Ice Cream Parlor

ICe cream parlor
treat your sweet tooth to homemade ice cream however you like it best; on a cone, in a waffle bowl or right from a spoon!
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
@Seo Kangjoon ★ At that, Jimin snorted gesturing to the water bottle and said, "Does it really look like I'm terribly busy? Trust me, I assure you that you aren't imposing. Take as long as you need." There was no rational explanation for why Jimin felt like hearing out the stranger- other then now feeling obligated to do so regardless of whether not he'd intended it from the start simply for accusing the man of something indecent. Perhaps Jimin was feeling a bit lonely. Or maybe just equally desperate.

Unknowingly, Jimin began the process of cocking his head to the side, inspecting Kangjoon while the man enjoyed his ice cream. Suddenly, the movement was far more interesting than their entire conversation. And not for any erse reasons, heavens no, Jimin was merely fascinated watching the delectable sweet treat touch then melt against Kangjoon's tongue. In retrospect, Jimin supposed he'd probably never stopped to inspect anyone eating ice cream before. He made a mental note to add this to his list of potential photograph worthy scenarios. Jimin could see it now; his collection of beautifully shot pictures interspersed with soft images of models or strangers blissfully savoring the frozen treat.

"Jimin!" He scolded out loud. Now was hardly the time to think about muses for his hobby. Jimin's eyes nearly doubled in size when he realized he'd actually chastised himself in the middle of his conversation with Kangjoon. His only saving grace? The man had just asked for his name. Grinning impishly, Jimin extended a hand over the table and prayed Kangjoon wouldn't pick up and leave. "Park Jimin. It's a pleasure to meet you." The name 'Sunny Bunny' had Jimin fairly giddy, but children? Jimin wasn't around them very often, most of his friends were unwed and childless. The few times he had watched kids or spent time with them, though, Jimin could honestly say he enjoyed himself. And how hard could it be, right?

If it was easy everyone would do it, Jimin silently reminded himself. "I'll be honest with you, Kang, I don't have a lot of professional experience with children. If you're looking for someone with a degree that's not going to be me." Jimin shook his head as he spoke, the expression on his face matched the disappointment in his eyes. Times like now, Jimin truly wished he had pursued a college education. "Oh!" Jimin perked up instantly, practically bouncing in his seat. "But I did a stint as a life guard once, so I know the Heimlich maneuver and CPR if that helps at all." It had to help, right? Children are always running around shoving foreign objects in their mouths.

As Jimin took Kangjoon's business card he was nearly wiggling with delight, brown eyes zeroing in on the small sleeping bunny. His lips twitched twice so Jimin folded them into his mouth barely fighting a cartoonishly wide grin. He didn't need time to think it over, foolish as that might be, because Jimin needed another job like yesterday. "Do you have bunny rabbits at your daycare?" Jimin chirped, fixating a hopeful gaze on Kangjoon. He didn't expect the daycare operative to say 'yes' all things considered. It never hurt to ask.

[[no worries darling]]
Seo Kangjoon ★ [SH] [A] 1 month ago
@Jimin ★ [H] "Don't worry about it," he reassures, offering another half-smile tinted with sympathy. Whatever happened before must have been troublesome. Kangjoon didn't want to bring it up anymore than he had to, so he merely waved it off, even if deep down he was still at least a little curious. "Hopefully I'm not bothering you too much, though, if you've had a long day. I won't try to take up that much of your time." He brings his chair forward until his torso is just barely touching the edge of the table when he leans towards it, catching his cone so it doesn't topple or melt onto the matte finish.

Shrugging his shoulders Kangjoon couldn't help but chuckle at the other's rhetorical question, immediately shaking his head although it was obvious he was lying with the gesture. It was all in good fun, really, not meant to bring any harm to the young man. "I can assure you, as suspicious as I am right now, the job I'm offering certainly isn't. You're right that I'm...a little desperate, but it's not a bad job...not THAT bad." Waving one hand Kangjoon paused for a moment to consume more of his frozen treat, knowing it to be unprofessional, but not wanting to make a mess either. Besides, this wasn't really an interview or anything. It's not like he had to be completely business at the moment, since it was an impromptu conversation.

