perhaps you're on a business trip. or even a romantic evening for two. even better, a night away from your roommates where you can get some peace and quiet.

Whatever the reason for your visit, the hotel is pleased to have you. sit back, relax, and take advantage of all the finer comforts in life.

Mark Tuan ★ 2 weeks ago
Mark sat down in his bed drinking the whiskey filled bottle. He wanted someone to knock on that god damn door and have fun with them. Lady luck wasnt so pleasurable he noticed and he knew he wouldnt get what he wanted. He sighed and drank more removing his clothing and placing a robe. He rather relax than not do anything at all. He got up and look at the view from the window. Deep blue ocean with flecks of white, probably from the sand.

He sighed and drank more his lips after but he didn't stop looking. It was peaceful compared to his emotions.
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 2 weeks ago
@Oh Sehun Jimin's head fell back, he wheezed a staggered breath and he was left seeing stars once his skin was punctured. Gods, it hurt in the most pleasurable way. His hand, still pressed underneath Sehun's shirt against an impressively toned torso, slid down clawing red lines along the way. Oral ? Did they have time for ? Jimin was fairly certain that he wasn't too far away from blacking out after consuming enough alcohol get an entire frat house tipsy; the thick fog hazing over his thoughts had become even more cumbersome in just a few passing minutes. But he would be lying if he said he didn't want a taste of Sehun's . Jimin longed to taste every inch of the handsome man, although between his raging and their inevitable hangovers he suspected a preview would have to suffice.

And , no one had ever spoken to him that way before. Well, commanded him would be a better way of phrasing it. Jimin's limited ual encounters were exactly that, limited. And although hooking up with a stranger wasn't exactly Jimin's style, he had never been more in his life. Finally- someone who wasn't tiptoeing around the waiter as if his kind demeanor defined every aspect of who he was, as if vanilla would be enough to satisfy Jimin. Jimin fell to his knees, and as he fell he didn't miss a chance to have his lips ghost over Sehun's stomach, belly button, hips and pelvic bone. His tongue swiped along the space just above the hem of Sehun's pants while he made quick work of yanking the garment aside. Jimin gulped, slightly intimidated by the throbbing , but more importantly it only furthered his excitement.

Tentatively, Jimin inched closer to kiss the crown of Sehun's and then straight up the thick , purring softly. Several wet kisses were given to the tip, his tongue slipped into the slit several times causing Jimin's own to twitch. Jimin gripped Sehun's hips for balance then lunged forward engulfing the y stranger's in one fell swoop, hard enough to dizzy himself. Jimin's tongue slathered across the flesh tirelessly, his pouty lips working up and down Sehun's like he'd been born to do it. Soft, subtle moans vibrated along the while Jimin focused his attention on teething over a particularly thick, protruding vein. He chanced a glance upward, seeking at least Sehun's approval, in case the warm stuffed in his mouth wasn't telling enough.
Kim Yewon ★ 3 weeks ago
@Minkyung [Sorry ㅠㅠ Hm, sure. It will be 1000% alright. And okay. I'm a bit sleepy when I'm working on that reply, so I'm very sorry ㅠㅠ Thanks for the advice, by the way! ><]

Yewon's body tensed up when she heard her name was mentioned by the man. She diverted her attention from the man to Minkyung as she explained what happened. She listened to every single of Minkyung's words carefully and nodded her head as a respond, showing that she has understood what she was saying. Then, she sighed quietly, trying to calm herself down in the middle of the chaotic. She must not panic. If Minkyung could act calmly, why can't she? After a few seconds of silence, she decided to took off her heels so she could move more freely and quietly. She also tied her hair so it doesn't interfere her movement and vision. "I'm ready." she said slowly so only Minkyung could hear it.
Moon Byulyi ★ 3 weeks ago
@Oh Sehun His slurred speech and precarious stance let Byulyi to conclude he was overly intoxicated beyond wits. Albeit she commended his dedication to independence, she didn't want to become accomplice to his possible downfall; so, she instinctively reached a hand out to stabilize his posture. Strands of hair fell in her vision due to the sudden movement but she swooped them back in her ear with her free hand as she took a step closer to him.

