept out, resting at the corner of his lips when his eyes met up back on Dabin, staring as he was struck with another question to process.

"Preferences? I prefer spending time alone, practicing my dancing. There isn't much I want to do, aside from those two things. Bubble baths, reading novels, and eating pasta are close on the list as well, but those aren't so much preferences as things that I enjoy regularly. Besides, this week should be me focusing on you, should it not?" His tone was exasperated, eyes flat, wondering why this human was making such a solid effort at humanizing him - It was so patronizing. as if they both didn't already know that Howon was far from human and Dabin was simply using him for a set amount of time. At least there would only be a week of this to suffer through. Shifting over to where the other male was, Howon took a bottle of water from the counter, cracking the seal and standing close to his new master. He needed to take him in - All of him - properly, so that he could be sure of how to treat him when there were others around.

"How should I refer to you? Dabin, Hyung, Sir, Master? What's your preference, so that I do my best not to this up. Is there anything I should know about your music or your home as far as presentation goes? I'm assuming you wish for me to be present during your business interactions, and I feel like you should have prepared a dossier of things to know, names, labels, agencies... I would hate to embarrass you." The subtext of that sentence ensured that Howon was talking only about embarrassing himself, first and foremost. He also needed to know how to address Dabin because this would say a lot for how he could talk to the latest human in his life. This whole... Proper, polite, and perfect routine. It was taxing to keep this up and if he had to do it for the whole week...
Well, Dabin would probably not survive the fallout from such an explosion that would cause.

Taking a sugared treat for himself, Howon first sniffed the item before taking in a delicate bite, waiting for the results of such questions and taking in the setting of the home. The sprawling floor plan would be excellent for moving about, dancing to his heart's content, and the acoustics were probably amazing inside of the home as well. He couldn't wait to test them out - The wonder occurred to Howon whether he'd see any alone time in this wonderful home to explore beyond his small room and the kitchen that he rather adored, seeing how it reminded him of himself. "Will you be spending any time away from the home this week?" He asked in an entirely different tone of voice, his thoughts sneaking out in a much quieter way, almost as though he was thinking aloud; which, of course, he had been. Still, such thoughts warranted answers, and Howon felt that it wouldn't be too selfish of a thing to ask, given he hardly had the same amount of space to move about in as he did in the mansion.
★ hong dabin 5 months ago
@[H] ♡ lee howon This was a business transaction, a show to put up for Dabin’s comfort with a end date. Both had curious eyes for each other but the man assumed he was more curious of he Boyfriend since well, they were different species and humans were curious for everything different while Boyfriend were potentially made with inherent knowledge. Dabin assumed so much about Boyfriends and expected even more from Howon. He made a point to not stare at the other’s first gestures, to not witness his rise like the birth of a creature and instead, looked at his own familiar walls, owing a form of respect to a possession of his was still hard to comprehend. By closing the door, Howon whispered the idea that he'd need his own time and intimacy, whatever happened, no matter how tied to a human's will he was.

“You won’t be any burden. If your skills are limited to being around a designated place, you will do great.”
Of course it wouldn’t be enough to give Dabin reasons to think of investing in keeping the Boyfriend, but this was not part of the plan either. He didn’t need to look in the direction of the bathroom to know the door was pushed, setting limits he surprised himself finding cute. He skin tone difference did not strike him like the eye singularity did in the Boyfriend’s description. He was yet to appreciate it for how oddly rare and pretty it could be like the heterochromatic eyes.
“I produce music. This week is special as my home will have several fashion industry representative visiting to figure out the kind of music they want for their upcoming shows. You will be the only one I will know around.” He explained, stating indirectly he was uncomfortable to be alone before all those strangers. He wanted the vague idea of companionship, the idea that he could have a friend by his side when anxious and tested. Dabin could have opted for a ready to love Boyfriend but he was to foreign to the idea of bold skinship to ever dwell with such a Boyfriend.
“You’ll be perfect. I can give you books, pens if you want to write, draw, you can do anything as long as you’re nearby, in the flat…” his eyes rolled for his own little mistake: he was sure he would have to ask Howon to be in the same room instead, but the door was opened now and Dabin didn’t sit well with the idea of being clingy yet.

