to my cherry ♡

is what you make me
ten month
o man we've reached double digits!
mon cheri, the love of my life
+ 23 minutes ago
to my absolute dearest
My goodness baby, can you believe it? we've reached double digits! we've reached a whole 10 months of being together. the baby would be a whole 1 month old today. heheh. i just made this lil thing to show you just how much i love you because i haven't been doing that enough lately and i have missed far too many aniverseraries. i'm sorry it's so simple and ty asjldghbfslgjhb
+ 1 hour ago
markxi on an adventure!
+ 1 hour ago
i lauv you.
trackparis in the rain
+ 5 hours ago
to mon amour, mon cheri
HMM, so where to begin? i've professed my undying love to you numerous times and with each time i do so, what i say will never mean less than what it does. i don't know if that makes sense, but you know how they say if you say "i love you" too much it'll lose it's meaning? well my "i love you"s will never lose meaning. so here, je t'aime, ti amo, 愛してる, 我爱你, ผมรักคุณ, ich liebe dich, 사랑해... i love you. .
+ 6 hour ago
we're pretty cute. uwu.
+ 5 hour ago
freckles and constellations
trackfreckles and c...
+ 7 hour ago
piccolo's art was a big inspiration to my icarus thing
+ 7 hours ago
i just love you
yep, i'm sorry i'm going to say it again because it may just be the best thing i've ever written.

so if you were the sun, i would be icarus and despite knowing the consequences, i'd soar straight into your warm embrace.
it wouldn't matter if i'd fall, it wouldn't matter if i melt because those are two things i already do when i'm with you.

i love you with all of my heart, minhyung oppa and i'll do so until much after forever i guarantee. happy anniversary! here's so us ♥
+ 9 hour ago
we've grown a lot together, dear
tracknext to me
artistsleeping at last
+ 10 hours ago
to us!

- Syaoran Li, cardcaptor sakura
lee junyoung [A] 11 months ago
@park junghyun holy sh*t i love you so much i dont even know what to say right now asdfghjkl;
future lee junghyun, its been an amazing 10 months with you and sure along the way we both got busy and spent less time with each other but my love for you only increased, if even possible. you make me feel so at home and so whole, there's no way i could ever live even a second without you. i love you so so much, mmkay? happy 10 months, my little star ♡
chou tzuyu 11 months ago
@mark lee yells softly,,, baby it's been a whole 10 months i love you so much,,, also i made a room because my profile is getting a lil crowded and i didn't know where to put anything, basically i'M not proposing is what i'm saying hehe happy 10 monthsary i love you lots and lots and lots more than words can say yay! ♡♡♡♡


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atychiphobia 6 hours ago
can i have lee donghyuck
babydiino 1 day ago
Can I reserve cute minghao please?
giggleyoon 2 days ago
can I have Lee Chaeryeong?
hakyeomma 6 days ago
i died rip i miss u
niwakaame 1 week ago
o u o
nabongs 1 week ago
yuna left
Baby_Mochi 1 week ago
can i get choi yena? :O
Krooks 1 week ago
Is chris yu taken?
coldbrew 1 week ago
WAAA someone took yeeun uwu pls take care of her!!! Also hello goddamn i wanna stay in contact w yall
igoholic 2 weeks ago
dropping beomgyu ; ; getting too busy but i had fun!
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