Judging his choice of fabric, he seemed to be well-off-- perhaps, a burgher of some sort. She wondered how a man of his status managed to end up in a strange alley, forsaken let alone inebriated, but then again she remembered they were just beside the hotel so maybe he fled from the establishment for fresh air. Indeed, a bad choice considering danger lurks every nook and corner just waiting for a chance to ambush on a moment of frailty. Lucky him, she was the one who discerned said moment.

"Let me you back the hotel. It is perilous to stay out an underlit alley," she offered as she assertively grabbed his hand and set it around her shoulders, her other hand vapidly wrapped around his waist to support his weight. Damn, he was heavy for a woman, but of her built, it was propitiously fine and comparable to that of a sack on both arms whilst running uphill. "Could you tell me your name? I suppose it might be needed for later's queries of your hotel admission," she asked referring to the stopover by the information desk later on.
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Minkyung ★ 3 weeks ago
@Kim Yewon [ a little bit, but it's fine! would it be alright for you not to control my chara tho? c': and,,, more details? ]

Minkyung was quite certain that it was not her that these men were targeting, but rather it was the idol in her hands. She dragged her away, senses alert and awake. It was not the first time she had experienced an attack on an event, but it was definitely the first one at a fashion week. She kicked open a random room and pushed the idol inside. Quickly she closed it to avoid unnecessary fights with the others. "We're being attacked," Minkyung said simply, obviously calm even with the chaos that surrounded them. Now what would bring those men here? They were quite familiar - she knew the tattoo on their arms. She heard running outside, and she immediately covered the girl's mouth. "Quiet," she muttered, loud enough for only the other to hear. Once the men outside had passed by, screaming orders to find Yewon, she removed her hand from the girl. "We need to get you out of here. Follow everything I say from here on out, understood? I'd like this to be as smooth as possible."
Oh Sehun ★ [H] 3 weeks ago
@Moon Byulyi Time poured generously like the expensive wine his friend had to his glass or like the black paint the celestial hand had filled to the vibrant colors of the sky. It was unusual for the man shaped out by the cold hands of tragedy and forged by the heat of self-loathing to participate in the act of self-indulgence. However, his genial disposition and chivalry failed to utter a 'no' to the cordially wedding reception of a close friend. Hours past in good jest and laughter, revisiting the past then ending with the drunken promises of a bright future. With a song on his lips and the blazer draped over his right arm, he'd stepped out on the street. Staggering his way while being accompanied by the silvery guiding lights of the street lamps beneath moonless night sky and several blinking stars.

Oh Sehun regrets declining the kind offer of being driven to his house or sharing a cab with the rest of the familiar guests invited to the private party. He cursed his wretched brain for deciding to walk and freshen himself. His limbs weigh like lead, each rickety step proving to be a herculean task. He sways side to side like a dandelion flower moves in the wind, traipsing 'straight' on the sidewalk. Only to topple over the slightly raised platform of the storm drain and have his kneecaps greet the wet tarmac road. An agonizing tide raked his frame despite the disoriented haze created by the alcohol, but the strenuous feat of pulling himself back on his feet weighs heavier on his mind.

The dark haired male had his head bowed, forehead and palms pressed against the road struggling to stand up when a feminine voice (or at least that's how his intoxication brain registered) beckoned for his easily distracted attention. Broad shoulders shake as amused laughter spilled from his lips, he lifted his head to reveal a favourable countenance aside from the blood-shot red eyes. "Hmm-"he drawled peering through the rebellious strands of his ebony hair as the concerned stranger. "-I don't know. "came the sincere response as he endeavoured to push himself off the road and on get back to his staggering upright stance.
Oh Sehun ★ [H] 3 weeks ago
@Jimin Sehun is unsure if the sudden awakening of his insatiable carnal hunger was because of the intemperance or due the alluring man with whom his limbs are complexly entangled around each other's bodies. A small groan slips past his lips, he could feel a burn in his groins, an outcome of their clothed arousals grinding against each other. Such actions create a small tide of pleasure that raking his body, enough to drive him insane and yet not. The low, baiting chuckle from the vixen rung clear in his eardrums and tickled the masculine ego who refused to back down from the ual tussle. to him had been more than just for pleasure. For Sehun, it was to assert his dominance. To prove that he was in control even when he was wild.

