Business Complex

This complex holds hundreds of businesses spread out over numerous floors. administrative work to legal and every thing in the middle. plenty of office space available.
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Moon Byulyi "I just meant...what would you like me to do? I feel bad for always causing you harm. So, just tell me what I could do to make up for it. Then I'll leave you alone, and try not to run into you again. Deal?" Jessica looked at the other woman, honesty written all over her face. It wasn't like she was trying to do this on purpose. And besides, what are the odds that it's always the nameless woman in front of her that is on the other end of her clumsiness? It just has to be a coincidence.
Moon Byulyi ★ 1 month ago
@Jessica Jung Her shrill voice grated her eardrums incessantly, the ire in her system increasing again upon her choice of redemption. She wasn't out for her wealth, she simply wanted a sincere apology and a promise of trouble abstention but she dare asked of her price. A flash of disbelief crossed her visage. Scoffing, she asked, "Do you think everything could be solved with affluence? I think not. If you're not out to enrage me then please do try to keep your composure intact, else I would think you're purposely out to grab my attention."
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Moon Byulyi "I wasn't blaming you!" Jessica defended herself. "Honestly, I wasn't. All I was saying was that when you're nearby, I tend to - like I said - become clumsy and end up spilling something on you, or bumping into you...whatever it may be. I hope you don't think I'm doing this on purpose. I mean, I have somewhere to be as well. I would never risk myself like that." The model said and then exhaled loudly. "Again, I'm sorry. Can I make it up to you? Name your price."
Moon Byulyi ★ 1 month ago
@Jessica Jung And here she goes again, with a new dubious reason for her inconvenience. Byulyi merely ran a hand through her tangerine mane, a sigh flying out her lips once more, as she responded with a resigned tone, "So it has become my fault now? Don't blame me for your carelessness, Miss." Noticing the tilt of her head downwards, she was then reminded of the crowd. With a brief look of hostility towards them, she managed to cease some from their eavesdropping whilst some still had the audacity to persist their indecency.
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Moon Byulyi Jessica bit her lower lip. "I said I was sorry. I had to text one of my bosses to make sure that they knew I was going to be late. I do pay attention! Well, usually. It just seems like whenever I'm around you, I get clumsy and bad things happen. It's not on purpose, I swear." While pressing the napkins to the woman's shirt, her gaze was lowered out of shame. People started to gather, and she became worried. The last thing she needed was for a journalist to write a bad review on her after witnessing her in a public argument.
Moon Byulyi ★ 1 month ago
@Jessica Jung She scoffed at her invaluable response, brushing off her hand in the most respectable way she could still muster. Shutting her eyes momentarily, she managed to prevent herself from venting her spleen in the middle of the crowded streets. "Perhaps, next time, you should be careful of your surroundings-- which is what I said last time and the time before that. How come you never learn? Are you out to enrage people?" she asked, still holding the same tone of exasperation. Somewhat their little stunt had garnered a few onlookers but she didn't mind the intrusive eyes as of the moment.
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Moon Byulyi The model felt terrible, as per usual. Even if it wouldn't have been her fault, Jessica would've taken the blame out of guilt. That's just how she was, which could be both a good or bad thing. But this time, it /was/ her fault, and so she started immediately apologizing and reached into her purse for some more napkins that would hopefully help. "Y-yes, it's me." Jessica said quietly after realizing who she had just run into. This poor woman doesn't even know me, but yet I always cause her so much grief. "I'm really sorry! Can I make it up to you somehow?"
Moon Byulyi ★ 2 months ago
@Jessica Jung It was one of those days she was urged to take a well-deserved break. Honestly, she hated the stagnant lifestyle outside her profession; but, her superiors were far too persuasive that she eventually gave in to their consistent request. Seeing that her younger sister was out for personal reasons, she decided to step out the streets and roam the familiar surrounding.

"," she muttered when she bumped into an occupied woman, her curse ensued by the biting liquid drenching her shirt. Dabbing the soaked area, she only managed to curtail the cream so she gave up after awhile instead faced her perpetrator. Her eyes grew slightly in recognition of the woman before her. "You again?" she said in clear exasperation, a loud sigh flowing out her lips in an attempt to extinguish the brewing ire in her system.
Jessica Jung 2 months ago
@Moon Byulyi Jessica was late - again. However, she swears it's never her fault, because beauty takes time. The model refused to have a stylist do her hair and makeup; she loved experimenting with brushes and colors and liners, and didn't feel as if she could get a real "personal" look if someone else took over. Hurrying with her phone in one hand and her Vanilla Chai Latte in the other, she wasn't paying attention, because she was too busy texting her agent about being behind schedule. But just then, she ran straight into someone else, the coffee spilling all over them both.
Jimin ★ [A] 3 months ago


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