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who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

that's my mic

Lee Seonghwa 1 month ago
And I hope I never see the day
That you move on and be happy without me
Without me
What’s my hand without your heart to hold?
I don’t know what I'm living for
If I’m living without you

All my friends, they know and it's true
I don't know who I am without you
I've got it bad, baby
I got it bad
Oh, tell me you love me
I need someone on days like this, I do
On days like this
Oh, tell me you love me
I need someone
On days like this, I do
On days like this
Oh, can you hear my heart say
You ain’t nobody 'til you got somebody
Lee Seonghwa 1 month ago
I've been drowning in these sheets
Feeling lonely
Wishing you were here with me
Every morning
Over my head
The tide comes rolling in
I don't know when
I'll see dry land again

Another 40 days I'm lost at sea
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Hoping that your heart will rescue me
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim

I will never get over you
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin Well, it's about time...it's one of the privileges you get when you date someone who can cook
/body slightly leaning against yours, and I pull you closer to my body, tongue sliding on your soft lips
cause you keep teasing me...
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok You will? I've never really had anyone cook for me in my place...
that would be nice.
/mumbles as I nibble on your ear, the words coming out of my mouth all soft and breathy. A small smirk forms on my lips seeing how you react, quickly returning the kisses.
I was letting you...why did you stop?
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin I'll even be cute and cook you breakfast...
/I whisper with a smile, your lips against my ear sends a shiver down my spin and I find myself flipping through the same song again and again completely distracted
/I groan and throws the remote aside to attack your lips
can you please let me pick a song?
/I whisper between kisses, nibbling on your lower tier
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok Let's do that then, you can sleep over.
/chuckles softly before biting my lower lip, an arm snaking around your waist as you flip through the songs
My lips are not at fault here, they're doing nothing much you know.
/mumbles, leaning in to kiss the shell of your ear just lightly.
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin I'll be glad to come...we can go after if you really want...
you know I don't mind spending the night with you
/I chuckle and leans to kiss you back, keeping the kiss soft and tender before I pull away
you need to stop distracting me with your lips and then I'll be able to sing better
/ I say with a small laugh, flipping through the songs
I have no idea what to choose...
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok That sounds good to me, mhmm.
I'd like to take you to my place too.
/nods my head slowly and leans in to steal a kiss.
Wanna sing another song?
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin Let's make it casual visits for now... And maybe a drawer, I can make a drawer for you and a place for your toothbrush
/I whisper and sits down to look at you, caressing your cheek
Does that seems OK to you?
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok Every night? Are you moving out or am I moving in?
/asks with a soft grin, squeezing your hand and rubbing gently with my thumb before pulling you to sit back down
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin Then I promise to massage those shoulders every night...
/he whispered with a small smile, tilting his head to peck your hand, blushing a little at the whole situation
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok Of course... I'll have to try my best, I have the world's weight on my shoulders afterall
/says with a soft sigh but smiling as I gently take one of your hands to hold it in mine.
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin Is that something you want? I can be quite demanding, atlas
/I whisper not even noticing the fact the song is over and the music slowly died, looking at you with a small smile
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok Then I have to fulfill that addiction?
/mumbles against your lips and slowly pulls away from the kiss to gently lean my forehead against yours, gazing at you.
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin /I let my lips move against yours as our hips sway in the same beat, closing my eyes shut as I enjoy the music and the way you feel next to me
What if I do?
/I whisper into the kiss, opening my eyes to look at you
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok /laughs when you seem to have forgotten the lyrics, finding it quite cute, and I lean in as well to return the kiss, letting the music in the background guide my movements as I still sway lightly from side to side.
Really? I never knew that... you should be careful then. Or are you developing an addiction already?
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin /I keeps dancing with you, looking at you I completely forget the lyrics, chuckling slightly embarrassed and just puts the mic aside, wrapping my arms around you and leans to kiss you
You are addicting you know that right?
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok /mouths the lyrics as you sing to it, letting you pull me close, placing one hand on your side to keep you against me, my other hand reaching to your cheek gently, all the while dancing to the music
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin I'm in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I'm in love with your body
And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I'm in love with your body
/I sing the lyrics and looks at you with a grin, hand slipping around your waist as I pull you closer to me, dancing to the beat against you
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok /laughs softly when you pull me up, looking at you singing with a big smile on my face and I couldnt help to laugh a little when you start to dance, but soon I follow, moving myself to the beat of the song
You sing pretty well mhmm
Lee Seonghwa 1 month ago
I know it's ugly turning on the news
There's people fighting over point of view
Sometimes it's like there's nothing left to lose
And I don't know what to do

But I know it's better with you
I was a wreck when you came along
When there was nothing left
You showed me the best
I'm still a mess but you hold on
Don't know just why you do
But I know I'm better with you
But I know I'm better with you
But I know I'm better with you
But I know I'm better with you
Lee Seonghwa 1 month ago
I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted
And even though your friends tell me you're doing fine

Are you somewhere feeling lonely even though he's right beside you?
When he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones I wrote you?

Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie?
If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

'Cause I'm not fine at all

I remember the day you told me you were leaving
I remember the make-up running down your face
And the dreams you left behind you didn't need them
Like every single wish we ever made
I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
And forget about the stupid little things
Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
And the memories I never can escape

'Cause I'm not fine at all
[post deleted by owner]
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin that's what I promised when I asked you here right?
/I say with a laugh and grabs the mic, getting up while pulling you with me, the music starting and I start to sing with it, moving from side to side as I dance with you
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok Sure...but will you sing for me? /wraps an arm around you when you lean on me, humming as I reach to pick a song from the song list and ends up choosing ed sheeran's shape of you and looks at you with a smile.
I think this is quite the perfect song...
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin /I seat by your side with a small smile, resting my head on your shoulder while taking the remote, nuzzling your neck
want to pick the first song?
/ I ask curious
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok /chuckles softly as I put a hand over your arm, tilting my head a little to look at you.
I'll dance for you even if you don't ask me to, you know.
/pecks your cheek quickly before pulling you inside the room to seat ourselves down
Hyungseok 1 month ago
@Taemin I let you take the leads and follows you with a smile, chuckling when you order a bigger room, wrapping my arms around you from behind.
good...we'll need the extra space
/I said teasingly against your ear
cause I have the intention to make you dance for me
Taemin 1 month ago
@Hyungseok /holds your hand as I lead you to the entrance of the noraebang and pulls you inside, ordering for a room bigger than for two although it's just us, and follows the waiter to the room
Hyungseok 1 month ago
Whaaaa I used to have so much fun in here....
I know what I need to do


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Pika-boo 6 hours ago
hyungseok is taking his leave
please don't delete him though cause I might comeback
PrincessLilith 1 week ago
Can you reserve Heechul for me please? ^-^
credence 1 week ago
can i have stray kids hwang hyunjin?
taneejj 1 week ago
Can you add and reserve NCT Taeil, please?
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can you add and reserve Jongin please?
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can you add and reserve Yixing, please
recyclebin 3 weeks ago
jehyun's official group name has been announced, it's 1team. :)
Pika-boo 4 weeks ago
Can you add and reserve yang yoseob
djinnamon 1 month ago
Can i reserve infinite Sungjong please
verizon 1 month ago
can i have cha eunwoo?
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