The dormant sadistic streak within him stirred from its slumber, the nefarious slowly rising to his feet whilst smacking his lips; ready to devour his prey. He isn't satisfied with the immature marks of possessiveness that any kid could create, he wants more. And more. His teeth sinks over the supple flesh tinted by bluish red blooms on the side of the younger's neck, clamping hard until his mouth was filled with the metallic taste of viscous lifeline oozing out. "Mhm~" he hummed with satisfaction before lapping his tongue over the bloodied skin, the two crescents of perfect impressions of his teeth.

"Ah-"he rasped out when comparably smaller fingers wrapped around his throbbing , a sigh of relief slipping past those swollen coral tiers. Sehun grabbed the bunch of the male's hair and pulled on it roughly, a salacious smirk spreading across his arrogant mouth. ", get down on your knees and my . Put your pretty mouth to good use."
Lee Taeyong ★ 3 weeks ago
@Park Sooyoung It was daytime and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Many people were entering into the hotel, both guests and employees alike. Taeyong and his fellow employees have been in the kitchen for a couple of hours. A wedding is going to take place in the hotel, a scenario they’ve all been in before, but nonetheless put pressure on the workers to finish the pastries. But the wedding cake has already been finished a couple days prior the event, which was stored in the freezer for the meantime, their workload has decreased, releasing some burden off of their shoulders. When the caller first made an appointment to hire them for a wedding, there were mixed reactions of excitement and distress coming from his employees. After working in the kitchen for a couple hours, Taeyong becomes very close to completing these cupcakes; all he needed was frosting on a few cupcakes. The aroma of pastries that he has become affiliated with for his entire life helped him bake with ease, as well as a feeling of pride swelling in his chest. Donning an apron tied around his lithe waist, Taeyong accumulates a number of powder stains from the dough. Since his apron was dirtied, he took it off, unveiling a white, pristine button up shirt underneath. As he finished applying the frosting on the cupcakes with his piping bag, he takes a glance at them, making sure that they’re aligned in perfect rows of three, before picking up a tray, balancing it on his palm and his fingertips. Several other workers walk out of the freezer, lifting the large wedding cake with several tiers onto the top of the cart.

Taeyong walks in a brisk yet cautious into the hallway and into the main reception center, with several bakers following his lead with the cart. Guests were bustling in the room where the wedding took place. Sounds of mindless chatter and banter can be heard through the confinement of the walls, laughter bouncing off the walls. The male can’t help but absorb the energy of the room, sensing that everyone was in high spirits, brightness and warmth radiating off of everyone. The bright atmosphere of the wedding brought a smile to Taeyong’s face, relieving him of the tension from the task at hand. It brought a feeling of reassurance that things will go smoothly and according to plan. However, the ephemeral feeling was quickly replaced with surprise and rising irritation as someone was in his way, ruining the freshly baked batch.
Kim Yewon ★ 3 weeks ago
@Minkyung Yewon looks at Minkyung as she holds her shoulder and nods his head slowly at Minkyung's words. "I'll be fine." she encourages herself. She nods her head once again when Mingkyung asked if they should leave the room. Then, she walks to the door gracefully and leaves the room with elegant and professional smile on her face, ready to be GFriend's Umji, not Yewon anymore.

The event is running well and Yewon has succeded delivered a short speech as her entertainment company's representative with no problem. She's talking with another company's representative when suddenly the event gone insane. She could hear gunshots echoed through the room and someone covered in black tries to pull her away. Fortunately, Minkyung comes in time and knocks out that stranger. She hurriedly pulls Yewon away from the crowd and leads their way to a room. "What's happening?" Yewon asks, still in blank state.

