━ restaurant.

have a good meal with friends or a date.
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seulgiggles 2 months ago
is this rp active?
longtimerp 6 months ago
could you please add Christian Yu
haenim_ 10 months ago
I'm finally ripping the band-aid and leaving to clean up my character list. If we ever do get a reboot do let me know, babes <3
jibunrock 1 year ago
a&r thomas sangster please
cinnnamon [A] 1 year ago
☸ ━ Please favorite the roleplay before applying, or your application will not be accepted. Make sure to read all the rules listed.
BambiiBlossoms 1 year ago
Im so sorry i wasnt active ;;
Loved it here, though ♡
qqqqqq 1 year ago
can you a&r kang seulgi, please!
dreamland 1 year ago
I have a question! Because I have a bio in mind and I want to get it approved first!
BambiiBlossoms 1 year ago
Can i get a hiatus for Anzh? ♡
[comment deleted by owner]
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