“I did read the subtext, you are no bot.” He confirmed calmly, his eyes on the door to the bathroom. He might have been a little worried the Boyfriend would find his reasons vain. Dabin himself had no idea how much of a support a new Boyfriend would be when surrounded by those people he didn’t know but he sure had expectation on the male behind the door.
The sudden appearance of the Boyfriend surely grilled his gaze at this moment.
His eyes widened very shortly, caught in the headlight, phazing back into his usual dense stance. “I think some artistic directors might want of you to walk down their runway for the next fashion week.” he mused and pushed himself off the wall to walk off this room. “Follow me.”
His quiet invitation would lead the Boyfriend to the kitchen downstairs. There he got two glasses out and opened a couple boxes of salted and sugar pasties they could share. “Whatever you want to eat or drink, I will have delivered.” he said, pulling water and lemonade from his fridge. He paused before the counter to pour the other a drink. “Do you have preferences you remember? Things you want to do this week?” he asked, thinking it might be the best time to get to know about Howon. And maybe was it the black and white of the kitchen that made it obvious for the first time but he noticed a skin tone difference from a side to the other. His eyes quickly jumped for the other’s arms before he looked up at his face, refraining a little smile at the thought that he had caught quite the masterpiece here, art by himself.
[H] ♡ lee howon 5 months ago
@★ hong dabin "Dabin..." The word felt strange on his tongue, bitter and alkaline, slippery and somehow already worn in, something about it familiar in a way that he could not pinpoint. Maybe this was just a figment of his imagination - Goodness knew that his mind got him into more trouble than he was worth. Howon simply nodded as he listened along, gold and onyx slipping over the other's figure as he stood upright from the crouched over position, the Boyfriend model following along by sitting up himself. His eyes wandered as the other spoke - His new owner, of sorts, he could suppose - letting the words flow on the air without much of a thought towards them. This all seemed very standard. He'd have a space, a set wardrobe, expectations.

Of course there were expectations.

Closing his heterochromatic eyes for a long few seconds, he took in a long breath, tasting the air that was so different from the recycled oxygen inside of the mansion, tasting the scent of the greenery outside, the smog from the streets, the delectable wafting of cooking from somewhere just close enough to tease but not nearly close enough to be meant for them. It was the outside world, and everything about it was so appealing, so mouth watering, that he had to press his lips together to keep this from showing. Exhaling under the other's words, he finally tuned his gaze to the clothing that was being offered to him. Not offered, forced - The clothing he was expected to wear. Such feminine coloration, such sweet looking street fashion. It was disgusting, compared to his normal attire of pale, worn in denim and basic colored shirts. His sharp gaze ce more, following Dabin's figure as he moved through the room, making his first sweeping attempts at moving - Setting his feet on the floor, testing how well they'd hold his weight. It would be fine, he told himself, standing up and stretching his limbs.

"What is it that you do? My skill sets are very limited, so I do not wish to be a burden to someone that might have taken the wrong model home." He answered quite curtly, picking up the clothing and looking it over more carefully, feeling the thin cotton of the shirt with a quieted hum. He refused the other's smile, not even returning one out of courtesy, since this all seemed like business to the other - Why should he treat it any differently? Taking the clothes to the en suite bathroom, he shut the door three quarters of the way, wanting to have some privacy but not cut the other off for the limited conversation they seemed to be sharing. Seeing his eyes was enough, Howon was far from eager to share the two different sides of his body; much less the seemingly combative halves of his personality.

"I won't be asking anything of you as long as you do not seek to use me for ual gratification - There are enough models made for that, I would hope you didn't assume I was one such model." His words were curt, cold, and well-practiced, obviously a regular disclaimer for him as he doffed the clothing he had arrived in, and the new fabric slid over the split tones of his figure, the snug denim hugging his dancer's figure a little more closely than he would have chosen for himself, but couldn't deny held a certain appeal on his body. The pink shirt accentuated his fairer skin tone, while making the tan side seem darker somehow, and he tugged at the collar uselessly, taking in the sight of himself in the bathroom mirror and adjusting his hair, only then opening the door to his new owner. "What do you think, Dabin?" He felt obliged to ask, coming around the wooden portal and standing before the other, presenting himself in the new outfit.
★ hong dabin 5 months ago
@[H] ♡ lee howon There was a heavy sigh, silently but effectively sweeping, out of Dabin’s brain, the idea that this Boyfriend was not a real human. He had his palms supported by his thighs, his higher half bent over the technology gem he’d keep for free just for a week. This was something Dabin knew, still he was always curious to see the being come to life, to be the first thing he’d see, in case in his cold sleep, the Boyfriend had been needing a presence, in case this was the Boyfriend’s first time opening his eyes, in case the Boyfriend would have a puzzled memory, knowing he had been awoken before without quite grasping the contents of his previous consciousness.
The first word he heard from the other was a whisper, as if the Boyfriend was waking from a dream, talking in his sleep.