[The plot isn't too fast, is it?]
Moon Byulyi ★ 3 weeks ago
@Oh Sehun It was nearing midnight and still, Byulyi continued to wander the outskirts of the town. She really had no reason to roam the area lest her idea of dousing lethargy could count as one. Truly it was an uncanny approach but for an eccentric woman like her-- it was just a graze on her cover.

As she walked the silent and empty streets, she heard a distressed groan from a nearby alley, just beside the grandiose hotel. Not one to brush off feasible hostile situation, she sauntered to the area with lithe steps. A man of good built (though unapparent due to the dim lighting and rickety posture) welcomes her vision.

"Mister. Are you okay?" she carefully approached the figure, her hands up in the air, ready to defend herself if necessary.
Minkyung ★ 1 month ago
@Umji Yewon was a beautiful lady, which made it rather easy for Minkyung to pick a dress that was not too extravagant but not too simple either. It suited her just fine, brought out the innocence of the other's youthful appearance. She smiled at the younger, obviously satisfied with her own work as well. She knew her taste would never fail her, but Yewon's beauty certainly helped with it. She was surprised to get a hug from Yewon, not really used to openly affectionate people. After a few moments of surprise, Minkyung hesitantly wrapped her arms around the younger, patting the latter's back awkwardly. "You look gorgeous, Yewon. Have more faith in yourself! You'll do just fine. I'm sure of it."

She pulled away, holding the other by the shoulders to force the younger to look at her. "Don't be too nervous, Yewon. It'll be just fine, alright? Trust me. Trust yourself," she said with a firm tone, but afterwards she merely smiled, patting Yewon's shoulders lightly. "Now shall we go?" she said, gesturing toward the door with a move of her head. Unlike Yewon, she had been to countless fashion week events before, having been invited as a huge fashion icon. This one was nothing to her, so she was pretty relaxed compared to a few people attending. She would not have to worry much, she figured, as she was merely tasked to dress this young lady right here and be in the event as her own self. "They're waiting for you out there."
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Oh Sehun Jimin's approval thrummed in his throat whilst the outline of Sehun's grazed along his own; the older man was physically very well endowed to say the least. His yearning for the suave stranger to be entirely and pounding between his legs was bleeding into a crazed fixation bordering on inexplicable necessity. Jimin's fingers weaved and wound through the slick locks which he used for leverage to pull himself upward; he raised his hips as well, winding and circling against Sehun's engorged until his own was pulsing angrily, demanding to be freed. Jimin gave a low, sultry chuckle smirking as he bit Sehun's lips in retaliation of being called exactly what he was-- an eager .

Goosebumps followed in the wake of the other's warm breath wafting over Jimin's flesh; it made him squirm and nearly lose his grip had his digits not been so tangled up. His eyes screwed tightly shut quite the opposite of his mouth hanging open panting, at times when flourishes of red burst under Sehun's teeth. Jimin's tongue darted out wetting his lips. "Oh, ." He mewled. Hastily an impatient hand found the hem of Sehun's shirt with little trouble and although he had a burning desire to rip the garment to pieces he worked the buttons instead, popping them free impressively fast -- until the final three or four buttons where he hissed a string of curses then yanked the sleeves down, forcing the useless piece of fabric away.

Jimin slithered a hand between them, deftly ed Sehun's jeans, dove inside and grabbed a hold of Sehun's ; roughly working his digits up and down the imposingly thick . His breath caught in his throat and there wasn't any excuse in the world for the whimper he made; except all Jimin could imagine was the sinful exhilaration of being forced to accommodate Sehun. “,” Jimin echoed, practically whined. “You’re so ing hard.” Jimin's for pain coupled with being fall-on-you--drunk and insatiably had him writhing like a wild animal. And he was half tempted to demand Sehun do it now; right here on the wall, no preparation, no lube. Just dry, raw, frantic ing.
Oh Sehun ★ [H] 1 month ago
@Jimin The flamboyant colours of the world had been saturated by the sepia grey, appearing as an old photograph would. Now, the black canvas above him had been embellished by stars as snow flakes when he walked inside the pub. He'd hoped to find answer at the bottom of the glass, then at the bottom of the bottle and another and another. Intoxication puppeteered with his unbalanced body as two lustful men had lurched out of the hedonistic establishment. His addled concise was veiled by the carnal desires draped over by the nefarious as he had abrupt pulled his companion for a bruising kiss.