"Oh, right, my name's Kangjoon," he says, reaching over the table with one hand to offer the other a handshake. "Seo Kangjoon. I'm the, uh, owner of Sunny Bunny Daycare in the business complex, which is why I wanted to talk to about jobs, Mr. ...?" Kangjoon shook his head with a sheepish smile, realizing he didn't actually know the other's name yet either. "Anyways, how are you with kids? Small kids, between the ages of six months and eight years. We've been really understaffed at the daycare lately, and just lost another worker who transferred out of state for college."

Reaching up to rub the nape of his neck Kangjoon glances up towards the ceiling, as if he has to think for a moment. "If you need more information, there is quite a bit that goes into the job. Watching the kids, playing with them, getting them to sleep, changing diapers, calling parents or guardians...really just whatever needs to be done at the time." He levels the other with another smile, dimples making dips in his face as he shrugs once more. "I know it's weird to just, you know, come up and ask if you want a job, but, oh! If you need proof I have business cards, hold on a second..." Tugging one such card from his pocket Kangjoon slides it across the table towards the other. It's white with a yellow shaped sun in the corner, and a sleeping baby bunny in the other. "You can think about it, stop by the daycare if you want to make sure I'm not lying or anything. I promise I'm not."

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Jimin ★ [A] 2 months ago
@Seo Kangjoon Jimin blinks so slow it feels like he has taken a nap in between opening his eyes. How could he have made such a bold accusation and been entirely wrong? Okay, to be fair, the /how/ was pretty self explanatory. Jimin had been here most of the morning and gotten plenty of offers he would rather not reflect on if he could afford it. And this stranger completely fit the bill. "Oh." was all Jimin could muster. Gods, now more than ever he wanted to sink into his seat and with any luck he'd hit the floor and disappear into a black hole. "I didn't uh, I didn't mean anything by that, I swear." Good job, Jimin coached himself. "It's just... been a long day." That was putting it mildly.

"Please, by all means." Jimin answered the wordless question and gestured to the empty seat. The least he could do was let the yet-to-be-named-man sit down. Jimin's eyes shift away from the man's eyes and to the sweet treat in his hands. Almost instantly his stomach gives a low growl he prays nobody heard. When was the last time Jimin had anything to eat? Directing his attention elsewhere, Jimin folds his hands politely on the table and smiles while the taller male explains himself. Subconsciously, he flicks his gaze to the water bottle at the mention of his practice interviewing-- ah, crap, did this mean he'd failed another once since he stopped in the middle?

"Is it really that obvious that I need a job?" Jimin flashed a toothy smile, his shoulders slopping after he shrugged. "You're either hiring for something very suspicious or almost as desperate as I am for help." He chuckled at the thought. Could someone need employees as badly as Jimin needed to be employed? And what were the odds that on the same day he was giving a water bottle his very best sales pitch someone would come along and offer him a job? Though without the specifics of whatever it was Jimin knew better than to get too excited.

"You know," Jimin began as he perched his elbows on the table and leaned closer. "You haven't even given me your name yet." His eyes were almost laughing, twinkling with amusement for no reason in particular. "I'm willing to listen. If for no other reason than how funny this whole situation has been so far. I promise not to accuse you of trying to bargain services from me anymore." If the other male didn't have a sense of humor Jimin would be screwed. Oh well, at least he'd have an amusing story for later.

"Please tell me more." Jimin encouraged. "I'm all ears."
Seo Kangjoon ★ [SH] [A] 2 months ago
@Jimin Immediately after the stranger's greeting his brow furrows a little as they continue to barrel forward. Kangjoon has no idea what they're talking about. It should be evident in his confusion, but with the way he continues to explain...Kangjoon finds it easy to conclude that this has happened before somehow, though probably under different circumstances. He himself has never heard about this "personal ad" or whatever "bet" the guy lost, but it's clearly caused him some trouble.

"I, uh, that's not why I'm here," he starts, pausing to not only gather his thoughts, but make sure his ice cream isn't dripping as well. "I mean, not here as in I came here specifically to see you, because that was just by chance, but, as in speaking with you." Awkward Kangjoon for the win. "I don't know what you're talking about, although...I won't ask either. Seems like whatever it is has caused you enough grief already."

Kangjoon manages a sheepish grin, reaching up to almost-awkwardly rub at the nape of his neck. Making eye contact with the other he tilts his head in the direction of the chair opposite of him. A silent 'is it alright if I sit down?' It's more of a formality though, since Kangjoon decides to take a seat anyways, but it's still polite to ask.