Then he saw the other’s irises, the peculiar fact that had been decisive in his choice of Boyfriend and he smiled. He liked being in charge, switching on company when he needed it, and he felt lucky this Boyfriend seemed eager to do just what he wished; no all were.
Dabin stood back up slowly, granting the other space and time for himself to reply.
“Hi, Howon. I’m Dabin and my first wish is for you to to get comfortable around this room and the rest of the penthouse. You have your own bathroom and clothes at your disposal but I do wish for you to stay with me most of the days when I’ll be working.”
It would be so wrong to ask another human to follow him everywhere; and Dabin knew that some Boyfriends weren’t made to obey all the time, if not at all, but he hoped Howon would comply.

He inhaled and his heels to pick a knee-ripped blue jean that should be fitted for the Boyfriend’s size, along with a light pink tshirt bearing a pixel ice cream pattern and he rested it on the edge of the bed. “This is for you to wear today. But if you want I will let you pick your outfits for the rest of the week.” Because there was an end to that free trial and so far, Dabin had never purchased any Boyfriend. He did however consider it was rude to hang the end of their one-sided contract so obviously.
“If there’s anything you wish of me or if there’s something you want, you can ask me of course. I will see if I can provide or if we can compromise on it, alright?” It was a sad attempt to put each other on an equal stand although on his hand, he expected the Boyfriend to deliver no matter what he’d asked. “I will have a busy week and I want you to be by my side but if you wish for something and I can make it happen, I will.” he said and smiled, leaning his back against the wardrobe as he waited to hear from the Boyfriend.
[H] ♡ lee howon 5 months ago
@★ hong dabin Slowly coming to life, the drunk and dizzied feeling of rebooting systems and rapidly firing synapses earned a sigh from the Boyfriend model, a shuddering sound parting his thick, roseate lips. It took a full minute for him to become coherent - something more than just breathing - and, in looking around, the first thing that he noticed was that this was not his room - this was not the mansion. Nor was it the box he had been packaged away in so many times before, but something different. A foreign bed.

"Great," He breathed out in a whispered tone, already knowing where this path would take him. Not having had the best string of trials nor owners, Howon carried a sense of dread whenever he woke up in such a situation, and even though each time he was deactivated his memory should have been wiped, he found that he still somehow knew this. Each memory was closer to a story than a reminder of himself or a past life, but something about each was so uncanny that he knew they all belonged to him. This was just the start of another such story.

Letting his thick lashes flutter open all the way, Howon looked up at the other male that was his newest owner, stretching out his neck and letting it crack, letting out a soft sigh. "Good afternoon. Unit 042, Howon, active. What are your wishes?" He asked softly, looking the other square in his cool, espresso colored orbs, sure that he was staring to see the extent of drastic differences between his heterochromatic eyes. It was bothersome, that was always the first thing people tried to look at as a main selling point: How different were the two halves of his body, really? A brow perked as he waited for a breath of personal space, maintaining the cool and unbothered line of sight to the other.
★ hong dabin 5 months ago
@[H] ♡ lee howon “Howon.”
The monotone voice tried the name, folding the last hoodie on a shelf of the immaculate bedroom.
Dabin found a nice use to Boyfriends. When he needed one, he’d just order, making him his assistant, or the presence that would make a morose week a little brighter. This week however, Dabin was meeting to have artistic directors with him, planning several videos and runway atmospheres. Whenever that masquerade went one, Dabin would feel overwhelmed, invaded no matter how large his place was and there was nothing more he wanted than a pretty thing with him at all times, just for show. No love, not even a spark, he just had to click, and a Pretty Boyfriend was delivered in the room he reserved for his now frequent company.
He had carried the Boyfriend to the bed, because he prefered when they woke up in a home rather than in the sanitized box they were transported in. Before even waking him, Dabin had done some shopping, finding the kind of pastel clothes that would add colors to his faded black and white home design. This Boyfriend would be the accessory he’d expect by his side at all times, soft to his hand and hopefully warm if he felt in discomfort.

He read the name again and said it, a rehearsal to warm up his vocal chords, deprived from reasons to speak. His lips pressed a chaste peck to wake the Boyfriend, a gesture he chose to do yet ignore for how trivial it became to kiss handsome Boyfriends over the last few months, but he remained close, face hovering the other’s as he waited to get a sight of the heterochromatic eyes. What a delight it would be to look into those for a week.
★ hong dabin 6 months ago
@♡ jung jaewon In the way Jaewon kept himself collected or passively indifferent, Dabin wondered if this was just the awkward ways of a humanoid, both limited and yet curious about music for some reason.
He could feel his temporary Customer watching him and he supposed it was right, he was the one who should keep his eyes down more often than not although he was not to be purchased luckily. His chest shook a little to the other's remark and though Jaewon was maybe not even attacking, Dabin felt outed for how lazy he was.
"Yeah alright, it's more than lately, I just never really empty the temporary bin and they might have been in there for weeks." He could even speak of months for half of the records, he had been too lazy to put back on the shelves. "Being a lazy /Boyfriend/ isn't something I should brag about but you would figure it out soon I bet."
His eyes rolled a little but he was smirking, breaking himself down before anyone else would, simply because Dabin never took criticism so well and this was his parade.

