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Jennie Kim ★ 5 days ago
@Dennis Oh ★ [H] Her eyes settled on the book before him, she had read enough child stories to know what story it was, and it immediately brought an amused laughter out of her, definitely not a sarcastic type. Her eyes still held the same old glint of mischief she carried during childhood. She was a rather hyper child, in no way calm, and even if she was much calmer- well forced to-- She still held the same old eyes with a raw spirit seeking beyond the bubble she was pushed in. She threw him a teasing stare but allowed the subject of the book to drop, instead she quickly reached up, fingers brushing in between her locks and waving away his words. "Its okay, my boss called me in for a sudden meeting that i had prepare things for even if its my off day, and this adds on o one more reason why my boss annoys me, and i did not know i would rain in the middle of the summer, so...i didn't take my umberella"

With a few brushes, her hair looked just a tad better than before. She ed the long sleeves of her formal shirt, pulling them up and releasing a soft sigh, hating the sudden heat suffocating her. There was fifteen years of memory lane to walk back on and her outfit was definitely at the bottom of her worry list.

"well, mine is work and a very exhausting college life, unless you want to dig deeper but then you'll have to deal with a very emo Jennie"

the words were light, but with the way her usually bold gaze fell down, it was enough to show whatever hidden beneath her wide smile was a misery filled story. The man's voice had his eyes snapping up, light brown splashes of color showing off amidst the dark paint in her onyxes. There was still him, the boy, the Dennis she had met 15 years ago, he was still there even if his words were more serious, more adult like, but those words were enough to have her shoulders relax, tenseness slipping away. "how could i drive my bestfriend away Dennis? i cried for hours when we parted, it was too much of a heartbreak for my little baby heart back then- if anything, we were both overly dramatic. i mean do you remember how i wanted to build a flying tree house with unicorn horns on it? i was extra, how did you even handle me"

It was his next words that reminded her of the certain Music box resting inside her bag. formed an 'o', quickly opening her bag to pull out an old looking worn out box in a dark brown shade. a golden writing of 'music shall make the soul dance' was written on top of it. She placed it in between hem with utmost of gentleness, it was the last remains of her father after all. lightly unlocking the front, she opened he box, a girl and a boy with fairy wings standing still on top of a spinning ground where the music was supposed to play.

"Yeah box. It hasn't played for a long time. i tried playing around with it but i couldn't fix it so i didn't bother more cause i didn't wanna worsen its situation...its already old"
Dennis Oh ★ 6 days ago
@Jennie Kim [Awesome. Please take your time.]

There were a lot of fantasy children's novels at the corner where Dennis was seated. A luxury he never received in childhood. By the time he heard someone came inside, Dennis was already on page 17 where a character named Lina Mayfleet darted her way to school in a city named Ember. At the corner of his periphery, he noticed a blurry figure sitting in front of him. At first, he thought it was another customer—until he heard that voice. Dennis looked up, and closed the book hastily, flustered to be seen with a children's novel. Jennie was already seated in front of him. He gave a bashful smile, since he didn't know how to smile in the first place.

"Hi, Jennie..." Dennis mumbled as how he would greet her fifteen-years ago. It sounded different because he already got rid of that squeaky voice after puberty. But then Dennis noticed something: Strands of Jennie's hair slithered randomly—as if they were once soaked in the rain before, only to be air-dried. Uncombed. Her coat draped on the chair, and she seemed to be wearing her work attire. "Did your boss steal your umbrella and made you walk all the way here?" He asked, half-joking, but then he realized that bringing up their jobs and their bosses as a conversation topic wouldn't be the best thing in a reunion. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that."

Fifteen years, and it's like he never grew up. But Jennie did. Somehow. That was his opinion.

She changed somehow, beyond age-related growth. It wasn't exactly easy to go back fifteen years and have an accurate visual memory, but there was something different. She remained as youthful as before, but wearing those work-clothes, it's seemed like the invisible stress of adulthood was dumped on her. Dennis cleared his throat and pushed the children's novel towards the far end of the table. "It's been a while, yes. And I don't really have 15-years worth of stories to tell, since most of that involves work and a very boring college life."

"But if I were to tell you something that you need to hear..." Dennis reached down to get his briefcase, which was filled with magnifiers, rust treatment wax, acid-free tissues, and other tools for restoration. Then he looked at her, "It would be about the time we rode different planes. I was scared that you had to leave because I drove you away with my boring history stories and all the artifacts I keep showing you." Dennis smiled, and then raised his finger in defense, "But kids think in a dumb overly-dramatic way. And I was just a boy. Please don't tease young Dennis."