The walls of the hotel swayed like the mirror illusions of the fun house. Sehun endeavoured to take staggering paces towards their designated room with the legs of the briefly acquainted male wrapped around his torso. Their breaths was the latent cause of the stench of alcohol that entered his nostrils and his mouth sore from the amount of alcohol he'd chugged down his throat. Yet swollen pair of lips aggressively respond to the kiss that literally robbed the oxygen out of his lungs. The evident bulge had been restricted in the confinements of his tight dark jeans and boxer briefs. In response to the male's bold action, he gyrated his own hips whilst biting back a groan as he pinned the man who name was now caught in the hazy space of his mind; what was his name again?

A growl of frustration released from his mouth as he failed to swipe the key card correctly, the sound of denied entry ringing heavier inside his eardrums than from the buzz of alcohol. ". What an eager ." He slurred swiping the key with haste and smirked as the door opened. "Mhm. Too much clothes. " Sehun murmured before latching his mouth on the male's neck, possessively marking the untainted flesh.
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Oh Sehun [[sorry if this was weird, starting this wasn't as easy as I thought it might be? promise I'll catch on to the swing of things once we're both going >_<]]

Jimin's back hit the bedroom door hard, but the weight of the other man flush against his body kept him from bouncing. He was drunk. Well, no. An hour ago Jimin was drunk and he hadn't stopped drinking since then so now he was entirely plastered. Was the room spinning? Or was it a lack of oxygen because his lips were too tangled with Sehun's to bother coming up for air? It didn't matter. The taste of booze thick on the other man's breath made Jimin's skin tingle, a low moan rumbled from the back of his throat while he kissed harder. Most of the night was a blur, in fact everything up until the moment he'd caught a glimpse of the handsome stranger was a moot point anyway. "Se-hun," Jimin tried, though he made no further effort to get his message out.

Instead, he arched his back forward and sealed their hips together. As if the tightness of Jimin's leather pants didn't accentuate his excitement enough, shoving his directly onto Sehun should do the trick. He wanted more. He /needed/ more. Jimin's hands splayed across Sehun's back, fingers slowly beginning to dig in. These clothes were entirely in the way. Sure, he had an inkling that Sehun's physique might be as delightful as everything else thus far; sculpted face, y smile, beautiful lips, strong hands and legs for days, but he was tired of imagining what might lay underneath. And more to the point Jimin was desperate to feel the friction of Sehun between his legs, fulfilling his desires, bringing truth to the filthy things they'd discussed at the nightclub. Jimin wanted the man to completely ruin him.

"Mn, Sehun," Jimin growled firmer this time, snatching the older man's bottom lip between his teeth as he fumbled a bit, catching himself on the door handle. "The key card!" Jimin rasped out of breath. "Open the door."
Kim Yewon ★ 1 month ago
@Minkyung Yewon's eyes sparkled when she saw the dress Minkyung brought, it's a simple but elegant white dress with a gold ribbon on the dress. She changes her clothes hurriedly after that, getting excited by how she'll look in that dress. She whistles and nods her head satisfiedly when she saw her reflection in the mirror. The half sleeve exposes her slim and smooth arm, the ribbon circles her waist perfectly, and the short but not too short dress exposes her slim and long legs. The white heels she wears even makes her slim and long legs more exposed. She's really satisfied by Minkyung's work. "Thanks, Kyung. You're the best." she says and hugs Minkyung.

Tonight, Yewon is attending a fashion week event that's held by a big entertainment company's branch, that's why she dressed up prettily. The event is held in an elite hotel ballroom and will be attended by many important people, that's enough to make Yewon nervous. And even this event will be her first time going to such an important event without the other members, another thing that makes her really nervous. "Wish me luck, Kyung. I can't imagine myself falling suddenly on the stage and embarrass myself." she shakes her head, trying to eliminate the negative thought that pass through her brain.
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 2 months ago


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