Dabin froze very shortly upon noticing the other's faint disappointed, or rather: lack of enthusiasm. And a step back that surprised Dabin. They could stand so close, and he didn't mind, he who disliked having people around, he who lived in that large penthouse alone and locked himself in his studios for days sometimes. Maybe Jaewon was made to put humans at ease, or maybe Dabin was pleased to share his private collection afterall.

He went to the desk and started clicking around the screen, looking for the Gorillaz discography. His moves were almost mechanical, allowing his mind to get over the fact that an allegedly lab-born man-made companion could be this sensible to music, able to appreciate the authentic vinyl sounds. So much for assuming the mind of a humanoids would love what they were: flawless things. Dabin wondered if this one Boyfriend turned Customer was damaged somehow. He played the record and made a 180 degree spin to face his Customer. He let the bass start before he spoke again, adjusting his tone to the volume of the tune.
"Vinyls are about the nostalgia for what used to be fragile records. How come you are attracted to them? You don't look so old..."
But Dabin had simply no idea how old an actual Boyfriend could be. They were high tech for all he knew they /had/ to be recent and flawless.
"I mean I'm not old either, but I used to collect the first editions of some records and they happened to be on vinyls and the collection got out of hands I guess... but again, Music is what I'm into." Dabin's lips parted to say more but he knew it would come off really harshly. He decided to wait, so long the first song ended when he spoke again: "Is it what you like too? Or does is remind you for someone?"
The thought was innocent, because to Dabin, unexperienced as a customer, Boyfriend were defined by ownership and so he supposed music had to do with an owner. "Or were you conceived and born with a soundtrack? A lab filled with music to all moods that shaped you, molded your mind and sould."
He was curious about the Boyfriend that picked him to be his Boyfriend. He couldn't help but wonder how come it had never come to his attention that Boyfriends could appreciate music and not just state that they liked it like in some vulgar description on the package of a toy.
♡ jung jaewon 6 months ago
@★ hong dabin "Ah, yes" he mutters quietly, nodding his head almost imperceptibly at Dabin's reassuring words, deciding to leave it at that. The way the initial customer's lips curved in a smile was a tad enigmatic to him - it didn't seem like one of those mocking ones He used to give him whenever the humanoid asked about things that must have been completely obvious to humans, however, he would have been genuinely surprised if it was a sign of sincerity. It's not that he didn't believe in Dabin's ability to be like those people he saw in TV series - with mesmerizingly beautiful and open minds, accepting of everyone they've encountered on their path - because he could truly imagine him in a role like that. It was just... this kind of weird incertitude that kept reminding him it was better to expect the worst from others, so he wouldn't have to face too many disappointments.

Observing his every move, Jaewon's eyes followed the other male through the room just to swiftly fall upon the basket that apparently was full of his latest music obsessions. The humanoid couldn't wait to take a look at them - he was sure that one's music taste could tell a lot about a person. At least that's what He has told him a few times and given all the correct conclusions he had drawn, there had to be something true about it. Walking up beside the male, mimicking his pose, he nodded slightly, letting out a quiet hum.
"You've listened to a lot of things lately" he commented just for the sake of doing so, letting his eyes roam the tiny sea of titles, getting more and more surprised at how much of a great taste Dabin had with every next band name he has recognized. Maybe the week wouldn't be half as bad as he expected it to be after all? At least they had a few things in common if it came to music and this made the humanoid wonder, whether there were other sections of their daily life that were similar.

"Oh... okay. Let's listen to the digital version then" hoping the disappointment in his voice wasn't too audible, Jaewon curved his lips in a tiny smile of gratefulness before taking a step back, finally noticing how close he was standing to the other male. Moving to where his boyfriend was sitting a few minutes ago, he leaned back comfortably, his arms still crossed in front of his chest as his eyes wandered back to the wall filled with records. He could already clearly tell that this was the room he would spend most of his time in, no matter what kind of magical wonders were hidden in the other ones - this microcosm was enough to make him happy for an enormously long time.


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