"Now..." He cleared his throat, and opened his briefcase. "Is there something that needs fixing?"
Jennie Kim ★ 6 days ago
@Dennis Oh ★ [H] [] its perfectly fine, thank you!

15 years, its quite the history to be written, too many unsaid words and long pages of an unfinished book to catch up on. She did not expect to see a familiar face, but if the name had not gave the man away, the structure of his face had. It was as if the same 10 year old boy had grown into man, and it became impossible not to feel the familiarity of the male, and to not recognize him.

Jennie was definitely not too bad when it came to faces.

An umberella was forgotten in her apartment. a rushed called from her boss had her carelessly walking to her work place, and when she rushed for the bookstore, the heavy rain had already left soaked strands of her upon her head before she had dived into the Taxi, filled with an indian vibe and a language too foriegn to her ears. The odd way the taxi driver spoke gave away the fact that he was from another country. It was not easy to understand, but she listened away to the soft vents of the man of the worries of his family being so far. He had definitely picked a hard country to be in. It did not take that long for the male to stop infront of the bookstore. with an extra tip; he slipped out, rain coating her figure, leaving wet hand prints of the dark gray skirt- formal and tightly pressed onto her figure. buttoned up blue shirt and a coat hanging from her hand with wild strands of hair wilding it around her shoulders. She preferred to look more comfortable, but she could not disobey the office if she wanted to get paid.

The object laid in her light brown bag was the side purpose of this meeting, one she held dear to her.

It did not take much roaming of the dark brown onyxes before they laid upon the familiar figure. a nerdy boy passed her by, and she spared a glance upon him before the silence taps of her feet took her to the man she had met as a boy, one she felt like she knew yet she didn't. Men and women, and the world, changes may occure and some bring closure and some bring distance. for them, it was a kind of distance with no control, the control were to be laid upon their hands from now on.


A smile tugged on the corners of her lips, coat drapped on the chair before she put her bag on the table. pulling a chair out, she sat there, pushing her wet strands away to try to look decent before her eyes fell on him, warm, excited.

"its been a while young man"
Dennis Oh ★ 1 week ago
@Jennie Kim [I'm sorry its long. Please tell me if you want anything revised. I don't mind.]

Gymnopédie No. 1, by Erik Satie, was playing in the background on repeat. And despite its fairly slow pace and long pauses between notes; the music swallowed the sound of heavy rain. The bookstore was almost empty, if it weren't for Dennis and a random boy with round glasses at the far corner, contemplating between buying Foucault or Chomsky. Dennis wondered if he should've picked the table closest to the entrance, because he was meeting someone—a childhood friend—and she might not find him if he remained in the darkest corner.

It was an unintentional reunion; her boss happens to be Dennis' client. Her boss was a collector of antique pistols, and sought Dennis' expertise to restore the missing trigger of a French model flintlock. It was a short reunion. Too short; that they couldn't afford a minute's worth of conversation. So, Dennis gave his calling card, and they agreed to meet up. Surprisingly, also for business reasons: there was an old object that Dennis had to fix—and hopefully, an old friendship to restore. But that was his opinion.

"That'll be ₩13,500." The guy at the counter said. Roughly £9.35. It seems the boy chose Foucault.

The bookstore wasn't exactly the homiest place, but Dennis' mother donated a lot of books in this particular store. In return, they allowed Dennis to pass time, and sometimes, use their tables while he restores antique objects when his apartment gets too noisy or when his work space gets too crowded with all those parts. Hopefully, Jennie wouldn't mind. The last time they met: Dennis was 10-years-old, and he met Jennie somewhere abroad. Her family was wealthy, considering they met in a fancy party where adults networked with each other while wearing their fancy black ties and gold earrings. A young bored Dennis walked away from his parents, who were chatting with their colleagues. And that's when he came across this girl named Jennie.

Their friendship was short. Something happened to her family. And it took 15 years before he saw her again.
Seo Kangjoon ★ [SH] [A] 1 month ago
Scratchy music flows into one ear and out the other as Kangjoon peruses the various shelves lining every wall. He's not looking for anything in particular, rather...taking his time to explore and wait for something to just pop out. With his fingers trailing over each and every spine, briefly smiling at the flash of gold stenciling over tawny pages, he finally plucks a thick tome from the shelf. The cover illustrates a small pond surrounded by plant life and a large bullfrog to the side. Kangjoon has to think for a moment before concluding he's yet to have read this. He decides that for now he'll hold onto it, and head to the second floor to look around some more.
Jisoo ★ [SH] [A] 2 months ago


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