"So," he clears his throat, somehow balancing his cone on the table so it's not in his hands (making him the peak of unprofessional, and while his job doesn't really need stereotypical "professional" he knows he should make an effort). "This is gonna sound a little creepy, but I noticed you practicing for an interview? At least, I assume, so if I'm wrong feel free to shoot me down. It's just that I've been on the lookout for some new employees, and, yes, I'm aware I don't even know if you're qualified or not, but seeing as it's something we could both benefit from...are you willing to listen?" Kangjoon tops it off with that warm smile he knows he has, and while it is a little cruel to use it to his advantage - and it's helped him win far too many arguments - he isn't lying when he says he needs some new employees. He needs all the help he can get with his own resources.

This may be a bit of a leap, but it's one he's willing to try and take.

[] w e e p y w h e ez e s i'm sorry this is so late ;;;
Jimin ★ [A] 3 months ago
@Seo Kangjoon Several pairs of eyes dart in Jimin's direction as he scrunches the nearly-empty bottle of water in his hands repeatedly, brows creased ever so slightly. Realistically, Jimin couldn't blame the bottle for his failed interview, it's not like the piece of plastic had any say in the matter. This should've been easy, stupid-simple was the exact phrase he'd used to convince himself that practicing with an inanimate object was a fantastic idea. Except now, after four interviews, he somehow felt even more nervous than before, and yes it was plain crazy, but Jimin started picking up a bit of attitude from his interview. Yes, the plastic bottle was giving him attitude.

"Gosh," Jimin muttered under his breath. "This is ridiculous. Just try it again from the top."

Ignorant or possibly indifferent to his onlookers, Jimin resumed his interview by introducing himself. Not so bad after all. The Diner wasn't paying all of his bills anymore and the few odd jobs Jimin took on whenever he could pick one up weren't doing much more than keeping him from sleep and adding pennies to his pockets. So, after his overnight shift at Silver Spoon Diner or during a rare lunch break, Jimin takes to the city, industrial parks, boutiques; anyplace halfway decent to drop off his resume. Thus far he's dispersed nearly hundred and the phone calls are bound to start rolling in--

Jimin jumps straight out of his daze and realizes that not only did he just zone out in the middle of /another/ interview, someone is speaking to him. Leaning back in his chair, Jimin inclines his head and brushes some bangs from his face to see the stranger properly. Tall, good-looking, great smile... oh no.

"Hi there," Jimin tried politely, lips revealing a warm smile. "Look, er, if this is about the personal ad, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it was just a bet."

He should /know/ better than to make bets with his stupid friends. Even if it's something he's normally good at, somehow the challenge of competing always throws Jimin off track. This man now made a grand total of four today alone.

"And before you say anything, it doesn't matter how much you're willing to pay. I promise you everything in the paper was entirely made up." Jimin interjected quickly, recalling how the previous man kept trying to throw cash at him. "It's a long story, but I am absolutely not looking to hook up. I'm sorry for wasting your time, though."

[apologizes back at you as always]
Seo Kangjoon ★ [SH] [A] 3 months ago
@Jimin A chill runs down his spine as Kangjoon enters the ice cream parlor, bells tinkling above his head and alerting the cashier of his presence. He suddenly wishes he was wearing more than just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in the cold environment even though outside the building it was practically boiling. It's evidenced by the way light sweat has formed on his bangs and the chest of his shirt, having run around the city doing a few errands. Kangjoon normally isn't the type to enjoy a sweet frozen dessert, but he thought he'd treat himself to a little taste of childhood.

When he finishes placing his order he stands off to the side near a section of tables, waiting patiently with his thumbs tucked into his front pockets. Peripheral vision catches a flash of water in the sun before Kangjoon is turning to find a young man sitting alone. He has a water bottle in one hand, a sheet of paper in the other and a rather determined expression on his face. It isn't until the stranger raises their bottle like a microphone that he even realizes what they're doing. Oh...that's interesting, and very coincidental considering that Kangjoon-

"Sir, your ice cream."

His thoughts are interrupted by the same cashier in whom he placed his order, and Kangjoon faces them with a sheepish smile while taking the cone. Giving them a polite thank you and nodding his head he settles in his resolve to approach the customer he'd noticed just moments before. Kangjoon walks over to the male's table, taking a of his ice cream and deciding it's not half bad. Now all he has to do is, "Hey, couldn't help but notice you, uh, practicing." The sheepish smile is back again for round two. "Job hunting?"

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Jisoo ★ [SH] [A] 3 months ago


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