** the majority of this game is played in PMs
- 1st player thinks of a short phrase and sends it to the 2nd player through PMs. (ex. "i like tacos")
- 2nd player must send the same exact phrase to the 3rd person, EXCEPT the 2nd player must change the vowels of each word in the phrase to something new. (ex. "a laka tacas" or even "o loko tocos")
- each player must continue the same process as the 2nd player with each player coming after them
- the last player in the game must post in this room (or whichever room the game is held in) and guess what the original phrase was
yang jeongin 7 months ago


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babypie [A] 4 weeks ago
hello reserve your chara at the upcoming say
babypie [A] 1 month ago
what are u sayin
bokchoy 1 month ago
ok google, then off the kitchen lights
Burning 1 month ago
For the 800 millionth time

Should I rejoin this place!??

Also I cannot remember who I was here
-dulcet 1 month ago
water and nature eue
SeHYUNG 2 months ago
Dropping yeol
BooJae- 2 months ago
baek is gone. thanks for having me!
chikookiehope 2 months ago
hoseok gun leave owo i dun post much
tasteful-jams 2 months ago
aloha hoi
can i have mi old jinhwan back?
sunniehyuckie 2 months ago
could I have kim seolhyun please?
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